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How can organizations build and activate online audiences? Which social networks should nonprofits invest their (limited!) resources? What recent campaigns produced results on a limited budget? Heather Whaling, president of Geben Communication, recently conducted a social media training for a group of nonprofit organizations, all struggling to connect with audiences via social media on (very!) limited budgets. This presentation explains the three golden rules of social media, pros/cons of various networks and offers case studies showcasing effective uses of social media. Feel free to "remix" and borrow from these ideas to strengthen your own online presence. Interested in having Heather speak to your organization or help you developed a customized plan? Email her: heather [at]


  • A fresh AP[PR]OACH: Build + Activate Online Audiences Heather Whaling @prTini
  • 3 guidelines
  • rule #1: value
  • rule #2: start small
  • rule #3: effective + efficient
  • Social? Blog? Email? Time of day Types of content
  • types of content:
  • 200+ networks Impossible to be everywhere Follow your audience
  • Pros High engagement Relationship-building News dissemination Diversity Cons Time-intense
  • Pros Behemoth network Solid analytics Strong targeting Cons Paid almost required Frequent changes Noisy network
  • Pros Professional audience News dissemination Improving engagement Interest groups Cons Getting noisier Limited diversity Not as sticky
  • Pros Easy engagement Straightforward Visually compelling Reusable content Audience range Cons Limited metrics Minimal CTA tracking No geo-targeting
  • Pros Heavy teen usage Snackable content Visual, but different Cons Limited audience Not really meant for brands
  • Pros High referral traffic Variety of content Easy to find/search Cons Time-intense No geo-targeting
  • your turn Which network(s) is most valuable for your organization? Why?
  • Increase: Referral traffic Network/database Engagement levels Registrations Educate & advocate
  • tools Buffer Hootsuite Google Analytics Facebook Insights Feedly
  • pinterestification of the web
  • photo apps
  • influencer relations
  • Source:
  • infuse creativity:
  • educate local bloggers Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month: Invited three local bloggers to discuss and raise awareness of teen dating violence statistics, warning signs and steps to prevent it. They then posted on Facebook and Twitter, and blogged about the discussion. The meeting was incredibly powerful and sobering. I'm grateful for an organization like The Women's Fund that is willing to facilitate these discussions.
  • partner with local organizations Equal Pay Day: CYP partnership Invited young professional women to attend a pay negotiation training seminar at The Womens Fund RESULTS: 50+ attendees Introduced The Womens Fund to new audiences Built lasting relationship with CYP (Multiple events have been co-hosted since)
  • creativity that gets results
  • Live Facebook Q&A: Facilitate conversation among marathoners and provide training tips and advice from running and training experts
  • instagram | launch The Power of the Networks Instagram correspondents Pre-event promotion Live photos at the event Interaction between accounts Result: @CbusMarathon had 300+ followers within 1 week of launching
  • be social. have fun. RunFest Photo Booth Pick an accessory Strike a pose Snap a photo on their phone Share with #cbusmarathon
  • IG ambassadors Countdown to race day: Launched 2013 Instagram Ambassador program 50 days prior to race day Ambassadors share weekly training photos for @cbusmarathon to regram and share on the blog Result: 700 followers in 3 months Pittsburgh Marathon: 720 followers in the last year NYC Marathon: 445 followers
  • IG ambassadors Prompts: Whats your favorite training tech? Where do you run? What do you wear while training? What motivates you?
  • GOAL: Increase donations from online communities Engage a corporate sponsor Tap into local online influencers personal networks Expand NCHs local online footprint
  • RESULTS: 500+ photos entered, resulting in a $5,000 donation to Nationwide Kids from Simple Bath Ohio #NCHfavorites hashtag 1.1 million people on Twitter 242,000 on Instagram
  • GOAL: Launch iPad app Grow social footprint UGC for off-season
  • PRIZES: Backyard redesign (via Pinterest) $1000 to implement Daily gift cards
  • RESULTS 6,000+ website visits 150+ photos submitted 130 participants email addresses collected Facebook audience tripled #GrowInspired reached 60,000 people
  • Heather Whaling @prTini subscribe: Disrupt the status quo. Build awareness. Acquire customers. Excel in the social world. Increase sales. Innovate best practices.