build a facebook app in 5 minutes - nuke suite ??now we’re going to show you how you can make a...

Download Build a Facebook App in 5 Minutes - Nuke Suite ??Now we’re going to show you how you can make a Facebook app in 5 minutes, ... and press “Create App ID ... Build a Facebook App

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    Build a Facebook App in 5 Minutes

    Today were going to look at Facebook Apps. The different ways to use them, great free tools to set themup, and a 5 minute tutorial of how to create an application with Nuke Suite

    So what is a Facebook app?The Developpers blog defines them simply as a way to enhance your experience on Facebook. Which is true,and there are so many ways that you can do this!

    You can create them specifically for mobile, on iOS or Android, to be integrated on your website, or hosted onFacebook as a Canvas.

    There are many ways you can use Facebook Apps for different objectives including increasing engagement withyour audience via Facebook likes, hosting online-exclusive offers for users, and driving conversions to yoursite.

    Making apps compatible for mobile is fundamentalgiven the high percentage of people who useFacebook on the go. As you can see below, thefigures are increasing every year!

    With that in mind, weve listed our best platforms tocreate mobile apps

    Nuke Suites Top Tools for Building FacebookApps

    iBuild App With over 900,000 mobile apps builtover the last two years, iBuild pride themselves ontheir no-coding-necessary platform making thingssimple for user.

    Appy Pie as recommended by Mashable, Wired, and many more, Appy Pie is really geared towards creatingapps for businesses. You can include tools such as an appointment schedulers.

    Appery With their cloud-based platform, its really easy to get started with Appery. What singles it out is that itsaccessible for those with limited coding experience, but it also includes advanced features fordeveloppers.

    Good Barber Customisability is the name of the game here, without having to know a single line of code. Thereare 9 templates you can tailor-make, plus access to 350 icons and 600 Google fonts.


  • GameSalad If youre in the games market, this is the way to go. GameSalad lets you drag and drop icons, andagain is code-free. The platform has recently teamed up with Amazon to offer access to development optionsspecifically optimised for the Kindle Fire .

    Now were going to show you how you can make a Facebook app in 5 minutes, using Nuke Suitespowerful platform:

    Start by logging onto our Admin page, we can set you up with a demo quick smart just email us here!

    Click on Enrich and then Applications on the drop-down.

    If its your first time connecting to Nuke Suite, youll need to add your Facebook account with us . Just pressAdd Account on the right.

    Nuke Suite gives you the option to make an app for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+, but today weregoing to use Facebook.

    Press connect and a pop-up box will ask you for to login to your brands Facebook account.

    All of the pages connected to your account will show up below. To allow Nuke Suite access to these pages, youmust first give authorisation via Facebook.

    Once youve chosen the pages, click Save and return to the Applications page via Enrich.

    From Instagram and Video Contests to Instant Wins on Twitter there are 15 different kinds of Facebookapplications you can build with Nuke Suite.

  • Each app has an information button so you can find out more about them before you decide to create.

    Today, were going to make a test Quiz.

    Youll need to enter the following details to complete your application:Brand: Enter the name of your brand/company

    Application Name: Enter name of your application

    Timeline shortcut name: Personalise the name of the timeline shortcut

    Start date: Enter the app start date

    End date: Enter the app end date

    Application visual: Personalise the application icon (JPG, GIF, PNG, 111x74px) published on the timeline byuploading a visual icon

    App ID: On the right hand side of the page is a link to the Developers Support where you can get your App ID. Itwill redirect you to this page, where you can choose which platform you want to host the app on (iOS,Android, Facebook Canvas or Website).

    Were going to use Facebook Canvas.

  • Enter the name of your app, choose a category and a sub-category (e.g. Games and Trivia) and press CreateApp ID

    Press Skip Test Start to get your App ID.

    Youll also have to upload a Privacy Policy so participants can see your Ts&Cs. This will need to be in a PDFversion

    Theres an option to embed the application in a portal, which you can click yes or no to.

    Nuke Suite connects to Facebook to finalise your app creation.

    Nows where you tailor your app.

    Homepage: Choose to whether or not you show the app fan page (where you can a visual), add a tracking pixel,and choose whether or not to display the most recent entrants.

    Quiz: Upload your apps background image and banner, font and colour, and have the option to customiseyour own next and finish buttons.

    Questions: Choose how many questions you want to include in your Quiz (2-5), the Question text andwhether you want to include a clue to users.

    Form: the Quiz app lets you present a user form to participants if you wish. You can customise the look of thepage, the fields, the terms and conditions, and the opt-in.

    Result: This allows you to customise the page according to the users decisions and lets you include sharingoptions and offer users incentives for sharing it further: e.g. users receive another chance at entry if theyshare the quiz with their friends.

    Mobile: The final page lets you customise the look of the mobile application.

    And then youre done! Your app is now live and you can edit it via Nuke Suite or on Facebook itself.Furthermore Nuke provides clear and efficient analytics and can help you test out different options soyou can really get the most out of your app.

  • For a free trial to see what we can do, waste no time in contacting us here.

    Build a Facebook App in 5 MinutesNows where you tailor your app.