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Slides from the Oculus Toronto meetup March 6, 2014.


  • 1. Building VR Websites with Oculus and Three.js Justin Holdstock & Tim Strah 5 March 2014

2. Hi! JustinTimDeveloper Evangelist, Verold.comGame Dev Intern, Verold & TriOS 3. Verold is building the tools and media platform to power 3D interactive content on the web 4. Demo video 5. Verold Publishing Solution With Verolds visual online tools, your creative teams build and immediately publish interactive contentApp Designer App published to the Web, Mobile, Console, SmartTVCG Artist 6. Revolutionizing Web Publishing Verold brings the power of a game engine to web design, unlocking the latest features of modern browsers Verold is online and collaborative - powering an ecosystem of creators Verold integrates seamlessly with web publishing pipelines Verold allows you to scale effortlessly 7. Lets get started... Some basics: primitive creation prefab objects models (OBJ, FBX, COLLADA, etc.) audio (ANY FORMAT, CONVERTED FOR USE!) textures lighting materials(skin, iridescent ) scripts/script editor skyboxes 8. Extensible through Components Theres a full component-entity model behind Verold, with tonnes of advanced features: FPS Controls Oculus Leap Lens Flare Shader Glass Materials AI Box2D ... 9. Demo time! How awesome would it be if you could: 1. Visit a webpage 2. Put on your Oculus 3. Get a VR experience Lets make that real... 10. Step 1: Install Oculus Bridge Grab the Oculus bridge from Here 11. Step 2: Fork the Sample Project Visit the Verold Oculus Template Project 12. Step 3: Tweak and Publish Click the Publish button, put on your headset, and enjoy! 13. Publish Interactive 3D to the Web Justin Holdstock Developer Evangelist, Verold @JimmyKillemTim Strah Game Dev Intern, Verold & TriOS @TimStrah


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