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    Roberto tries to do his mother a favor. Since Rebecca is back and Melissa is married to Felix, he is forced to work out his relationship with Rebecca.

    Now that Ofelia shows her true character, Melissa is faced with another problem.

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  • 00:00:32 00:00:34 Roberto Why did you follow me here?

    00:00:39 00:00:50Rebecca You left me like a fool waiting for you in America. You

    promised me that we would fix our problem. Then I just found out that youre here in the Philippines.

    00:00:53 00:00:55 Roberto I want to be alone!00:00:57 00:00:59 Rebecca To be alone?

    00:01:02 00:01:12Rebecca What about me? Am I not important to you anymore?

    Roberto, Im your wife!

    00:01:14 00:01:21Ofelia Dont belittle yourself, Felix! Melissa was the lucky one

    because you chose her.

    00:01:22 00:01:32Felix Amorcita, if you did something in the past which might

    ruin your relationship with your husband, would you tell him about it?

    00:01:34 00:01:48Ofelia Honesty is important to married people. If you love her,

    then tell her. And if your wife loves you, shell forgive you because youre her husband.

    00:01:50 00:01:52 Felix What if that mistake is unforgivable?

    00:01:52 00:02:14

    Ofelia Is it true that you cannot forgive someone? But forgiveness is a choice. Whats important is that you didnt cheat and you didnt lie to her. You honor them with your honesty even if it hurts! Hold on, Felix. What is this mistake?

    00:02:17 00:02:26Felix Amorcita, you didnt raise me to be a liar. And I dont

    want to keep on fooling myself - and the person I love the most - forever.

    00:02:51 00:02:57 Felix VO My Lord! Give me the strength to tell Melissa the truth.

    00:03:09 00:03:14 Melissa What happened to you, Felix? You look very scared.

    00:03:20 00:03:34 Felix Melissa, I love you so much. But I dont want to lose you. There were things I did in the past that I regret.

    00:03:36 00:04:34 Melissa Felix, whatever it is, it is done. Lets not discuss the past because we shouldnt worry about it anymore. I want to focus on whats more important now. Its not easy to forget, but Ill try to move on this time. So, Im hoping youll help me again because Ill help myself again. When I found out that the person who raped me was dead, I was relieved. Because of him, I didnt become a good wife to you. Felix, I promise you. From now on, Ill show you how much I love you.

    00:04:35 00:04:44 Felix Melissa You havent known me that much. I dont deserve someone like you.

    00:04:45 00:04:55 Melissa What are you saying? Why are you saying that? Dont you love me anymore?

    00:04:55 00:05:09 Felix Melissa I love you so much, Melissa. But its been hard for me. You dont know what Im going through.

    00:05:11 00:05:16 Melissa What is it, Felix? Was it because I neglected you?

    00:05:19 00:05:35 Melissa Felix, dont leave me! I promise I wont hurt you anymore. I cant live without you! Felix!

    00:05:50 00:06:09 Amor Melissa, you dont know what Felix is going through right now. Maybe its been hard for him since youve been together. But it doesnt mean that he can live without you in his life.

    00:06:11 00:06:32 Melissa Mom, hes been patient for five years. Maybe he cant

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  • 00:10:08 00:10:20 Kenneth Looks like youve been traumatized as well, not just Melissa. You know what? Its time for you to move on.

    00:10:22 00:10:52 Kenneth VO Help each other so you can live like a happy couple. I think its a blessing in disguise that the person she believed to be her rapist died. Its like fate did it so Melissa wont find the truth. Because sometimes, you have to think of yourselves, too. No matter what happened, whatever mistakes youve made, you guys still deserve to be happy with each other. Right?

    00:11:08 00:11:11 Felix Im sorry if I went out.

    00:11:21 00:11:30 Melissa Its already a big deal that youre right in front of me. Thank you for not leaving me.

    00:11:32 00:11:34 Felix Melissa, you know I wont do that to you.

    00:11:47 00:11:52 Felix Melissa. Melissa, its enough. Its enough.

    00:11:53 00:11:55 Melissa Why dont you like it?

    00:11:55 00:11:56 Felix Melissa.

    00:11:58 00:12:00 Melissa Let me make it up to you, Felix.

    00:12:01 00:12:16 Felix Melissa, I dont want to oblige you because you need to make it up to me. You dont have any shortcomings, Melissa. I dont want to ask you something youre not ready to give me yet.

    00:12:25 00:12:46 Melissa Im still having a hard time getting close to you, Felix. But Im not obliging myself. Im doing this because this is all I can do for everything youve done for me.

    00:12:52 00:12:56 Melissa Let me show you how much I love you.

    00:13:14 00:13:16 Roberto Why are you still here?

    00:13:17 00:13:26 Rebecca This house is not a beer house, Roberto! My God! Did you come here just to get drunk?

    00:13:26 00:13:33 Roberto Are you here to lecture me? Why didnt you do it over the phone? You could have saved your ticket fare!

    00:13:33 00:13:37 Rebecca Roberto, dont talk to me like that. Im here to save our marriage.

