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  • Approved by AICTE, Accredited by NBA, New Delhi &

    Affiliated to JNTUA, Ananthapuramu

    Recongnized Research Centre under JNTUA, Ananthapuramu

    (An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institution)

    Post Box No. 14, Angallu,

    Madanapalle - 517325, Chittoor (Dist)., A.P

    Ph: 08571-280255, 280706, Fax : 08571-280433



    TI SM


    Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Why do the program?

    The Solar Power Systems program offers an opportunity to the students to forge a great pathway to future employment.

    It provides students with great first hand experience in the Solar Power Systems.

    It boosts up the confidence and shows clear pathway towards the career.

    It is the perfect platform to take part in the latest development in the field of Solar Power Systems.

    MITS provides the best guidance through the competent team members so that the students can get the maximum output

    and reach towards their goals smoothly.

    The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, MITS is the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh, offering a new PG

    program on from the academic year 2014-15.

    These days, the solar energy gained a lot of importance due to the growing energy needs and the demand to reduce

    environmental emissions by fossil energy sources.

    The energy sector globally provides significant research challenges in the continuous development of new materials, devices

    and energy systems.

    Fundamental research contributions are required for the development of cost-effective and sustainable energy systems.

    Several innovative research solutions are required to shape the sustainable energy systems and to provide substantial energy

    security of the future.

    Solar energy is one of the promising renewable energy sources that can meet growing energy demands without degrading or

    affecting environment.

    The Solar Energy, therefore, has a tremendous potential in terms of harvesting it with smart technologies. This needs the

    trained manpower at various levels that include experts in field engineering, designing, planning, management and financing.

    Solar Power Systems

    M.Tech-Solar Power Systems is an advanced post graduate program, specially designed with industrial and research oriented

    syllabus, with the consultation of the industries and senior professionals.

    This course will instil a broad-based understanding of the fundamental technical subjects and advanced areas associated with

    Solar Power Systems, so that the students would be ready for doctoral study or immediate employment in Industry with full of


    The subjects of M.Tech.-Solar Power Systems will be handled by excellent subject experts available in the institute.

    In view of the above, the curriculum of the M.Tech-Solar Power Systems is so designed to meet the industrial requirements

    and to train the students accordingly in solar power systems related issues.

    This program is also planned to develop future human resources to meet the challenges of Solar Power Systems, with a sharp

    focus on the solar PV technologies.

    This program will provide a background of analytical and laboratory techniques as well as courses with more emphasis to solar

    energy harvesting materials, devices and systems.

    Several electives are provided in the curriculum to enable the students to specialize in the areas of their interest and relevant

    to their background.