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  • Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - Buddhist Circuit Tour Package India

    Buddhist Circuit Tour Packages India Buddhism

    several Pilgrimage and religions of the world in India.

    Buddhism has transcended indias boundaries and

    taken root in east south and south east asia . His

    penance and meditation for years showed him the

    path to 'nirvana'.

    In selecting the Buddhist circuit Tour Packages the

    prospective visitor will have to take multiple factors

    into consideration. Some of the factors that are most

    important are -

    Depending on the duration and cost, the package

    should offer maximum benefits for the travelers.

    Provider of the Buddhist tour packages in India should take care of

    accommodation, transportation, and draw up a tour itinerary that will be

    convenient for the traveler to follow.

    the Buddhist tour package should not be too expensive taking it beyond the

    affordability levels of the tourists and travelers. That is why many package

    providers offer attractive discounts in their packages.

    Providers of Buddhist Circuit Tour Package in India

    Basic providers of Buddhist circuit tour package in India are -

    Our website offers conducted package tours for the tourists and travelers,

    especially those from the overseas.

  • Buddhism in india offering such packages for both inland and overseas tourists

    and travelers.

    offering packages for the travelers and tourists. Most of the star hotels have

    such services in place and besides them a number or agencies are in the field.

    Religious Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour that offer such packages for pilgrims from all

    over the world.

    Places of Interest Places of interest that should find place in any Buddhism circuit

    tour holiday packages in India are -

    Sarnath that is the Mecca of Buddhist religion followers for over thousand years.

    It has the Chaukhandi Stupa, Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath Museum, and Lion Capitol.

    Bodh Gaya is the place where Buddha

    attained his enlightenment under the

    sacred Bodhi tree. Mahabodhi temple,

    Mahabodhi tree, and Lotus tank are the

    major attractions here. It was in

    Bodhgaya in Bihar, India that Prince

    Siddhartha found Enlightenment

    (nirvana) under the bodhi tree after

    meditating for 49 days. No longer a

    bodhisattva (mentor), he became Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One.

    Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha and though not a part of India, it is located

    near the country in the neighboring country Nepal.

    Dhauli temple in Orissa near the capital of the state Bhubaneswar is the place

    where the Buddhist Pagoda and inscriptions from the time of Emperor Asoka are


    There are many others but these are some that should be part of any Buddhist

    tour packages.


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