Building a Content Strategy Which Translates Into Sales

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  • Building a Content Strategy Which Translates into Sales

    Kiyan Foroughi CEO & Founder

    11 March 2015

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    Consumers are overwhelmed by all the various online marketing channels that are now available

    They are starting to see through the marketing techniques and becoming desensitized to them Driving down ROIs and

    increasing CPAs in the process



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    Content marketing is the one channel that allows you to: cut through the noise make your brand stand out from the crowd reach a larger audience drive engagement, repeat visits and sales

    And more importantly build an emotional connection between you and your customers

    Content is the X Factor


  • This session will explore how you can build a content strategy that will resonate with your brand and establish long-term relationships

    with your customers

  • Boticca is a content-led, global curated marketplace that allows you to connect with independent designers of fashion accessories around the world, discover

    their stories and shop directly from their studios.


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  • But it was not always like this


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    You need to know what you stand for

    What does your brand about and what do you believe?

    Your content is the purest extension of your brand so if you dont have a brand book or guidelines, take a step back and work on that first before thinking of implementing a content strategy

    Where to Start?


  • At Boticca, we believe in a purchasing philosophy: when buying the precious

    things in your life, one should purchase products with a story, well made,

    directly from the person or brand who made it, wherever they may be.


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    Build Your Marketing Personas


    You need to know: Their education and career paths Their goals and values Their fears Their hobbies The music they listen to Their literature and culture vehicles Shopping habits

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    Find out from your best customers what they like about you

    The best way is to talk to them!

    Reach out and ask them one simple question: why do you keep coming back?

    Use the insights from these conversations to help you build the right content strategy

    Know Your Audience


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    Build your strategy around the following blocks: Experiences Topics Types & formats Messaging Triggers Distribution channels

    Finally, make sure your content is mapped to the buying cycle

    Mapping Out Your Content Strategy


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    Weve found that the best way to sell via content is not to sell

    Genuine, authentic content that builds a true emotional connection with your customer and audience wins

    If you infuse your philosophy across your content, if customers keep coming back, that means they buy into who you are If they buy into who you are, they will ultimately

    buy from you

    The Reverse Psychology Paradox


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    A strong content strategy is nothing without the proper distribution

    On-site: Website Newsletters Blogs

    O-site: Social media and influencers Mobile apps PR Content syndication

    A good content campaign shares itself

    Distributing Your Content


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    Make sure to measure the right things: Retention Time on page / bounce rate / exit rate Shareability Heat maps Funnels (people whove looked at content converted) Conversion rates/sales etc. Repeat purchase rates and LTV from content-driven cohorts

    Drop content types that are not resonating quick and introduce new types constantly

    Freshness is key: dont let your content become routine

    Measuring, Optimising & Rening


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    Content is the channel that cuts through the noise, gets your brand values across and if done genuinely, can also bring you sales

    Make sure to run frequent content marketing campaigns (hero campaigns) every once in a while one in 3-4 may hit it big and reach a much wider audience than anticipated

    Final Thoughts


  • Any questions?

    Thank you for your time.

  • Id rather wear a unique story