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<p>Building Enterprise Mobility Strategy, that has worked</p> <p>Building Enterprise Mobility StrategySubhamoy ChakrabortiWebinar at</p> <p>1</p> <p>About Me12 years of Techno-Managerial career, 9 years in MobilityCareer:Working as Head, Enterprise Mobility in Magma Fincorp Limited Earlier worked with Cognizant, Oracle India, Wipro TechnologiesConsulted Tier 1 Mobile OEMs from North America, UK and JapanEducation:BE (Jadavpur University)M.Tech (Indian Statistical Institute)Exec Education (Harvard Business School)Social Signatures:Linkedin:</p> <p>2</p> <p>About Mobility @ Magma Fincorp LtdMobility has changed the way Business happens at MagmaSalesCollectionInsurance3@csubhamoy</p> <p>3</p> <p>Table of ContentWhat is Enterprise Mobility?Why do you need a Strategy?5 Steps to Enterprise Mobility (if you are running short on time)6 areas that a CIO/CTO/Head-Mobility should coverMoreConclusion: Critical Success Factors</p> <p>Lets take the Plunge</p> <p>Topic that we would talk about4@csubhamoy</p> <p>What is Enterprise Mobility?</p> <p>Enterprise Mobility is a Change Management initiativeDeveloping a series of Apps for the customers?Making a portal mobile-ready?Building mobile pages of the core applications?All of the Above &amp; more5@csubhamoy</p> <p>5</p> <p>Why do you need a Strategy?Alignment with Business Strategy, which requiresMaking Business team a crucial stakeholder</p> <p>Expansion of Enterprise IT Architecture, leading toHighly interoperable systems instead of another siloAccelerated growth and demand for faster dev turnaround time6@csubhamoy</p> <p>5 steps to Enterprise Mobility (if you are running short of time)Find the sponsorBuild the overall strategyWork out TCO and CBAImplement &amp; rolloutDrive Change Management</p> <p>7@csubhamoyCOSTDevice capexApplication Dev capexApplication maintenance opexTesting capexInfra capexHelpdesk OpexSecurity capexISP opex</p> <p>BENEFITS??</p> <p>6 areas that a CIO/CTO/Head-Mobility should cover before embarking on Ent. Mobility8@csubhamoy</p> <p>8</p> <p>1. PriorityEnterprise IT Architecture is always getting updatedShould I start the Mobility initiative now or wait for things to stabilize a bit?9@csubhamoyGet started on Mobility before your competition</p> <p>2. Target UserWho gets highest priority?Customer (B2C)Business (B2B)Employee (B2E)Are you still building B2C mobile apps for your Org?How many apps did you download in the last month in your smartphone?65% of US smartphone users downloaded ZERO apps in a month, as per a survey10@csubhamoyBuild a strategy specific to your Organizations business need</p> <p>3. Device PlatformRugged device or Smart tabs?Android, iOS, Windows or All? Owned by Company or individual?11@csubhamoyDevice choice changes with business and country. Strategy built for USA may not work in India.</p> <p>4. Application frameworkNative or HTML5 or Hybrid?MEAP or custom built?12To MEAP or not?Support 3 or more mobile applicationsSupport 3 or more mobile OSIntegrate with at least 3 back-end data sources</p> <p>@csubhamoyKey deciding factor towards an Application framework choice would be End user profile, Features and Fitment into overall IT strategy and architecture.</p> <p>5. SecuritySecurity is a multi-layered strategyDeviceData (in rest, in transit)Application development (example: SQL injection, hard coding of user id)Infrastructure13Enterprise Mobility and discarded smart devicesExperiment on 20 used Smartphones yielded personal data from wiped out phonesHow about Enterprise data?</p> <p>@csubhamoySecurity is not for post-mortem its a must-have strategy for development</p> <p>6. Sourcing14DevelopmentTestingTrainingHelpdeskKey Decision Factors:Variety of technologyKey skillsAvailability of talent poolBudgetSporadic or evenBuild vs. Buy@csubhamoyTo build a team internally or to get the best talents from multiple domains?</p> <p>More: Integration with backend systemsStandalone Apps dont work in EnterpriseBuilding the bridge and interfaces every time is a challenge</p> <p>Modern Architecture proposes Mobile Backend as a service (*Gartner)15Interface layerApp ServerDB ServerMobile AppApp ServerDB ServerWeb ServerMobilityCore System@csubhamoy</p> <p>More: App management and distributionDo you plan to share the apps to public?Would you have a private app store?How do you manage versions and replace them?</p> <p>Does App replacement causes data removal also?16@csubhamoy</p> <p>More: UXUX is more important in Mobile than WebInvest in UX for better uptakeGood mix of UX &amp; feature makes a Mobile app great17@csubhamoy</p> <p>Conclusion: Critical Success Factors for Enterprise MobilityHaving the Big pictureSetting up the right technology architecture frameworkEmbedding Security in the development processUser ExperienceChange Management to make the rollouts successful18@csubhamoy</p> <p>Thank YouPic courtesy: Lewis Pugh19Reach me at @csubhamoy on Twitter and</p>