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this is a magazine that talks about health


  • Say no to junk food!

    Say yes to healthy food!

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  • Make a nice and easy and healthy sandwich in less than 10 minutes. Its nice and easy

    Ingredients: 2* Slices Of Sliced Bread, A Slice Of Cheese, 2* Slices Of Tomato, Some Lettuce, Half Of A Cucumber, Some Margarine.

    Method: Step 1: Get all the Ingredients, Step 2: Get two slices of sliced bread, Step 3: Put some margarine on both sides (only on one side each), Step 4: Then put a slice of cheese, Step 5: Put two slices of tomato some lettuce and cucum-ber Step 6: Spread on the Mayonnaise, Step 7: Close it up and your sandwich is ready to cut, Step 8: Eat it with some fresh Orange Juice and it is ready to EAT.

    8 easy steps and one yummy sandwich. By Aisha Jawad

  • 1.Sweet Potatoes Did you know? That sweet potatoes best vegetables to eat and with heaps of vitamins like A, C Potassium , fibre and Carotenoid. Have it with some roast meat and bake the sweet potatoes and pumpkin and some car-rots. Youre Ready.

    2.Mangoes Just one cup of mango supplies is 100% of vitamins a day that equals vitamin A, with only 3 grams of fibre and good for your blood pressure. And what I say is to have a mango in your fruit salad.

    3.Un Sweetened Greek Yogurt- Greek yogurt has many vitamins you can have its with beautiful with some berries like strawberry. Blueberries and raspberries and some bananas with some oats you have the best cereal.

    4. Broccoli It has so much vitamin F and C and much more. Try to steam your broccoli and make them nice and crunchy with and with other vegeta-bles and with some chicken and season the chicken with a nice seasoning and try it in stir fry.

    5.Wild Salmon Is very good for you it is better then normal salmon. Normal salmon Can give you a rick of sudden death or a heart attack. Make a nice and healthy dish. You are then ready to eat a healthy fish dish.

    6.Crisp Breads whole grain crackers Are loaded with fibre and some are low fat. The healthiest way to eat it is with some fruit, some honey and a little sprinkle of cinnamon to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    7.Garbonzo Beans They are rich in many things like Zinc. Fibre, Iron and much more. You need to drain, rinse and toss a handful of leafy greens and you can also be used in many different things.

    8.Watermelonit has many vitamins like A, C it is a healthy fruit 80% fat free and you need to try watermelon with a nice and healthy salad.

    9.Butter nut Squash- if you are a person who likes to try new things try Butter nut Squash. It has a lot of vitamin A and C and also fibre. You can buy Butter nut Squash from your local super-market you can buy it in peeled or diced ready to go you can have it in stir-fry, a soup or with your roast.

    10.Leafy Greens there are many leafy greens in the world and they all have many vitamins like A,C and H they also have fibre, iron and calci-um all you need to rinse the greens and get cucumber, tomato and carrot.

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  • In Australia the obesity rate on children is getting higher and higher eve-

    ry year.

    In the United States of America the children are eating healthier then

    what they used to eat.

    In china more than 25% of children are getting healthier every 3 months.

    In Africa the rate of obesity is getting lower.

    In Italy fatty foods are getting fattier.

    In the Middle East the foods are getting less fatty and much healthier.

    Also a 12 year old girl weight is too much then what she should weight and

    she weight is five times then what she should weigh for her age instead

    her weighing is 200kgs and she is now trying to lose all of her extra fat.

    London people eat more hours than they sleep.

    In France the rate of death for children in getting lower every year and

    now they eat healthier.

    Scotland has less junk food and more healthy food.

  • If you change now and eat healthy you will really feel better. Before and after it changes your life.

  • Hello Eva how have you been? We r going to ask u questions about you and how your chil-dren eat well. Good thank u, when you are ready to start we will begin. How many times did your children eat before they had a routine? 10 they always use to eat at school, home, other people and friends house and also at centers. Now how many times do you and the kids eat in a day? They now eat 5 times a day half of what they used to eat, they eat breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. How were their health issues? They were low in vitamins and low in iron. What do they take for their vitamins? They take Swisse for kids; they are good in vitamins, iron and more of the vitamins.

    What do your children eat in the day? Breakfast- 2 egg whites, waffles or pancakes with nice fresh fruit or English muffin with yo-gurt with fruit (dried or fresh) and some nuts Brunch- we eat raw almonds, ripe mango and some low fat vanilla Greek yogurt. Lunch- we love salads and sandwiches salad sandwich and for salads I love to have a nice green salad with a nice salad dressing. Afternoon tea- we love sandwiches thinly sliced cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. Dinner- Grilled chicken breast romaine salad with your choice of good toppings (include some type of nut), Imitation crab meat salad with your choice of toppings and more of the vegetables with different meats. How did it feel when your father/husband left you/children? It was very upsetting because he was lovely and he said you and the children lose the weight or I leave u and he couldnt wait anymore so he just left and he called us the other day and I told him that the kids am I have lost all the extra weight that we all put on we lost it and he came back and we are a happy family again. What sports do you all play at home and at school? We play basketball, soccer, and tennis, cricket we go walking, jogging and running. How did it feel at school when you got bullied? We were always crying in the toilets and everyone used to cry and hide from everyone and they used to call us really mean words. What do they say to all three of you when you got to school and they all saw you and you all looking so different? They all said we are so sorry for what we said and we regret all of what we said and when we made you all cry. Thank you Eva for spending your time answering questions and thank you to the two little girls and your beautiful son. Thank you for having us and letting us tell you about us.

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