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2. SummaryDemonstrated Competencies 3. C Level Experience W-PWRSD; Acting Division John Deere GolfControllerTechnologies, President Umwelt Technique Berlin(UTB), Managing Director Colonial Business FMC Pakistan, MDEquipment, President FMC Harvester; Division Creative BusinessManager Concepts, President The Woods Landing ePower Synergies, Inc.;Company, President AGROMACCEO/PresidentInternational, Inc., President/ ePower Synergies Europe, srl:CEO Managing Director Lockwood Corporation; HB Marine, LLC., MDPresident, CEO, Chairman Bourgoin, MD FirmGreen, Inc., COO Lockwood-Goosens, MD PandoShip LLC, COO Facile Logistics LLC COO6Jan12 3 4. Organization Development Westinghouse North Anna Site Office: new site, ne team, new office Westinghouse Cost Estimating & Cost Control: Reorganized and updatedoffice procedures &technology (major new MIS) Westinghouse FASR: Complete reorganization, developed competencybased training program FMC DSID: New division, new function FMC Pakistan: Signed contract, organized team (includingexpats), suppliers and customer FMC Harvester: New division from 4 divisions, 4 factories, 3 countries AGROMAC: Start-up roll-up company 3 companies, 3 countries Lockwood: Chapter 11 Bankruptcy restructuring, reduced employees 50%in 2 weeks, restructured manufacturing, product dev., marketing, sales, JD ePower Tech: Brand new start-up in large corporation, 2 locations ePower Synergies: Start-up green fields company GPI: The Transportation Solutions Network 501 c3 HB Marine: Start-up JV, sustainable solar - hydrogen marine propulsion FirmGreen, Inc: Bio-gas project developer PandoShip, Facile Logistics LLC: Logistics services & AI based software Sedona Technologies: New BPO business6Jan12 4 5. Product Development Air pollution control equipment Westinghouse o Nuclear systems and components o Advanced project management, scheduling & accounting software system o Compact industrial circuit breaker o High energy plasma torch waste destruction system FMC o light tank. Pakistan APC o pea, cucumber, tomato, nut harvesters AGROMAC: European style potato harvester, corn header Lockwood o Center pivot drives & controls o Line of potato harvesters, planters, windrowers & handling equipment Deere o Deere TRAX, Skylinks, electric Gators, mowers, electrical drive and control components/systems ePower o Hydrogen electric hybrid powered vehicles, o Hydrogen electrolyzers (solar powered), Storage, dispensers o Small electric vehicles (Teener, RIDE, eVolve), recharging systems HB Marine solar, hydrogen hybrid electric sustainable yacht FirmGreen land fill gas (PSA/CO2 wash) CNG-NGV6Jan12 5 6. People Development Dave Maier, Attorney Chris DeRoo, Marketing/ Brad Bruckman, millionaireProduct Dev. Mgr Deere Darlene McCaffrey, VP CFO Raj Kalathur, VP Deere Rick Wolfe, VP Facilities WEC Liz Cotter, VP United Way John Rapp, VP Bank PNC Brian Brown, Marketing Mgr Joe Markosek, PA Legislator Deere Gene Garnes, VP Piper Jim Hendricks, Dir Emerson Bruce Westcoat, VP BEM Greg Coy, VP GE Sean Moran, VP Stellar Lani Lorenz Fry, Mgr Deere Harrell Huneycutt, GM GCR Alan Dailey, Product MgrDeere Loren Gutwein, GM LMC Krystal Williams, Mgr Deere Lou Egging, President EC6Jan12 6 7. Boards Food Fun, Inc. (Dominos, Krispy Kreme, Tin Star) The Egging Company Masek Distributing Co, Inc. Panhandle Education Advisory Com Twin Cities Development Association Nebraska Industrial Competitive Alliance United Way (PA, NE, IA, IL) NavCom Technologies, Inc. First United Methodist Church Eastern Iowa Community College, ATEEC Rock Island Adv Tech & Sustainability Com. Quad City Manufacturing Lab Village Trustee, Cordova, IL 6Jan12 7 8. ExperienceA Chronology 9. Air Preheater Co Application Engineer, Summers1965, 1966, 1967, Wellsville, NY; Fume incinerators(Thermal oxidizer)Cor-Pak Fume Incineration System(BEW design 1966) 6Jan12 9 10. Bechtel Corporation Piping Stress Analyst 1968, San Francisco, CABART Chevron El Segundo Piping systems engineer, Field Engineer, PointBeach Nuclear Plant, 1969 Two Rivers, WIPoint Beach I &II6Jan12 10 11. Westinghouse NSD Field Mechanical Engineer, Surry PowerStation, 1970, Surry, VA (Vepco - Dominion Power) Surry I & II Site Manager, North Anna Power Station, 1971 -1973, Mineral, VA North Anna I & II 6Jan12 11 12. Westinghouse PWRSD Project Engineer Project Manager, Vepco Projects1973-1976 (Monroeville, PA) Project Manager Spanish, Benelux & SwedishProjects 1976 -1978 (Monroeville Brussels- Madrid) Vandellos II Ringhalls 6Jan12 12 13. Westinghouse Campus America Speaker, 1976 to 1982 (Part-time - 25%) 100s of events in 48 States o Debates o TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Schools, Service Orgs. Debated most notable nuclear opponents o Nader, Lovins, Resnikof, Sternglass, Bridenbaugh, et