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Whether looking for personal renewal or just for historical knowledge, Buddhist pilgrimage tour provides the ultimate opportunity to experience the development of spirituality

Typically defined as the journey to a sacred place, the Buddhist pilgrimage tours offer itineraries, which specialize in visits to Buddhist pilgrimageYour Buddhist tour itinerary India should essentially cover the places such as Lumbini, Bodhgaya, Sarnath and Kushinagar.

Pilgrimage tour travel in bodhgaya thus has two main facades, which are serenity and spirituality. And when you choose to get the help an inbound bodhgaya travel tourism expert you are assured of only pleasant surprises.

Sarnath is certainly amongst the must visit places of Buddhist faith. History unveils, when Lord Buddha got the enlightenment about the problems and realities of life, he went to Sarnath to share his learnings with the people, seeking answers to the miseries of lifeLumbini on the other hand is the world heritage place. Tucked at the foothills of Himalaya, it is the birth place of Gautam Buddha.

Bodhgaya is a place near Gaya and is situated by the river Niranjana

it is where Lord Buddha left his footsteps nearly 2500 years ago while travelling in the quest of enlightenmentOf course Buddhism in India has an immense significance and you need an expert guidance for chasing away the complexities and overcoming all obstacles to ensure that you have a perfect travelling experience