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Agenda * A guided tour of starting a PMO covering countries and cultures in an organization with little Project Management knowledge In this presentation there should be takeaways on * How to start your PMO * Requirements for internal marketing and branding * Running projects in a Virtual environment * How to keep your sponsors motivated and strong * And what not to do.


  • 1. Finn Olsen
  • 2. Agenda A guided tour of a real project starting a PMO Covering countries and cultures In an organization with little Project Management knowledge In this presentation there should be takeaways on How to start your PMO Requirements for internal marketing and branding Running projects in a Virtual environment How to keep your sponsors motivated and strong And what not to do.
  • 3. Company & Role Intergraph International Software Company Something with Maps Manager of PMO for the European, Middle East and Africa Education / Certifications MS E (Master of Science, Engineering) IPMA B,C and D, (International Project Management Association, Senior Project Manager) PRINCE2, P3O (UK based project certification. Project, Program and Portfolio Office) ScrumMaster, (Agile project execution) EQM Quality Manager and Auditor (Quality Assurance mainly ISO 9000) Past working areas Programme and Project Management, Quality Assurance Manager, Marketing Manager, Bid Manager Project experiences Back office systems, Industrial design, Mechanical and Electronic design, Silicon design, Utilities, Public Safety. Contacts, Bids / Tender process, Arbitration / legal, Virtual teams, Quality systems, Project processes, Project finance.
  • 4. Where do you come from? Europe (Green) America (Red) Others (Orange) PMO role? New to the role and is just started / going to implement PMO (Green) Been here for a while, but will expand my area (Orange) Good PMO experience (Red)
  • 5. The start
  • 6. Intergraph Large international organization with sites in more than 50 countries Head Quarter in Alabama Europe, Middle East, Africa Business run by kingdoms in countries Strong focus on financial data Old none-maintained Project Methodology No PM emphasis External consultancy report Establish a PMO
  • 7. What is default PMO Read books Study the web And within company Find stakeholders and history Identify Senior Management expectations Convince Senior management I am capable! Identified I had no budget Getting limits defined Getting team Both above failed. => One man job on my own
  • 8. Intergraph Office RSP w/o Intergraph legal entity Partner A Partner B Partner C Partner D No contract My Location Somalia NigerMauretanien Algerien Libya Sudan Nigeria Tunesia Tschad Mali thiopia Egypt Namibia Angola Sd Afrika Lesotho Swasiland Madagaskar Mosambik Tansania Botsuana Simbabwe Sambia D.R. Kongo Kenia Z.R.Bangui Uganda KongoGabun Westsahara Marokko Burkina Eritrea Togo Ghana Kamerun Senegal Guinea Sierra Leone Liberia Saudi Arabia Djibouti Oman Quatar Kuwait Jemen IranIraque Syria Jordan Ivory Coast Benin
  • 9. Main Intergraph Sites (SG&I) Copenhagen, Denmark Moscow, Russia Helsinki, Finland Stockholm, Sweden Swindon, UK Amsterdam, Netherlands Brussels, Belgium Paris, France Aix en Provence, France Barcelona, Spain Madrid, Spain Lisbon, Portugal Rome, Italy Zrich, Swiss Vienna, Austria Prague, Czech Warsaw, Poland Lotz, Poland Mnchen, Germany Frankfurt, Germany Bonn, Germany Roughly 80 Project Managers
  • 10. Check Implementation Directions from Senior Management Almost None Implement Enterprise Project Management tool Request for Dashboard Improve our projects Establish PMO advisory board Strong stakeholders 6 countries 3 day boot camp Isolated place in snow storm Used the P3M3 Maturity Model for checking status Range from 1-5. Result was approx average on 1,7
  • 11. Stage 1 / 2010 Analysis and provide information. Learn the landscape and find best practices Setup training program. Internal and external certification Library and University. PMO Wikipedia, Checklist, Guides, Tool recommendations PM Networking Facilitate building local PMOs Bid procedures, incl. estimation, involvement , start-up EPMS, defining the concept and run pilots Stage 2 / 2011 EPMS rollout Project models defined Checklist enforcements Audits and coaching.
  • 12. Road Tour PMO is the new in business and not defined before Propaganda on mission statement Training Based upon audience level From project basics Upto detailed discussion on Scrum vs Kanban Define sponsor role Marketing Internal web site and get it known Newsletter targets, current actions and results.
  • 13. Sponsor Role Management focus on incentive driven parameters. No defined Project Sponsor nor Initiation support. PM Role Technical guys, now with PM hat on With no (local) PSO support Eager to meet customer technical expectations Reluctance Had not knowledge to move one No external guidance Kingdoms feels safe
  • 14. Your organizations maturity? Well defined methodology and optimized project execution. Level 3 and up (Green) Have some methodologies, but working on getting it improved. Approx level 2 (Orange) Really needs improvements. Level 1 (Red) Are the PMO a known factor? Yes, PMO is clearly defined and known for its organizational actions and targets (Green) PMO established but is not enjoying management or employees focus (Orange) The PMO is our next step (Red)
  • 15. The execution
  • 16. Use the Scandinavian openness Have the German reporting and strictness in mind In France we speak French. Define a PM Language. Russian 5 years central plan Awareness whom you are dealing with..
  • 17. Training Reason for success, show methods Changes Use of experts from elsewhere. Use of eastern labour, and the need of work packages Uneven project wins and larger deals work with one resource pool and skill matrix. Calls for New management principles Communication ground rules Implementing virtual teams
  • 18. Marketing needs Request for normal certifications: PMP, Prince2, IPMA Internal certification Project Execution Finance Contracts Team work defining above with General Administration Human resources Contract / Legal PMO office in NA and APAC
  • 19. Method Two fairly equal positions Usually never meet each other before Project Managers, Project Support Staff.. Meeting by web/phone conference Presentation 15-30 min Review by the other party Mid term, roles change PMO only facilitating draws a conclusion Email the day after for learnings Result Finds comfort in often equal issues Understands culture. Train presentation of project Good ideas and techniques to be used PMO to learn capabilities
  • 20. Project Managers are lacy Human nature why report when none cares The reviews do care The project view Normal management view is daily tasks Forces to do the healthy helicopter view Actions & Targets Actions for the project it selves Targets for project managers Impediments for PMO to chase Report out to VP Does not like what he reads, but appreciate actions
  • 21. Project Health Define KPIs Use simple Earned Value Remember the Agile KPIs Train organization on these Project Controlling Train G&A in Projects Make PMs financial responsible Work out new incentive