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  • MARCH 2020 Brandenburg United Methodist Church

    Building Bridges . . . Creating Connections Connect with Jesus Connect in Community Connect to Your Purpose and Mission in Life

    “Where are you going?” It’s a question we often ask people before a trip, vacation, or maybe even in a job inter- view. Has anyone ever asked you that question about life in general or about your spiritual life? “Where are you going?” The season of Lent is a season of introspection, preparation, and spir- itual journey. Where are you going this Lent? During my Lenten sermon series, we are go- ing to be traveling from the Mount of Transfigu- ration (Luke 9:28-36) all the way to the cross. Jesus took Peter, John and James up on the mountain to pray. While there a cloud appeared and covered them. From the cloud, they heard a voice saying, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” We will use that theme throughout Lent. “Listen to Him.” It’s amazing what we can learn when we stop and listen. As your mother and grandmother may have told you, “The good Lord gave you one mouth and two ears for a reason.” Use these forty days of Lent to be still and lis- ten for the voice of Jesus in your life. He may just want to ask you, “Where are you going?”

    Jeff Carter

    Brandenburg United Methodist Church will launch a new Fresh Expressions experi- ence on Sunday nights at 6:00 p.m. beginning March 1st. Fajitas and Faith will meet at El Camino Mexican Res- taurant. The goal of a Fresh Expression is to make

    disciples by reaching new people, in new ways, in new places. The atmosphere will be a casual time over a meal where we will share a Bible story or personal testimony, take prayer re- quests, and offer communion from time to time. Attenders can expect a safe space where they can ask questions and be themselves no matter their church/faith experience. As a church attender, you are encouraged to invite someone to come with you who is not cur- rently engaged in a church or even a faith jour- ney. You might want to offer to buy their meal for them the first time. So if you want to… taco ‘bout Jesus, have some queso and ask questions, or discuss sal- vation over salsa, then join us! Olé!

  • 2 BrandenBurg united Methodist ChurCh MarCh 2020

    Sprouting and Growing

    As we get closer to the time to plant seeds and prepare for spring, I am reminded of my grade school science experiment. The experiment was to see if seeds would germinate faster in the dark or in the light. The seeds in the dark germinated much more quickly than the ones in the light. However, if they didn’t receive light and nourishment once they germinated, they would turn yellow and fail to thrive. It reminds me of our relationship with the Lord. When things are dark and seem hopeless, I pray more; I reach out more to God. Once I get out of whatever trial or tribulation I am going through, my prayer life and pursuit of God quickly fizzles out if I don’t feed my soul by reading the word, praying and being in fellowship with the church body. What- ever lesson I have learned from that dark period can

    Stephanie Johnson

    easily get lost (and then more often than not, I am doomed to repeat my mistake and start all over again). This reminds of the parable of the farmer who has sown seeds in Matthew 13:20-22 and what happens to the seeds that are sown once they ger- minate. Matthew 13:20-22 20The seed falling on rocky ground refers to someone who hears the word and at once re- ceives it with joy. 21But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or per- secution comes because of the Word, they quick- ly fall away. 22The seed falling among the thorns refers to someone who hears the word, but the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth choke the word, making it unfruitful.

    God, Help us to nurture and feed the seeds you have sewn in our hearts. Help us to remain faithful in prayer, reading the word and seek- ing fellowship in a body of believers so that we can be fruitful and faithful in our walk with You. Encourage us and bless us in our efforts we pray, Lord.


    I have been asked to serve as the auction chair- person for the upcoming Ladies’ Tea! I invite you to consider donating something for the auction this year. The auction is one of the highlights of the Tea Party! Will you consider donating one of your quilt projects, or a piece of your art, or one of your craft designs? If you have a business, will you consider donating a gift card? How about a couple of tickets to an upcoming sports event? Perhaps you can put together a gift basket for a guest room, or a movie night, or a fun Easter basket? What about a box filled with items for the garden or for the kitchen? Maybe your Sunday school class or small group can do this as a team project? I am sure you can come up with great ideas! Please bring your auction item to the church by March 19 if possible. Place in the Seekers classroom

