building stronger relationships welcome to new mills parent forum building stronger relationships

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  • Building stronger relationships Welcome to New Mills Parent Forum Building Stronger Relationships
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  • What is a parent forum? A forum where parents/carers can meet to: Receive information and have your say about what happens in school Discuss and share ideas to improve your school and the local community Organise and make decisions about whole school events that affect your son/daughter Why get involved? To give your opinion and be involved in the decisions that are made in school To socialise with other parents and contribute to the wider school community
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  • To report back on the outcomes of your feedback and what changes we have made. To share with you our plans to work collaboratively with Cheadle Hulme High School to help us drive school improvement. To hear from you about what area of school improvement you would like the parent forums to focus on next To build stronger relationships and improve communication between parents and the school. Objectives for this evening
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  • Exam Results A Level 25% of all A Level results at A* or A grade. 55% were A*-B grade. GCSE 53% gaining 5 A*-C including English and Maths. 66% of students achieving 5 A*-C grades.
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  • UniversityCourse Placed PlymouthMarine Technology GloucesterFilm Production (going next year) Manchester MetMedicinal and Biological Chemistry University of YorkEconomics Media CityPost Media Production Newcastle UniCombined Honours Manchester MetBiomedical Science UclanJournalism HuddersfieldChemistry with Industrial Experience Sheffield HallamSocial Work Manchester MetBiomedical Science (Foundation) Sheffield HallamFilm and Media Production SalfordJournalism: Broadcast Sheffield HallamIT with Business Studies LincolnGraphic Design Manchester MetProduct Design and Technology EdinburghLinguistics and English Language LoughboroughAeronautical Engineering University of YorkEnvironment, Economics &Ecology ChichesterFilm and Television Studies SalfordMedia Production Edge HillMedia, Film & Television LoughboroughAeronautical Engineering
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  • Highest Achievers A*AB Ellen Dean731 Frances Cope56 Sam Foster47 Ellen Scotney47 Alex Greensmith424 Thea Bannister29 Molly Winterbottom154 Harry Hughes152 Andrew Daniels45
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  • New Mills is a school where: all students and groups of students have high aspirations, enjoy learning and achieve their potential students, staff and the local community are proud of their school students and staff feel valued and are happy to be part of more parents make New Mills their first choice Vision
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  • Raise levels of progress through raising expectations Provide high quality marking and feedback to students to aid student progress Create better systems for tracking and addressing under achievement Raise levels of achievement by ensuring that teaching is consistently good or better across all subjects The setting of homework needs to be consistent and challenging Raise standards of behaviour, appearance and punctuality through consistently high expectations and application of school systems What needs to improve?
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  • Your Feedback - What needs to improve Standards and Discipline Homework Reporting, parents evenings and marking of books Communication Teaching
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  • Standards and Discipline You said: Uniform not consistently monitored Students out at lunchtime Smoking Code of conduct should be enforced Disruptive pupils not dealt with adequately We did: Appoint two new pastoral managers New behaviour policy Uniform standards reinforced daily Sanctions for smoking and being late
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  • Pastoral House Teams
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  • Homework You Said: Regular homework Lack of consistency in homework marking Homework timetable enable parents to plan/support/check complete We Did: Homework policy Homework timetables
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  • How much homework? SubjectYear 7-9 English2 x 30 min Maths2 x 30 min Science2 x 30 min French/German1 x 30 min each History1 x 30 min* Geography1 x 30 min* RS/PSHE1 x 30 min* DT1 x 30 min* Music1 x 30 min* Art1 x 30 min* PE1 x 30 min* Year 10 & 11 Students in years 10 and 11 should be set an average of at least 1 hour per subject per week, with the exception of English, Maths and Science (at least 2 hours per week).
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  • Reporting, Parents Evening and Marking You said: Reports at the end of year no written feedback Not enough time at parents evening Homework handed in, never seen again We did: Written reports for all year groups 3 hour parents evening Marking and feedback policy
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  • Communication Support on-line? for parents to help pupils with homework Website up-to-date ALWAYS awful Letters Newsletters Sims Learning Gateway Parent Forums You said We did
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  • Teaching You said: Some teaching not seen as inspiring Differentiation within lessons We did: Appoint a Director of Teaching and Learning Staff training programme focusing on teaching and learning Working with CHHS an outstanding school and training school
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  • School to School Support Working with Cheadle Hulme High School to support school improvement
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  • What areas of school improvement would you like to focus on at the next Parent Forum?
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  • Building stronger relationships Next Parent Forum Tuesday 2 nd December Building Stronger Relationships


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