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Bubble Gum World Magazine. PRESENTS…. I. PROBLEM: Which brand of bubble gum produces the largest bubble?. II.Research. Gum Brand- Orbit Mass of Gum- 1 serving size Gum Flavor- spearmint Ingredients –maltitol, sorbitol, gum base, sugar-free Appearance- white w/green speckles, rectangle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Bubble Gum WorldMagazinePRESENTS

  • I. PROBLEM:Which brand of bubble gum produces the largest bubble?

  • II.ResearchGum Brand- OrbitMass of Gum- 1 serving sizeGum Flavor- spearmintIngredients maltitol, sorbitol, gum base, sugar-freeAppearance- white w/green speckles, rectangleTexture- hard shell

  • III.HypothesisIF a bubble is produced using (brand of gum), THEN its bubble will be larger than the bubble produced by (other brands of gum).

  • Variables:Independent Variable Brand of Gum

    Dependent Variable Diameter of BubbleConstantsSame masses of gumSame flavorSame chewing timeSame number of chewsSame method of producing bubbleSame amount of airSame mouth

  • IV. ExperimentA. Materials:1 piece of Brand #1, #2, and #3RulerStopwatch

  • ProcedureUnwrap 1 piece of Brand #1.Chew Brand #1 for 30 seconds, 1 chew/sec, and produce a bubble.Measure the diameter of the bubble (mouth to farthest point).Record data in Table #1.Repeat #2-4 to produce a 2nd and 3rd bubble. Record data in Table #1.Wrap gum in wrapper and throw away in trash can.Repeat steps #1-6 for the remaining pieces of Brand #2 and Brand #3. Calculate the average diameter for each brand of gum. Record the data in Table #2.

  • V. DataTable 1: Diameter of Gum

    NameBrand of GumBubble #1Bubble #2Bubble #3Total diameterAverage DiameterMrs. Almarezorbit4cm8 cm14 cmMrs. Almareztrident

    Mrs. AlmarezFiveJackOrbitJackTridentJackFiveGiovanni

  • Data Table 2: Average Diameter of Bubble

    Brand of GumAvg Diameter of Bubble (cm)Member1 avgMember 2 avgMember 3 avgMember 4 avgTables Average

  • Average Diameter of BubbleBrand of GumAverage Diameterof Bubble

  • Results:For results, write a paragraph describing the average volume of bubble for each brand of gum.

  • VI. ConclusionFor the conclusion, write a paragraph.Claim: Be sure to restate the hypothesis.State if hypothesis was correct of incorrect.Evidence: Explain how the evidence (data) proved or disproved your hypothesis.Reasoning: Describe any errors that may have effected the data.

    Staple order:ProcedureData TablesConclusion