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Builders Business Breakfast, Associated Builders and Contractors. Stan Thornton Project Liaison Manager, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority January 15, 2013. Orlando International (MCO) By The Numbers. 35.2 million annual passengers (Nov 2012) 96,600 passengers daily - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

Builders Business Breakfast, Associated Builders and Contractors

Stan ThorntonProject Liaison Manager,Greater Orlando Aviation AuthorityJanuary 15, 20131Orlando International (MCO)By The Numbers35.2 million annual passengers (Nov 2012)96,600 passengers daily Domestic passengers 31.5 million International passengers 3.8 million Number of airlines44 total including 7 cargo95% origin and destination traffic18,000 + badged employees

2nd busiest airport in Florida 82 non-stop U.S. destinations 33 international destinations 843 aircraft operations/day Largest airport Rental Car market3rd largest land mass airport in U.S.Passenger traffic13th in the nation32nd in the world

Orlando International (MCO)Comparitives3rd Largest Airport in the United States by Land Mass13,430 acres (approximately) 20% developedLarger than JFK, LAX and MIA combined

MiamiMIALos AngelesLAXNew York JFKDemand Driven Program

2030405060708045NEW AIRLINE LEASE & USE AGREEMENT (5 YEARS)CAPACITY ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM(3 YEARS)COMPARISON OF HIGH, BASE, AND LOW ENPLANED PASSENGER FORECASTSCAPACITY ENHANCEMENTIncrease Passenger Processing to acceptable Levels of ServiceMaintain or increase alternative revenue sourcesIncrease opportunities for international and domestic growthAccommodation for alternative modes of transportation

ASSET REHABILITATIONPreserve The Orlando Experience Incorporate technological improvementsRehabilitate aging infrastructureImplement energy efficiencies

Capital Improvement Program

Baggage Systems

Landside Level 3 TicketingNTC Capacity EnhancementAirside 4 International Arrival

Security Checkpoints

Terminal Curbs

Parking / Rent-A-Car (RAC)Projects 2013BP-408, Permanent Bus & Taxi Hold LotProject ScopeConstruct a bus and taxi hold facility, including associated restroom and covered seating areas

Construction Cost$3 million

DurationSept. 2013 Feb. 2014

BP-408B, Cell Lot & Return to Terminal A RoadProject ScopeAdd a Return to Terminal A Ramp and construct new cell phone lot

Construction Cost$13 million

DurationSept. 2013 Sept 2014

BP-434, Runway 18R-36LRehabilitation Related WorkProject ScopeRehabilitate Runway 18R-36L, including repaving shoulders, blast pads and joint replacement

Construction Cost$18 million

DurationNov. 2013 Aug. 2014

BP-435, Light Fixture Replacement forGarages A, B, and Terminal TopProject ScopeReplacement of over 11,000 light fixtures in the A and B side structural parking garages and the terminal top parking garage

Construction Cost$3 million

DurationJul. 2013 Jun. 2014

BP-435 Project LocationBP-439, Landside EmergencyPower Generation ExpansionProject ScopeExpand the emergency power generation capacity and building at the southwest end of the Landside Terminal

Construction Cost$12 million

DurationMay 2013 May 2014

Long-term Projects

2014 - 2017Projects Preparing for DesignLandside Ticket Lobby Renovation/RemodelingElectrical, mechanical, and communication roomsExpand ticketing cue areaBaggage upgradesCurb-side check-in improvementsAirline relocationsAirside 4 Infrastructure/Renovation Projects90s Wing Gate ConversionFIS/CBP Renovation/ExpansionCentral Chiller PlantSouth Airport APM ComplexAPM GuidewayAPM StationParking GarageSite Work/UtilitiesRoadway/Bridges

Operational IssuesSecurity BadgingEmployee ScreeningVehicle SearchSafetyConstruction Safety PlansAircraft Operations AreaProtecting the PublicWork RestrictionsHours of WorkLimited Work AreasFAA RequirementsSpecificationsMovement Limitations

Working at an Active Airport

GOAA Construction ContractingRequirements to CompeteLicensed GC, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.Bonding10% Bid BondConstruction Bond InsuranceAOA $5million GL & AutoNon-AOA$1million GL & Auto

Competitive ContractingCCNA State of FloridaFederal Requirements (Grants)Design Bid Build Design BuildCM@RContinuing ContractsContinuing ContractsCurrent Continuing Contractors

Vertical (Thru Jan 2015)BRPH Construction Services, Inc.Clancy & Theys Construction Company Gomez Construction Company H.W. Davis Construction, Inc.R.L. Burns, Inc. Verde Construction Managers, LLC

Horizontal (Thru Mar 2013)CEM Enterprises, Inc.Gibbs & Register, Inc.JCB Construction, Inc. Prime Construction Group, Inc.

Electrical (Thru Mar 2013)Electric Services, Inc.The New Florida Industrial Electric, Inc.H.L. Pruitt CorporationMorton Electric, Inc.

Roofing (Thru Apr 2014)Advanced Roofing, Inc.General Works, LLCP&A Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.

Signage (Thru July 2014)AC Signs, LLCThe Baron Group, Inc.Tracking OpportunitiesConstruction OpportunitiesContinuing Contractors (see website)GOAA Website http://www.orlandoairports.netLocal Newspapers (Sunday & Wednesday)Call Office of Small Business Development Michelle Tatom 407-825-7171Tenant Projects

Project DesignationsBP Bid Package, Public Bid and AwardG Graphics/Signage, using Continuing ContractorV Vertical Package, using Continuing ContractorH Horizontal Package, using Continuing ContractorE Electrical Package, using Continuing ContractorR Roofing Package, using Continuing ContractorLooking ForwardFuture capital projects

Rail Routes to OIA


South Terminal Phase-1 16 Gate

Thank You 24


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