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brownie cheese cookie layered recipe of awesome


For The Brownie Layer* -- dump some choco chip in here??1 stick Unsalted Butter, Melted1 cup Golden Caster Sugar1/4 cup light brown sugar3/4 cup Cocoa Powder >> change to chocolate chipsPinch Salt1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract2 Eggs1/2 cup Plain Flour15 min at 325F>> try 3 handfuls of choco and 1 cup of flour???For The Cheesecake Layer**2 packs cream Cheese, Room Temp (mix this with eggs first as to mix easier)little more than 1/2 cup Golden Caster Sugar2 Eggs, Room Temp1 tsp Vanilla Extract1 tbsp Plain FlourPinch SaltFor The Cookie Layer -- less sugar, please!1/4 cup Unsalted Butter, Room Tempsmall scoop of cream cheeselittle less than 1/4 cup Light Brown Sugarlittle less than 1/4 cup Golden Caster SugarPinch Salt1 tsp Vanilla Extract2 tbsp Milk1/2 cup Plain FlourChocolate Chipsdump this in fridge for like hal an hour before spreading on top of cheesecake and baking @ 320F for 40-50min* needs to be reworked; tastes bland/unbrownie-like** To make regular cheesecake, put that on top of 24 crushed oeros (put in a plastic bag and crush with handpin) mixed with 1/4 cup butter and packed firmly down


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