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<ol><li> 1. #CMWorld </li><li> 2. Down the Rabbit HoleB!eyond story telling, what is there in the world of content marketing?Plenty! From creating a strategy to audience development to visualcontent to finding the real ROI of a content marketing program,TopRank Online Marketing and Content Marketing Institute introduce toyou a new series of eBooks: Content Marketing in Wonderland.As a preview to the inspiring stories and wisdom to be found at the 2014Content Marketing World conference, this series of 4 eBooks is themedwith one of the most imaginative tales of all time: Alice in Wonderland.Weve collected insights from over 40 major brands and thought leaderspresenting at #CMWorld including all-new ideas, strategies and practicaladvice to help make your content marketing world a successful one.We look forward to seeing you in September!Lee Odden, CEO TopRank Online Marketing! Joe Pulizzi, CEO Content Marketing Institute! </li><li> 3. Content Marketing in WonderlandJust as Alice experienced heradventures, were taking you on aContent Marketing in Wonderlandjourney with 4 new eBooks: Content Marketing Strategy Audience Development Visual Content Marketing Real Content ROIA new eBook will publish weeklyas we approach the ultimatecontent marketing adventure:The Content Marketing Worldconference Sept 8-11, 2014.!"#$%&amp;'$ !"#$((&amp;'$!"#$()&amp;'$ !"#$*+&amp;'$ </li><li> 4. Brand Contributors </li><li> 5. 40+ Content Marketing ExpertsAdele RevellaAlan PorterAndrew DavisAnn HandleyArdath AlbeeBrant McLeanBrian ClarkBrian KardonBruce McDuffeeCarla JohnsonDavid JonesGurdeep DhillonHeidi CohenJascha Kaykas-WolffJason MillerJay AcunzoJeff CharneyJeff RohrsJen DennisJesse NoyesJim KukralJoAnn SciarrinoJoe PulizziJonathon ColmanJulie FleischerLee OddenLeigh BlaylockMaggie BurkeMark SchaeferMichael BrennerNicole SmithPam DidnerPaull YoungPawan DeshpandeRebecca LiebRick ShortRobert RoseScott AbelScott MontyScott StrattenSteve ClaytonTim Washer </li><li> 6. Content strategy is theinfrastructure of contentmarketing. Withoutanswers to whyhowthe result is chaos.Rebecca Lieb @lieblink#CMWorld </li><li> 7. Content StrategyContent strategy is the infrastructure of content marketing. It answerstwo questions, it is documented, and it is communicated throughout theenterprise:1. Why are we doing this? (goals)2. How are we going to get it done? (process and governance)Rather than argue why enterprises require a formal content strategy, letsexamine what happens when they content-market without theinfrastructure of content strategy.I cant think of a better metaphor for such a situation than Alice inWonderland. We could cast Alice as the content marketer, the Red Queen asthe CEO, and the flamingoes, hedgehogs and soldiers as members of themarketing team. The resulting chaos is not unlike whats being played outin companies all around the content marketing world.Rebecca Lieb @lieblinkIndustry Analyst, Altimeter Group#CMWorld Presentation:The Content Marketing SoftwareLandscape: Marketer Needs Vendor Solutions </li><li> 8. Context is QueenWhen it comes to your Content Marketing Strategy, dont forget theQueen.Content is King! is turning into one of the most overused pieces ofmarketing-speak in the industry. But theres hope.A new phrase is bubbling up that helps fill in what this tired axiom ismissing Context is Queen.Guess what? You can have the greatest content in the world, but if youdont find the right place for it, nobody sees it.In February this year, companies geared up for the Big Game, trying toduplicate the great real-time marketing brands hit a homerun with lastyear when the lights went out.Progressive has a pretty big social media presence, Flo has over 5 millionfans, so we started thinking about it ourselves. After kicking around plentyof ideas, we netted out in a unique place.Jeff Charney @jeffcharneyChief Marketing Officer,Progressive Insurance#CMWorld Keynote:Inside Progressives InternalContent Creation Machine </li><li> 9. Context is QueenWhy try to yell the loudest in a room where we dont belong? Why try toride the wave with a me, too attitude?We went with a simple picture of Flo on the couch and the caption, Whatdo car insurance and football have in common? Nothing. Talk to you afterthe game!We were just trying to show our fans that we get it, and let them enjoythe game. But the response from them, along with numerous publicationsincluding the Wall Street Journal, was overwhelmingly positive.The point of this story isnt to beat our chests, although we are proud of thework. Its to show that with an almost non-existent budget (we createdone .jpeg image) and the acknowledgement that even the greatest contentin the world wont work out of context. We did something people connectedwith.Context.Long live the Queen.Jeff Charney @jeffcharneyChief Marketing Officer,Progressive Insurance#CMWorld Keynote:Inside Progressives InternalContent Creation Machine </li><li> 10. The Path to Whats NextMarketing campaigns often feel like a trip down the rabbit