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Building My Future. ( Mark Heiss and Brigid Taylor). Before we start…. Bennelong’s famous girlfriend was? Exemption Certificates were often referred to as? With regards to Government Policy, name some differences between “Protection” and “Assimilation” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Building My Future

Building My Future(Mark Heiss and Brigid Taylor)

1Before we startBennelongs famous girlfriend was?

Exemption Certificates were often referred to as?

With regards to Government Policy, name some differences between Protection and Assimilation Name Australias first indigenous female Olympic Gold Medallist2AcknowledgementVideo of opening school mass3Our StoryMarist College Pagewood7- 12 systemic boys school founded in the Marist tradition of St Marcellin Champagnat. College Enrolment 2013: 651Indigenous Student numbers growing:

Low SES school situated in the South Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.ESL 43%; SWD 8%College is ably led by innovative Exec and dynamic principal David Mc Innes 2011201220132530434Our Time TogetherExamine our school-wide approach

Examine the formal and informal curriculum

Explore the possibilities

5Our School-Wide Approach6Activity 1 Think, group, shareIf TIME and MONEY were NOT a factor in your school approach to Indigenous Education, what strategies would you implement?

Think about how you could raise awareness around Indigenous issues in your community and promote academic achievement in your students.

Write your list on the paper provided7School-Wide ApproachRaised the profile of Indigenous Culture through exposure its an expectation by all in the school community.

8School-Wide ApproachAcknowledgement of CountryNgalangiil Ngarandhii (We sit down to listen)Visual Representation through colours, art work and flag

9School-Wide ApproachParent meetings and gatheringsStudent meetings and gatheringsImmersion Experience

Our goal is to make indigenous issues and discussions the norm, the exotic is gone. 10Activity 2 Partner work Now TIME and MONEY are a factor in your school approach to Indigenous Education, what strategies would you implement?

Blank Timetable11Activity 3 - ProgrammingDevise a six month Programme using the blank timetable provided.

12Formal and Informal CurriculumSupport, ACARA

and Awareness13Formal CurriculumPersonalised Learning Plans (PLPs) for ALL Indigenous Students.Targeted Intervention for all new indigenous Year 7 students we check lay of land ANDAfter intervention, if the students has not improved, then;In-class support from the Indigenous Liaison Officer and Academic Support Teacher.

14Cross Curriculum Priorities

See sheet. The first key concept highlights the special connection to Country/Place by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and celebrates the unique belief systems that connect people physically and spiritually to Country/Place.The second key concept examines the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples culture through language, ways of life and experiences as expressed through historical, social and political lenses. It provides opportunities for students to gain a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples ways of being, knowing, thinking and doing.The third key concept addresses the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies. It examines kinship structures and the significant contributions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people on a local, national and global scale.


ACARA Cross Curriculum Priorities Aim

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culturesThe Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander priority provides opportunities for all learners to deepen their knowledge of Australia by engaging with the worlds oldest continuous living cultures. Students will understand that contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are strong, resilient, rich and diverse. The knowledge and understanding gained through this priority will enhance the ability of all young people to participate positively in the ongoing development of Australia.

16Cross Curriculum Priorities Think; every subject across the school has to implement these priorities. We have to do it.

17Cross Curriculum Priorities HistoryAust Curriculum does not mandated teaching colonisation and contact in Stage 4. However we need to teach ATSI history and culture?

Here are our HSIE coordinators thoughts18Our HSIE Coordinator Video of HSIE coordinator 19Cross Curriculum Priorities

Leads me to; Leave in History curriculum? (not mandated)Go fully across the Curriculum as ACARA would like?Do nothing?Rhetorical questions. Only discuss if we have time. 20Activity 4: How will you implement the Priority?Discuss the options you have in your own school context of integrating and addressing this cross curriculum priority in each of the Stage 1 subjects:EnglishMathsScienceHistory

Use the Cross-Curriculum Priorities Sheet provided

Cross-Curriculum Priorities Sheet (asterix with circle) 21Informal CurriculumBoys Education/Outdoor Education Retreats/CampsIndigenous Student MeetingsDance ClassesArt ClassesCooking ClassesImmersion

22Informal CurriculumImmersion 2012


24Activity 5You were asked previously to create a six month programme based on funding and time commitment in your particular context.

Compare your programme with ours.

2013 Programme. Hand out25Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4Student Meeting (01/03/2013)Student Meeting (29/05/2013)Student Meeting(23/08/2013)Student Meeting (01/11/2013)Message SticksOpening Ceremony (22/03/2013; 6:30pm)Goodjarga Workshop Stage 4(22/05/2013)Art ClassesImmersion Year 11 to NTGoodjarga Workshop Stage 4(06/03/2013)Cool Purple Kookas Cooking classesGoodjarga Day ALL(23/08/2013)Camp/Retreat (Dec)Writing Workshop(12/04/2013)Stage 4: 9-10:30amStage 5/6: 10:30 12pmParent Dinner coincide with end of Cooking lessons NT visit to Pagewood26EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIESShare ideas around how we can support our Indigenous students academically and culturally within our schools based on everything you have heard here.


27Questions and comments