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This is the fall 2012 Issue of our newley re-branded BuildingEnergy Magazine (formerly the Northeast Sun.)


  • 2012 Sustainable Green Pages Directory Inside

    NORTHEASTSUNVol. 30, No. 2 | fall 2011


    BUILDINGENERGYVol. 32, No. 4 | fall 2012


    Vol. 30, No. 2 | fall 2012

    Zero Net Energy Building Award:Six years in, look how far weve come

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  • BUILDINGENERGYVol. 32, No. 4 | fall 2012


    From the executive director 5NESEA embraces the BuildingEnergy brand

    From the board chair 7Seven strong new directives for NESEA

    COVER STORYZero Net Energy Building Award 9A landmark program comes of ageBy Andrew Webster

    Green Buildings Open House 2012 15Preview: a passive solar home at age 30, an East Harlem apartment building, and more By Sally Pick

    Solars Role in Domestic Hot Water Heating 24Solar thermal versus solar electric: Is thermal still better for hot water?By Everett M. Barber Jr.

    Residential Solar: Own or Lease? 28New leasing options mean new considerations for home ownersBy Chris Foley Pilsner and Amy Bowman

    Fixing the Pretty Good House 32How a shallow retrofit achieved net zero for $26,000By Marc Rosenbaum

    One Mans Path to Success with NESEA 36Longtime member Bob Chew reflects on the business value of NESEABy Bob Chew

    Book reviews 41Worth your time: Practical Controls: A Guide to Mechanical Systems, is still the best; Future Babble skewers idols like Amory Lovins and James Howard Kunstler

    2012 Sustainable Green Pages 47

    On the coverNESEAs 2012 Zero Net Energy Building Award went to the Ross residence, an Amherst, MA, rehab/retrofit by Coldham & Hartman Architects (energy systems advice and review by Marc Rosenbaum). But each of 2012s five diverse entrants could have won in its own category. Story starts on page 9.

    About NESEA and BuildingEnergy MagazineThe Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) is the regions leading organization of professionals working in sustainable energy, whole systems thinking, and clean technology. We advance the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment through this magazine (distributed to NESEA members), our annual BuildingEnergy conference and trade show, professional workshops, our annual Green Buildings Open House, and more. A BuildingEn-ergy subscription is $55/year, which includes NESEA membership.

    Copyright 2011 by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. No part of this publication may be reproduced without permission.

    Vol. 30, No. 2 | fall 2012

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    Please join us in congratulating the Ross Family and the Coldham & Hartman team on winning NESEAs 2012 Zero Net Energy Building award!

    To learn more about this award winning project visit:














    Welcome to BuildingEnergy in Print

    Publisher and Editor in ChiefJennifer Marrapese Editorial CommitteeMary BiddleJoel GordesJo LeeJennifer MarrapeseKarl Munzel EditorsMitch Anthony Laura MacKay

    Copy EditorLaura MacKay DesignSusan Lapointe

    AdvertisingJenny Spencer

    Contributing PhotographerMatthew Cavanaugh NESEA StaffMary Biddle Dan Gronwald Rayna HeldtJennifer Marrapese Travis Niles Gina Sieber Jennifer Spencer

    InternsKelsey HobsonJared SawabiAriel Walcutt

    Northeast Sustainable Energy Association50 Miles Street, Greenfield, MA 01301413-774-6051 (ph), 413-774-6053 (f)

    Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks.

    My guess is that you may not even have noticed our new masthead. If not, take a moment to flip back to the cover. Now that youve seen it, let me explain: we have rebranded the magazine youve come to know and love, from the Northeast Sun to BuildingEnergy. This rebranding is part of a larger initiative approved by the NESEA Board of Directors at their annual retreat in May. There, several board members remarked that when they go out into the sustainable energy community to promote NESEA and its programs, they often find them-selves wasting two or three valuable minutes of their

    elevator pitches explaining who NESEA is and what we do. The NESEA acro-nym by itself does not help them connect others to our community. The same board members also shared that when they lead the conversation with Building Energy, one of two things frequently happens: the person theyre speaking with either knows about the BuildingEnergy conference and its stellar reputation or immediately understands what our organization might mean to them and to the sustainable energy community.

    Prompted by these experiences, the NESEA board directed me to incorpo-rate the BuildingEnergy brand into as many of our existing and future programs as possiblestarting with the Northeast Sun. This may also mean that our Green Buildings Open House program becomes BuildingEnergy Tours and that our Sustainable Green Pages becomes BuildingEnergy Resources (or something similar). If we launch a series of in-person workshops, we may brand them BuildingEnergy on the Road. This is not a change to our fundamental strategy or our mission. Rather, it is simply a refocusing of our communication, especially vis-a-vis people who dont know us.

    Building energy describes some of the core subject matter covered at our conference, as in the energy consumed by buildings. It describes our process for creating community, as in building energy to create a multidisciplinary network of practitioners. It describes our innovative spirit, as in building clean energy resources. It also alludes to the whole systems thinking that we promote and the results we achieve when we do so effectively. It has long been a priority for us to make the annual BuildingEnergy conference live beyond the three days it is held in Boston. How better to do that than to use this brilliant brand as a constant reminder of who we are as a community and of what we do best?

    Neither the change from Northeast Sun to BuildingEnergy nor the larger shift in our branding means that the NESEA brand and name go away. We will remain the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, a membership organization dedi-cated to advancing the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built envi-ronment. Nor are we shifting away from renewables/solar energy toward energy efficiency. As an organization, NESEA has long been defined by the fact that we are a big tent. We will continue to cater to a multidisciplinary group of practi-tioners in diverse sectors related to sustainable energy in the built environment.

    As always, I welcome your feedback. Feel free to email me at, to friend NESEA on Facebook, or to respond via twitter

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