hole. Thepromise of value or a good story lures in the curious.From there good luck.This confused wandering is almost always due to a lack of planning. We,the marketers, execute a great concept; content so alluring buyers canthelp but be pulled in.Then we neglect to provide a clearly defined path for that buyer to follow.That buyer is required to figure out for him or herself, asking question afterquestion along the way, and stringing together answers when possible.Wandering works in fairy tales. But its disastrous when it comes to leadmanagement.Before any campaign is executed, the entrances and exits that make upyour buyers journey should be mapped out. Every asset you produce shouldlead somewhere. A lead should never form a perplexed look and ask, Whatdo I go now?Jesse Noyes @noyesjesseSenior Director of ContentMarketing at Kapost#CMWorld Panel:How CMOs Are StructuringAround Content Marketing </li><li> 11. The Path to Whats NextHere are three of my favorite steps marketers should take:1. Create a call-to-action (CTA) flow chart. This is a chart that lists outevery campaign or theme you plan to address with your content. Each listedtheme should include several CTAs to related assets. This ensures whoevercontributes to your content knows exactly where to send the buyer next.2. Create campaign flow charts for every campaign. Content marketingcampaigns can get complex. There may be blog posts, social posts, displayor search ads, videos, landing pagesthe list goes on. Dont get lost.Before you launch any campaign, create a flow chart that maps out all theentrance points and next steps for your campaign.3. Stop focusing on channels and start unifying your content production.When the manager of any channel whether its top of funnel or bottom starts creating and deploying content on their own, its because they donthave content to deploy or dont how to find it.Establishing a content marketing operation results in a visible, strategicapproach to content creation. And that means buyers dont have to zig zagtheir way through your pipeline.Jesse Noyes @noyesjesseSenior Director of ContentMarketing at Kapost#CMWorld Panel:How CMOs Are StructuringAround Content Marketing </li><li> 12. Content Marketing PlanningWhat lessons can you learn from Alice and friends to help you create agreat Content Marketing Strategy? Here are three of my favorites:Things change. And they change fast. New channels, new formats, and newways of interacting with your audience pop up much more often you mightexpect during the abstract strategy phase.But once youre executing, count on it: You will see something speciallike,say, a talking white rabbitand youre going to want to follow it. Fast.So weave experimentation into the fabric of your strategy. Otherwise,youll lose critical time selling ideas internally every time you want to trysomething new.Most organizations have a Queen of Hearts (or a few). Make engaging withthemand winning them overa fundamental part of your vision.A good content marketing strategy should encompass plans forengagement with internal teams as well as interactions with prospectsand customers.Jen Dennis @jendennis2000Content StrategistMarketer#CMWorld PanelWhat brands can learn fromthe newsroom </li><li> 13. Content Marketing PlanningCreating great content requires participation from many people. You might needHRs help. Or approval from legal. Or your engineers' expertise. Or a quote fromyour CEO. You get the picture.Heres the thing: All these people already have jobs, and those jobs arent inmarketing. So they might not know, or care, about the value of contentmarketing. Its your job to fire them up. Without their support, its Off with theirheads for your plans.Sometimes a tea party will turn out to be stupid. Go to tea parties anyway.For all our talk about process and planning, this remains true: Creating acontent marketing algorithm that produces winning or viral content everysingle time is impossible (Google would have built one already otherwise).Yes, establish KPIs and meet them. But expectand plan forthe occasionalmiss. Dont worry; youll learn something from the duds too.The original title for Alice in Wonderland was The Adventures of Alice inWonderland. Make sure your strategy encourages, rather than eliminates, theadventures.Jen Dennis @jendennis2000Content StrategistMarketer#CMWorld PanelWhat brands can learn fromthe newsroom </li><li> 14. Look to your communityfor content to augmentand help promote. Theproverbial win-win is nota myth.Jascha Kaykas-Wolff @kaykas#CMWorld </li><li> 15. ContentCommunityHow to build your content strategy inside a community of 170 millionmonthly users.A key marketing focus at BitTorrent is to develop a content strategyshowcasing our users stories, across product lines. Lets focus on one ofour products, BitTorrent Bundle, which illustrates our three core tenets thatyou can employ for your company:1.! Content drives the experience inside and out: User stories and artistcontent from the community highlight the product better than anyone.2.! Tight coordination between