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One of the effects of 21st century technology on contemporary institutions is that many of their core offerings are being unbundled, or broken apart into smaller components. These components are then able to be offered outside of their original context at a scale and cost that the old order can’t compete with. In this talk Vincent will explore the process of unbundling as it applies to contemporary Buddhism--especially with regards to meditation and mindfulness. He’ll also explore the process of re-bundling and what the future of Buddhism may look like as new forms are recombined in both old and new ways. Recorded Talk Here: http://bit.ly/1teFsmS


  • 1. Buddhism UnbundledVincent Horn // Buddhist Geek

2. Unbundling is a neologism to describe how theubiquity of mobile devices, Internetconnectivity, consumer web technologies,social media and information access in the 21stcentury are affecting older institutions(education, broadcasting, newspapers, games,shopping, etc.) by break[ing] up the packagesthey once offered, providing particular parts ofthem at a scale and cost unmatchable by theold order. 3. These days many assume that Buddhism andmeditation go hand in handsometimes theyare even considered to be one and the same.But even counting Theravadins, progenitors ofthe massively popular insight meditation(Vipassana) movement, relatively few Buddhistshistorically have ever understood meditation tobe essential. Erik Braun, The Birth of Insight 4. Buddhism UnbundledVincent Horn // Buddhist Geek 5. Buddhism RebundledVincent Horn // Buddhist Geek 6. Creativity is just connecting things. When youask creative people how they did something,they feel a little guilty because they didn't reallydo it, they just saw something.Steve Jobs(my underline) 7. We Are All Nodes in the Network of Consciousness.


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