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1. By, A.S.RAMCAHNDAR, Email id: 2. Starter ration with 18-19% CP. Dont give pre-starter with >=21%CP. Starter ration: To attain BW of 140- 150g at 7days of age. Crude protein 3. Carried out at 4th week of age for controlling the BW in growing period. Repeat the grading at 8th week of age. Select only healthy males with out any skeletal defects Grading 4. Body weight & Uniformity Crooked and bent toes Spinal abnormalities Eye and beak abnormalities Breast fleshing should be frequently evaluated by hand with the goal of maintaining a V shaped breast for as long as possible. Breast muscling should cover the keel and be firm in consistency. During grading 5. After 15 weeks of age stimulate the males constantly with feed to maintain body weight and testes development. Any severe stress or drop in body weight or stagnation in growth during 15-25 weeks of age, will result in smaller and less uniform testes. Feeding 6. Weight differential between males & females at transfer. Frame size and maturity development between males &females at transfer. Sexual Synchronization with Females 7. Per cent Difference Table Properly synchronized flock will have high hen receptivity and a high mating efficiency. 8. Males should not have access to the female feed and vice versa. Males should never lose weight in production. A SLIGHT LOSS IN BODY WEIGHT WILL RESULT IN AN IMMEDIATE REDUCTION IN SPERM QUALITY. Sex separate feeding 9. Raising extra males from day-old can be used to supply spike males to 38-40 week old hen flocks. The source flock should be serologically tested 5 to 7 days before moving. Any positive or suspect results should put the move on hold. Spiking is usually not economical beyond 55 weeks of age. Spiking 10. A slight feed increase just after spiking (2-3g/bird/day) could be beneficial since spiking significantly increases males mating activity. After spiking 11. Intra-spiking simply means exchanging 25-30% of original males between houses from the same farm, without importing any young males, to create a similar stimulus to mating activity as the one created by spiking. Intra-spiking 12. Thank you


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