the artists/users, product, productmarketing and communications drives success.3.! Good content that drives a specific product should impact widerbrand strategies and goals.Jascha Kaykas-Wolff @kaykasCMO at BitTorrent#CMWorld PanelHow CMOs Are StructuringAround Content Marketing </li><li> 16. ContentCommunityTip 1: Look to your community for content that you can augment andhelp promote. The proverbial win-win is not a myth. The best record storescraft stories on top of the artists content. Our content strategy iscollaborative with the artist community in this same vein.Tip 2: Dont do it alone. Coordinating with your community and their teamfor resources can have an exponentially positive impact. Working closelywith our community (and in this case, G-eazy and his team): 4.7MM Bundleuser sessions for G-eazys bundle and G-eazys new album debuted at #2on Billboard initially and #1 on the hip hop list.Tip 3: Focus on the Bright Spots to keep the momentum going. Asuccess with your community is the best ingredient to start the next recipe.This is how we build momentum. Collaborating with our users helpsidentify artists to feature. We choose projects that amplify our brand; thatstand for the same thing. In fact, we just blew through 100 milliondownloads, and each win makes it easier to drive future successes.Jascha Kaykas-Wolff @kaykasCMO at BitTorrent#CMWorld PanelHow CMOs Are StructuringAround Content Marketing </li><li> 17. Content Marketing ExperienceContent marketing is the fuel propelling the marketing engine.We should no longer think of content marketing as a means to just developthought leadership, generate awareness or build demand. Content touchesall aspects of a customer's experience or a buyer's journey. It doesn't stopwhen they first learn about you or when the sale is closed.To succeed with a content marketing strategy, it's important to:! Get out of your comfort zone, be willing to experiment and testdifferent content formats and types;! Align your content goals to the overall goals of the company, not justmarketing or demand gen goals;! Connect with other content marketers to stay current on newtechnologies, platforms and channelsBrian E. Kardon @bkardonChief Marketing Officer atLattice Engines#CMWorld PanelHow CMOs Are StructuringAround Content </li><li> 18. When Content Goes GlobalThey only speak French in France, dont they?Ive actually had this conversation more than once. It happens whenmarketing groups make decisions on what languages to translate theircontent into based on geography. We sell this product all over Europe, butnot in France so we dont need French. What about Switzerland, Belgium,Holland and other countries in Europe where French is spoken? What abouta French speaker living and working in Germany?50% of the world is bilingual and we need to accommodate that.Does that mean we need to translate everything into all 6,900 spokenlanguages? No.80% of the worlds population can be reached with just twelvelanguages. If you cant support twelve languages or more for globalcoverage, then think on a regional basis.People move around so provide support for that. What are the top fivelanguages spoken in the region you want to market to? In the USA itsEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog (Philippines), and French.Alan J. Porter @alanjporterContent Marketing Managerat Caterpillar Inc.#CMWorld Case StudyFrom the Midwest to theWorld: Developing a BusinessDriven Globalization Strategyfor Content Marketing </li><li> 19. When Content Goes GlobalMulti-lingual people think of different subjects in different languages.For instance a Swiss person may think about his car In German, food InFrench, and movies in English, because thats how he experiences them.Figure out the predominate language for the experience you are tryingto market in the region you are targeting.Theres a reason that here at Caterpillar our website for Africa includescontent in Chinese its because a large percentage of the constructionindustry working in Africa are Chinese.Stop thinking about global content in terms of geographical boundaries.Content translation and localization decisions need to be determined on aregional basis informed by a mix of culture, industry and market knowledgenot based solely on nationality.Alan J. Porter @alanjporterContent Marketing Managerat Caterpillar Inc.#CMWorld Case StudyFrom the Midwest to theWorld: Developing a BusinessDriven Globalization Strategyfor Content Marketing </li><li> 20. Help Your Audience Be BetterOne of the best content marketing strategies I have found that drivesrevenue growth is to help the people in your target audience be better atsomething. Naturally, the thing you choose to help them be better shouldintersect with the unique expertise of your company.As an example, if a company is in the business of creating, printing andselling airplane navigation charts, this firm could help their targetaudience (pilots) be better at flying by teaching them to be more proficientat reading charts.Notice that the strategy does not inclu...</li></ol>