    in marked area. Gift cards can be dropped off at the church office with Sandy, Sandra or Pastor Jeff. These will be locked in the safe until the auction. If you are preparing a food item or something fragile, please wait until Saturday morning to bring it. Also, please remember that items will be dis- played at room temperature, not chilled. Please feel free to contact me at mbmcquary@ should you have any questions or need assistance. Thank you in advance for your help and support! If you haven’t been to this event before, I cer- tainly wish to extend to you (and your daughters, granddaughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, friends and neighbors) an invitation to attend this year’s Ladies’ Tea on Saturday, March 21, at 11:00 a.m. See you there!

    Mary Beth McQuary

    Auction items needed for Ladies’ Tea (a missions fundraiser)

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    Keep collecting your pennies for our Penny Stackers for the Church Capital Campaign. Once it’s full, bring to children’s church. Let’s see how many pennies we can collect! Shout Out to Emily Gibson. She refilled her stacker and contributed to campaign! BUMC Kids Run for God starts back up on Wednesday, March 4, and goes through March 25, 6:30-7:30. A short devotional time followed by Run- ning for God. Dress appropriately for weather and running outside. Run for God will continues April 8 - May 13. More information to come. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL JUNE 1-5 CONCRETE CRANES (Lifeway Curriculum) 5:30-8:30 p.m. at Buck Grove Baptist Church Due to the anticipated construction and renova- tion of our church, BUMC Kids will be partnering with Buck Grove Baptist Church for VBS. The theme is quite appropriate, and it will be focusing on “Building a Strong Foundation” with God.


    Lesley Wilson

    Pre-registration will take place in April. For more information, you may contact me at 270-668-9673, or find me at church on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is going to be a fabu- lous week of worship!

    Please make note of the following Loucon summer camp dates: Explorer Camp for 2nd-Graders June 11-12 Discovery Camps for grades 2-4 #1. June 7-10 #2. June 14-17 #3. July 19-22 #4. July 26 - July 29 Adventure Camps for grades 5 & 6 #1. June 7-12 #2. June 14-19 #3. July 19 - 24 #4. July 26 - 31 Grandparents’ Camp Grades 1-5 and grandparents July 6-9 For more details about summer camp options, please see Ms. Lesley or visit Camp Loucon’s Web site There are also camp options for middle school and high school stu- dents listed on the Web site.

    In His Name, Lesley

    The men of Meade County are proving they are excited for the min- istry of Man Up Meade County. In November, over 165 men from 24 churches attended the

    first planning session. Their kickoff event in January 2020 brought together 177 men from 26 churches. This gathering of Christian men of all denomi- nations ahderes to a 90/10 philosophy – celebrat- ing the 90% of their beliefs which are similar and leaving the 10% where they may differ at the door. Man Up Meade County is about fellowship among Christian men through praising their Lord and Sav- ior and creating an environment of encouraging one another while being an example for others in the community.

    Monthly gatherings are held at 7 p.m. Following is the 2020 schedule: Thursday, March 5, Radiant Church Tuesday, April 7, Brandenburg United Methodist Thursday, May 7, Meade County General Baptist Thursday, June 4, Compton Farms, 1 234 West. Hwy. 60 Thursday, July 9, Journey Church Thursday, August 6, Salem Baptist Church Thursday, September 3, Ekron Baptist Church Thursday, October 1, TBD Thursday, November 5, First Baptist Church Thursday, December 3, MCHS Auditorium

    For additional information, please visit www.

  • UNITED METHODIST WOMEN We invite all women to join us for the March 24 meeting at 12:00 p.m. Please bring your lunch; beverages and dessert will be provided. This is a wonderful time to be one

    of the 800,000 members working for justice and supporting mission in a creative, inspirational and supportive fellowship. Contact President, Sharon Martin (270) 422-3062 or Vice President Sandy Horan (210) 563-2829 for more information.

    4 BrandenBurg united Methodist ChurCh MarCh 2020

    Youth Serve Sunday - March 1 Contemporary Service (9 a.m.) Ushers: Grant King, Lawson King, Kurt Aebersold, Molly


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