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2013-2014 School year


  • Broncos ntamedZACHARY HIGH SCHOOL FALL 2013 ISSUE 1

  • 2 Broncos Untamed Fall 2013


    16 Hooray for Mrs. Henry 18 A is for Awesome Winning Awesome poem

    19 One Nation Under God See You at the Pole


    4 Making Waves The swim team in action 6 Stampede Bronco Football

    9 Tamed As a Team 10 Queens of the Court Girls volleyball

    12 No Fear, Ill Cheer Bronco Cheerleaders

    14 It Starts With the Mind Cross Country


    26 Asking a Story Foreign languages TPRS 27 TESTING ACT / SAT dates


    21 Fresh Faces New faculty and staff members

    22 The American Dream Meet the foreign exchange students

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    Editor In Chief Ellen Johnston Copy EditorKelsey Olson

    Photo EditorKaty Fernbaugh

    Staff WritersKaty FernbaughEmily JohnsonJacob McCall

    Contributing WriterTim Carr

    Faculty AdviserJennifer Moak

    FROM THE EDITORDear Zachary High,

    The new magazine is a drastic change from the old newspaper. Hoofprints

    has allowed the staff to learn from past mistakes to help the first edition

    of Broncos Untamed be the best it can be. Since Mr. Murray retired last year,

    Mrs. Moak has taken his place as adviser for the magazine staff. Along with

    myself, the staff consists of Katy Fernbaugh, Emily Johnson, Kelsey Olsen

    and Jacob McCall. Because the staff only includes five students, the maga-

    zine has been difficult to prepare. However, we have made it through the

    rigorous process of learning new techniques, crafting new articles, taking

    beautiful photography and creating new layouts. It has been a long journey,

    but we have learned many new things along the way. We hope you will

    enjoy our magazine as we have.

    Until Next Time,

    Ellen Johnston



    STATEMENTBroncos Untamed is a magazine produced by and for the students of

    Zachary High School. The Broncos Untamed staff strives to explore issues,

    interests and events relevant to the community of Zachary High School

    in a manner that is professional and unbiased. Opinions presented in this

    magazine reflect only those of the magazine staff and not of Zachary

    High School or Zachary Community Schools.

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    Cage Charlet flying through the water

    The 2013 swim season proved to be very successful for the

    Zachary High Swim Team. Throughout

    the season, Zachary swimmers competed

    against teams like St. Josephs, Catholic

    Walking in the door

    after practice with

    papers to grade

    and dinner to cook, Mrs.

    McGhee is exhausted after a long day.

    For twenty-three years she has been

    teaching and for the last eight coach-

    ing the middle and high school swim

    teams. Not to mention, being the mother

    of two wonderful kids. As much as she

    does, Coach McGhee loves it all, but

    not quite equally. Coaching is fun but

    teaching is my passion. In spite of the

    love she has for her professions, she

    considers her greatest accomplishment

    to be raising two great kids and stay-

    ing married after thirty years. As busy

    as she is, Mrs. McGhee leaves nothing

    behind as a coach. She is well prepared


    because as a child, thats all there was to

    do. When she went to school, all of the

    sports teams we can join now were not

    available to her. In addition, everybody in

    my family swam and meets were fam-

    ily deals. Though challenges like lack of

    commitment and high school athletes

    not understanding the level of training

    it takes to be successful impede some of

    the work she tries to do, she loves every

    minute by the pool with her swimmers.

    They make me smile and she likes to

    see improvement in the athletes and

    their confidence grow as they get bet-

    ter. Believe it or not, she does have a

    life outside of swim, school, and family.

    A passion for LSU and Saints football

    dominates her free time, along with her

    secret love for cooking and being a Food

    Network junkie. The verse I can do all

    things through Christ who strengthens

    me. -Philippians 4:13 leads the way she

    lives her life, perhaps helping her cope

    with her extremely busy schedule.



