building brand equity on vine and instagram video by rob mccarty of popshorts

PopShorts Building Brand Equity on Vine and Instagram Video Rob McCarty, PopShorts @rmccarty100 #MAGICLV

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NOTE: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS VIDEO CONTENT. PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND VIEW AS SLIDESHOW FOR FULL EXPERIENCE. This presentation was created to show the brands at Magic Market Week how they can build their brand equity using Vine and Instagram Video. These growing social video platforms are seeing unparalleled levels of engagement, making them an essential part of any successful social media strategy. This was made by PopShorts, a social video agency that helps brands and agencies create excellent social video content and connects them to the top Vine and Instagram Influencers. Also see our presentation on how to create excellent social video content titled "Vine, Instagram and social video: How to Engage Your Audience In Just Six Seconds" or search PopShorts for more presentations.


  • 1.PopShortsBuilding Brand Equity on Vine and Instagram Video Rob McCarty, PopShorts @rmccarty100 #MAGICLV

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