bubble gum world magazine presents…. i. problem: which brand of bubble gum produces the largest...

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  • Bubble Gum World Magazine PRESENTS
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  • I. PROBLEM: Which brand of bubble gum produces the largest bubble?
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  • II.Research Gum Brand- Orbit Mass of Gum- 1 serving size Gum Flavor- spearmint Ingredients maltitol, sorbitol, gum base, sugar-free Appearance- white w/green speckles, rectangle Texture- hard shell
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  • III.Hypothesis IF a bubble is produced using (brand of gum), THEN its bubble will be larger than the bubble produced by (other brands of gum).
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  • Variables: Independent Variable Brand of Gum Dependent Variable Diameter of Bubble Constants Same masses of gum Same flavor Same chewing time Same number of chews Same method of producing bubble Same amount of air Same mouth
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  • IV. Experiment A. Materials: 1 piece of Brand #1, #2, and #3 Ruler Stopwatch
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  • Procedure 1.Unwrap 1 piece of Brand #1. 2.Chew Brand #1 for 30 seconds, 1 chew/sec, and produce a bubble. 3.Measure the diameter of the bubble (mouth to farthest point). 4.Record data in Table #1. 5.Repeat #2-4 to produce a 2 nd and 3 rd bubble. Record data in Table #1. 6.Wrap gum in wrapper and throw away in trash can. 7.Repeat steps #1-6 for the remaining pieces of Brand #2 and Brand #3. 8.Calculate the average diameter for each brand of gum. Record the data in Table #2.
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  • V. Data Table 1: Diameter of Gum NameBrand of Gum Bubble #1 Bubble #2 Bubble #3 Total diameter Average Diameter Mrs. Almarez orbit 4cm8 cm14 cm Mrs. Almarez trident Mrs. Almarez Five JackOrbit JackTrident JackFive Giovanni
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  • Data Table 2: Average Diameter of Bubble Brand of Gum Avg Diameter of Bubble (cm) Member1 avg Member 2 avg Member 3 avg Member 4 avg Tables Average
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  • Average Diameter of Bubble Brand of Gum Average Diameter of Bubble
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  • Results: For results, write a paragraph describing the average volume of bubble for each brand of gum.
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  • VI. Conclusion For the conclusion, write a paragraph. Claim: Be sure to restate the hypothesis. State if hypothesis was correct of incorrect. Evidence: Explain how the evidence (data) proved or disproved your hypothesis. Reasoning: Describe any errors that may have effected the data. Staple order: Procedure Data Tables Conclusion