    00:13:39 00:13:44 Roberto Stop it! You know theres nothing to save because its not worth it!

    00:13:45 00:13:53 Rebecca Im doing everything for us to reconcile! And you? Are you even trying?

    00:13:54 00:14:11 Roberto Thats why I went away! I want to be alone! So that I can prepare and gain energy to bear you! And our useless relationship! Since you want to trap me in this marriage, I might as well be prepared!

    00:14:19 00:14:36 Rebecca Fine Im sorry. Can we stop fighting? I just arrived and were already fighting again. Cant we have a day without a fight?

    00:14:50 00:14:52 Rebecca Is that possible?

    00:15:10 00:15:13 Rebecca Dont you really like me?

    00:15:19 00:15:21 Rebecca Roberto, what are you doing?

    00:15:21 00:15:23 Roberto

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  • 00:17:30 00:17:32 Eva Yes! Its done!

    00:17:32 00:17:35 Melissa Wow! My daughter is so great!

    00:17:39 00:17:41 Melissa There, do it, too

    00:17:39 00:17:43 Ofelia Melissa, can I talk to you?

    00:17:46 00:17:48 Melissa Yes, Amorcita.

    00:17:53 00:17:54 Ofelia Felix.

    00:17:57 00:18:24 Ofelia Ive heard you talking with the policemen last night. And Felix admitted what happened. Im very sorry, but I want you to know that whatever happened in the past is of no issue to me. Melissa, Im accepting you now.

    00:18:28 00:18:30 Melissa Thank you, Amorcita.

    00:18:31 00:18:36 Felix Amorcita, thank you very much for accepting Melissa.

    00:18:37 00:18:41 Ofelia Of course! You love her, right? And shes family now.

    00:18:43 00:18:49 Ofelia And, Eva, was she the result?

    00:18:51 00:19:08 Melissa She doesnt know what happened. She doesnt know that shes the result of me being raped. She doesnt need to know because she treats Felix like her real father.

    00:19:13 00:19:15 Ofelia Well. Well

    00:19:16 00:19:20 Regina What? Melissa is a rape victim?

    00:19:21 00:19:39 Ofelia Oh, Regina! If I only have a heart problem, Im sure Ill have a heart attack! I just cant believe it! Of all the women, he had to choose Melissa! Someone who was used by a scary man.

    00:19:42 00:19:45 Regina Where did he meet Melissa? Do you know it?

    00:19:46 00:20:06 Ofelia In some God-forsaken country! I really dont know and I dont care! I really didnt want to know! What could he have seen in that woman? Im sure she was flirty thats why she was raped! Didnt Felix think that he might get infected from her? Its like he picked up a lollipop in the mud and swallowed it.

    00:20:07 00:20:17 Regina Youre so mean, Ofelia! Maybe youve forgotten that Felixs mother is also a rape victim?

    00:20:18 00:20:24 Ofelia Felixs mother was raped because of her flirty attitude. She deserved it.

    00:20:26 00:20:39 Regina I hope her soul goes to heaven. Dont you think that Felix liked Melissa because of pity, because his mother is a rape victim?

    00:20:39 00:20:43 Ofelia Regina! I dont care if Felix easily feels pity for worthless people!

    00:20:45 00:20:53 Ofelia Even if Felix loves that woman, I will never accept a dirty woman like Melissa into our family. Never!

    00:20:54 00:20:56 Regina Thats too much!

    00:21:19 00:21:22 Eva Wow! This is delicious!

    00:21:31 00:21:34 Eva Hello, Amorcita! Would you like some?

  • BODY 4

  • 00:24:49 00:25:04 Ofelia Who was talking to Eva earlier? The childs crying because one of you told her that shes a rapists daughter. Tell the truth now. Who did it?

    00:25:11 00:25:24 Ofelia You, Marie, I know you like to gossip and you dont have patience with children. Tell the truth now. If you dont, all of you will lose your jobs.

    00:25:29 00:25:36 Ofelia I clearly see on your face that youre guilty. I know youre the one who humiliated the child thats why she cried.

    00:25:37 00:25:40 Ofelia What? Tell the truth! Admit it!

    00:25:42 00:25:45 Marie Im the one who did it. Im sorry, maam. It will never happen again.

    00:25:45 00:25:50 Ofelia That surely wont happen again because Im sending you back to your province. Youre fired! Go away!

    00:25:54 00:25:58 Ofelia You see, Melissa? I will never do such a thing to a kid.

    00:26:01 00:26:03 Melissa Im sorry, Amorcita.

    00:26:04 00:26:07 Ofelia Thats okay. Ill go ahead.

    00:26:15 00:26:29 Felix All of you. You know what happened to Melissa. But shes my wife now and shes living here. If you cant respect her and Eva, you can leave now. Do you understand?

    00:26:30 00:26:31 Luisa Yes.

    00:26:33 00:26:36 Felix Alright. Go back to work.

    00:26:41 00:26:50 Melissa Felix, Im so sorry. I feel so