al! NUCLEAR POWER: Campaigning for an Embattled Cause Monday, Mar. 21, 1977 Young, casual and appealing, a group of three men and a woman swept through half a dozen college campuses in Wisconsin last week, taking to the rostrums to advance a seriously embattled cause: nuclear power. The soft-sell evangelists, who go under the name of Campus America, are engineers and scientists employed by Westinghouse Electric Corp., a major builder of atomic plants. All volunteers, they receive only traveling expenses for their proselytizing efforts around the country. Yet in the year or so that the show has been on the road. Campus America has become an increasingly important weapon in the still spreading battle between pro- and anti-nuclear forces.6Jan12 13 14. WestinghousePWRSD Manager, Cost Estimating and Cost Control, 1976 1979, Monroeville, PAProject earned value planningNSSS Proposals & reporting system Acting Division Controller 1979, Monroeville, PA 6Jan12 14 15. Westinghouse WRD Manager, Water Reactors Division Facility & ServiceResources 1979 -1982, Monroeville, PA Acting Manager Strategic Resources1980, Monroeville, PA Founder, Institute for Nuclear Operations (post TMI) 6Jan12 15 16. WestinghouseInternational Director, InternationalStrategic Planning, 1982 1984 Pittsburgh, PA Director, Business Global Econometric Model China MeterDevelopment Europe,Africa & the Middle East1984- 1987, BrusselsBelgium Managing Director, Molded Case CBSaudi AF AWACSUmwelt Technique Berlin,1987, Berlin, WestGermany, HazardousWaste RemediationPlasma Torch 6Jan12 16 17. Defense SystemsInternational Director Business Development, 1987-1988 Santa Clara, CA/ Minneapolis, MN MK 13 AAVP7 MK 45 VLSBradley IFV- Saudi Arabia VFM-5AIFV-Turkey 6Jan12 17 18. Pakistan Project Director, PakistanProject 1988 -1991, Islamabad, Pakistan/ Santa Clara, CAUnit #1 Roll-outM-113 A2/3 APC 23Mar90Pakistan Day Parade 23Mar90 6Jan12 18 19. Harvester Division Division Manager, 1990 -1992, Chicago, ILFMC Pea Combineo Madera, CAo Hoopeston, ILo Quimper, Franceo Fakenham, EnglandFMC Tomato HarvesterPickle Harvester PatentFMC Tree Shaker6Jan12 19 20. AGROMACInternational. Inc. Founder/ President/ Chairman, 1992 1997, Scottsbluff, NELockwood Goosens Potato HarvesterBourgoin Bean Lockwood PotatoHarvesterHarvester6Jan12 20 21. Lockwood Corporation President/ CEO /Chairman, 1992 1998, Gering, NE Lockwood Center PivotPatented AireCupPotato Planter Perfection-Cobey TruckBodies6Jan12 21 22. Deere & Company Director, BusinessDevelopment, 1998 2001, Moline, IL CBE 6Jan12 22 23. John Deere GVC/ Golf Technologies Director, Global VehicleCommunications o Deere TRAX vehicle tracking system o 1998 -2000, Bettendorf, IA President, John Deere GolfTechnologies, o SKYLINKS o 1999 to 2000, Alpharetta, GA6Jan12 23 24. John Deere Hattat Tractordesign, manufacturingplant design &construction, qualitysupplysystem, distribution, sales& service GeneralManager, 2000, erkezk JD 5100y, Turkey6Jan12 24 25. John Deere ePower Technologies Director John DeereePowerTechnologies, 2001-2004, Moline, IL &Charlotte, NC 6Jan12 25 26. ePower Synergies, Inc. Founder/ President/ CEO2004-2010, Cordova, IL6Jan12 26 27. HBMarine, LLC Managing Director2010, Cordova, IL 6Jan12 27 28. FirmGreen. Inc. Chief Operating Officero Newport Beach, CA, 2010-11 Develop projects withpatented & proprietarytechnology;o Using LFG & non-traditional gas to makegreen, compressed national gas (gCNG)o replace diesel & gasoline Provide turnkey fuelservice to fleetowner/operatorso Provide gCNGo Convert vehicles to use CNGo Provide refueling capabilities6Jan12 28 29. ePower Consulting Great Plains Institute, Minneapolis, MN o Development of a business plan for a new clean transportation 501c3 Sedona Technologies o Developed a new engineering business Western Illinois University o Development of an engineering intern program Renew Moline o Midwest Intellectual Property Institute Quad City Manufacturing Lab o Titanium, Mg, Al, research and business incubator6Jan12 29 30. PandoShip & Facile Logistics PandoShip, LLC,Malibu CA o A logistics services start-up Packaging, shipment, tracking Label printing Import/export o USPS Vendor Facile Logistics, LLCMalibu CA o A software based services start-up o Web enabled software tracking &decision based software solutions6Jan12 30 31. Sedona Technologies Business development IT , engineering andmanufacturing projects o Staffing o Projects o Established Sedona as ESA supplier to Deere Built off-shore BPO business with CareSoft Global o 6Jan12 31 32. PersonalThe Foundations and the Returns 33. Particulars Born in Olean, NY: 14Jun1947 Eagle Scout, Senior Patrol Leader, OA; 1960 Graduated Bolivar Central School; 1965o Lettered in 3 sports; football, wrestling & tracko Acted & directed 2 plays, year book editoro