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4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.1

Company Profile

1MP Tourism

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.2NGIPL is one of the fastest growing Telecomm VAS & IT solutions providing company, providing services ranging from Value Added Services, Internet Marketing, VOIP to Managed services. We at NGIPL are propelled by an ideology; it's our fathomless passion for the art of Transformation of Technology to Business Gains, Designing & Creativity that drives us to the limits for creating those unimaginable wonders for our clients.

NGIPL delivers full range of VAS services, web designing, VOIP and Internet Marketing services such as adverts, website designing and redesigning, web development, website maintenance, e-commerce, CMS, logo creating, search engine optimization services, SEO content writing and much more with high quality work at affordable price.

Our Managed Services division offers outsourcing solutions such as SMS , Voice, Email Campaigns and Market Research. At NGIPL we provide practical answers to critical business challenges which will help your business thrive!!We are Business Partners with companies like: AIRCEL Ltd., ACL Mobile Ltd to enhance your business support.In the due course of time, NGIPL has also shown diversification in handling Real Estate Brokering with business of many Real Estate Brands, like, DLF, Jaypee, Gaur Green Developers, etc.

It gives us great pleasure to invite you to take a look at the plethora of services that we offer. About NGIPL

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.3 About NGIPLNGIPL is a leading developer of consumer and enterprise mobile value added servicesA pioneer in the mobile VAS space the company has been a unique, innovative service provider for over 10 yearsCurrently manages over 100 million. SMS per month, 1 million voice calls, 50 million emails Products & services are spread across 3 key verticalsMobile CommunitiesEnterprise MobilityMobile ContentBusiness Partners Tata Tele Services, ACL Mobile LtdMillion

Voice CallsIn ThousandMonths

In MillionMonthsText SMS MillionConsolidated Usage/ Traffic

In Million3MP Tourism

Over 40 mobile operators customers across 25 countries and 1000+ enterprise customers

Focused on development of mobile applications across SMS, IVR & GPRS/ 3G Products include SMS Chat, Voice Chat, Mobile Social Networking, Bulk SMS, Short Codes, Mobile Radio and various Content and Subscription Services

The Company has 225 employees, and is headquartered in Delhi (NCR) with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Dubai

Winner of The Red Herring 100 Asia award and the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India award for three consecutive years

IndiaOmanKuwaitMalaysiaBoliviaIraqJordanBahrainQatarJamaicaSaudi ArabiaNigeriaSudanEgyptSri LankaMaldivesGuatemalaEl SalvadorHondurasBrazilParaguayThailandColombiaBangladeshUAEUganda

Business Partners ACL Mobile Ltd4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.4

MP Tourism4

Over 1,000 + Enterprise Customers in India

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.5

We Understand your Business NeedsNGIPL4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.6

Enterprise Solutions

Bulk SMS Solution Easy to use web application Domestic/ International smsService, Transactional and Promotional messaging solutions Platform and TPS business models for SMSCustomize application Email Marketing Bulk Emailing HTML/ Text Email Survey Email Events/ Postcards Upload unlimited contacts Voice Call Voice promotions/ campaigns Click2call Easy recording via phone/ professional recording available4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.7

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.8 Enterprise Solutions

VoIP Easy to use web application Domestic/ International smsService, Transactional and Promotional messaging solutions Platform and TPS business models for SMSCustomize application Web Designing Bulk Emailing HTML/ Text Email Survey Email Events/ Postcards Upload unlimited contacts Domain Registration & Hosting Google Ad Words Face Book Fan Page Creation

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.9 SMS Bulk Messaging

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.10 SMS Process

MP Tourism10

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.11 IVR Interactive Voice Response

IVR Interactive Voice ResponseMP Tourism11

Types of IVR

IVROut Bound Dial (Interactive, Non interactive)

SMS 2 CallViral MarketingIn Bound DialTarget MarketingClick 2 Call

4/23/201412Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.

Types of Events4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.13

Solution Architecture for Out dial Voice

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.14

Metric's for Success

IVRReduction in number of repetitive inbound calls

Increase in renewal ratesReduction in customer churnReduction in missed appointmentsNumber of referralsReduction in missed deliverables

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.15

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.16 Click To Call

IVR Interactive Voice ResponseMP Tourism16

Click2Call Promotions for Online UsersClick to Call can be used to empower their online visitors to proactively initiate the communication. It allows web users to access the voice content with a click!!!

Knowing their destination better Connect to call center with just a click

User Selects the agenda and clicks the provided banner or linkVisitor is prompted to enter the mobile no. to initiate the call Visitors receives a call on the mentioned mobile no.The pre recorded message can be played.The IVR flow can be designed as per the requirement. Visitors can be connected to the call center.Detailed MIS, report includes Call duration, time stamp, failed calls, name, city etc.

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.17

Solution Architecture for Click2Call

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.18

Benefits of Click2Call

Reduce the Visitors Acquisition Cost - VACImproved quality of interactionsReduce the Website Abandonment by using existing website to create more leads by uploading these numbersIncrease the ROI for the Online CampaignQuick and effective way to market your product and increase your saleZero response time to generate more customer leads and better service delivery4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.19

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.20Viral Marketing Short Codes, Long Codes, Virtual No.

IVR Interactive Voice ResponseMP Tourism20

Viral Marketing SMS2Call

The Visitor can initiate a call by sending SMS to short code or a virtual no.The SMS triggers the pre recorded voice call on the MO request , where the Visitor is requested to record their request for information in their voice.The Visitor is requested to enter the mobile no. to get the desired information about their destination.This can be effectively used to virally promote the new tourism programs.

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.21

Viral Marketing Solution Architecture

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.22

Benefits of Viral Marketing Non Intrusive Customer Initiated ProcessWord of Mouth marketing User generated ContentPrevent the customer from walking to CompetitionParty can be proactive in proving the user with a interface to be more interactive. Reduce the TAT to revert to customer query from 48 hrs to 5 sec.

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.23

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.24 Email Marketing

IVR Interactive Voice ResponseMP Tourism24

Email campaign Features Ready to use, no programming required Can add your company name and logo online with your own domain name.Customized email promotionsUser management for managing all users under you.Unlimited Contact list and Email Campaign Management.Template Management & email schedulingSurvey Creation4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.25

MP Tourism25

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.26E-mail Functionalities

Email Architecture

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.27

4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.2870+ Crore Categorized HNI Mobile and Email Database of India.Innovative Schemes to increase sales benefiting Company and Consumer.Committed time frame to sell the schemes.

Costing For SMS AND Email:PROMOTIONAL SMS International Route -0.15 Paisa / SMSPROMOTIONAL SMS (Sim Base) -0.08 Paisa / SMSTRANSACNAL SMS 1 Lac - 0.20 Paisa / SMSPromotional Email - 0.03 Paisa / EmailVoice SMS 1 Lac -0.25 Paisa/30 SecondWhatup SMS -0.24 Paisa/SMSContact us +91120-666-9000 website: www.ngipl.in Why NGIPL?

Thank You4/23/2014Nextgen Infratel Pvt. Ltd.29