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<p> 1. VS Hiring a pro VS Hiring a pro Presentation by Simple Intelligent Systems Website Development using DIY tools VS Hiring a pro Advantages of Using DIY Website Builder DIY Web Development tools No technical skills needed. You can create a website in minutes. Affordable. Also, reduce costs by making your own site changes. Often includes, free integrated hosting. Select TemplateSelect Template Add ContentAdd Content Name your websiteName your website PublishPublish Its an easy processIts an easy process FILL Wait! Better design + more eyes = More sales Better design + more eyes = More sales You missed common online success mantra Thanks to DIY website-building platforms Thanks to DIY website-building platforms I can build my website myself Done!!!Done!!! 2. CONS OF DIY TOOLS POOR DESIGN AND NAVIGATION SEARCH ENGINE UNFRIENDLY SLOW LOADING WIDGETS LESS SECURED DATA HOW Unprofessional website look like Advantages of Hiring a proAdvantages of Hiring a pro Professional Design Hiring a pro may little bit pricier than a template based web design service, but you'll get more flexibility, and precisely what you want. Quality Content When you create content, make sure that theyre made for people and not search engines. A Professional Web Developer has complete information about such segment. And they can advice you best suitable content for your website. Search Engine Optimized Without any SEO setup its not easy to run a successful business website, every website owner should impliment at least basic of SEO.A professional web Devloper fix the basic SEO values so that you can run a well analyzed marketing campaign. QUICK TURNOUT A professional Web Developer Can Provide Your Desired Website In really quick , along with maintaining quality of your website. Hire a professional web developerHire a professional web developer 3. How A Professional website look like Thank You Thank You BESPOKE WEB DESIGN IS COST EFFECTIVE AND PROFITABLEBESPOKE WEB DESIGN IS COST EFFECTIVE AND PROFITABLE FEATURES OF QUALITY WEBSITE CLEAR CALL TO ACTION SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY JAW DROPPING WEB DESIGN HIGHLY SECURED DATA </p>