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    I knew I wanted to continue and better myself

    An eighth grade boy enters the gate leading to a practice pool. Carrying

    just goggles, he jumps into the water

    not knowing what to expect next. Here

    he is at swim team tryouts; something

    that seemed like fun and games but has

    now become a major part of his life. Cage

    Charlet is one of the top swimmers on

    the Zachary High swim team. In the 2013

    season he qualified to swim in the state

    competition just a few meets in. This year

    he is one of the captains of the swim team

    due to his outstanding effort, leadership,

    and just all around encouragement of his

    fellow teammates. Swimming may seem

    like a pretty relaxed sport; however, its a

    very rigorous sport that requires insane

    amounts of dedication. He has swam year

    round for the past few years though he

    is currently taking a break from the year

    round program at LSU. As Cage views

    it, If you really want to be successful

    when it comes to swimming, you have to

    be dedicated to getting all of the time

    you can in the water a few days off

    from swimming can really kill you This

    dedication has been fulfilled as he has

    qualified for state not only in one, but

    two events, the 100 yard freestyle race

    and the 50 yard freestyle race.

    Though swimming takes up a

    lot of time, Cage fills his spare time with

    many other diverse activities. An avid

    outdoors man, Cage enjoys bow hunt-

    ing and fishing. Spending time with his

    friends as well as going to movies, doing

    stunts, and partying hard are also high

    on his list of hobbies. Foremost even to

    swim, he focuses on school and keeping

    his grades up. There are many times I

    have to spend long hours in the night

    to catch up on homework I couldnt

    do because of swimming. Though swim

    team is a lot of hard work and dedica-

    tion interfering with his everyday life, the

    effort is worth it because of how much

    fun it can be. Even though practices

    can be fun, meets by far beat everything

    else about swimming. Cage really enjoys

    the competitive aspect of meets; he

    enjoys competing with kids from all over

    Louisiana. His absolute favorite memory

    though, had nothing to do with meets.

    ...My fondest memory was very recent...

    Mrs. McGhee jumped into the pool for the

    first time in my entire high school career,

    he stated with a laugh.

    Although swim has been a criti-

    cal part of his high school career, Cage

    unfortunately does not plan to keep up

    with it in college. He aspires to be an

    architect and feels that the two would

    not mesh well. College swimming is

    a completely different level than high

    school...Swimmers spend as much as 4-5

    hours a day in the pool and more than

    likely spend time lifting weightswith

    me wanting to be an architect, the two

    schedules would certainly overlap he

    said. Though he has not always swam,

    ...once I had started I knew I wanted to

    continue and better myself. This convic-

    tion and his dedication has brought him

    to the level he is at today.

    Cage Charlet - 50 yard freestyle

    Jon Kneisler - 200 yard freestyle

    Leslie Triche - 100 yard backstroke

    Clay Franklin - 50 yard freestyle

    Ashley Marler - 200 yard individual med-


    Kelsey Olson - 100 yard butterfly

    Stephen Samuel - 100 yard butterfly

    Luke Troth - 50 yard freestyle

    David Varnado - 100 yard breaststroke

    Sydney Walls - 50 yard freestyle

    Grace Williams - 50 yard freestyle

    Breanna Berthelot - 100 yard butterfly

    Jack Dixon - 50 yard freestyle

    Bryce Giannobile - 50 yard freestyle

    Phillip Howell - 100 yard freestyle

    Garrett Rushing - 200 yard freestyle

    Odom Stagg - 50 yard freestyle

    Chris Williams - 200 yard freestyle

    Caleb Barton - 50 yard freestyle

    Xavier Bonnette - 100 yard breaststroke

    Skyller Castello - 50 yard freestyle

    Aly Clement - 100 yard backstroke

    Collin Dupy - 200 yard individual medley

    Ellen Manuel - 100 yard butterfly

    Schyler Meir - 200 yard individual medley

    Hannah Partin - 200 yard freestyle

    Abby Robertson - 50 yard freestyle

    Michael Sanford - 100 yard backstroke

    Ariel Swindle - 50 yard freestyle

    Ann Marie Tynes - 100 yard breaststroke

    Austin Wittig - 50 yard freestyle

    Alex Yoes - 50 yard freestyle

    High, and Lutcher. Ultimately, these

    swimmers goals were to improve their

    individual times for swimming races and

    hopefully to be able to swim in the state

    swim meet. For the first time since 2009,

    the Zachary High swim team had two

    individuals qualify for the state meet:

    Cage Charlet and Clay Franklin. Because

    there was