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        Emerging  Markets  Smart  Infrastructure:     Smart  Water  



    September  2013  |  www.northeast-­‐    


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    Emerging  Markets  Smart  Infrastructure:  Smart  Water    

    Water  scarcity  is  a  growing  problem  across  the  globe,  

    compounded   by   climate   change   and   population  

    growth.   All   signs   indicate   that   this   scarcity   will   only  

    continue   to   grow   more   severe.   Even   as   countries  

    scramble   to   build   water   treatment   and   desalination  

    plants   and   impose   consumption   restrictions,  

    emerging  market   nations   are   still   on   average   losing  

    38%   of   their   water   due   to   leaks   from   crumbling  

    infrastructure  and  theft.  A  failure  to  accurately  meter  

    and   bill   water   on   a   timely   basis   is   another  

    contributing  factor.  This  lost  water  creates  additional  

    needs   for   costly   treatment   plants,   increases   the  

    demand  for  energy   from  pumping  stations,  and  puts  

    added  stress  on  already  strained  communities  and  environments.  Meanwhile,   lost   revenue  from  this  water  only  

    increases   the  need   for   government   subsidies,  which   already   are   necessary   to   cover   a   significant   portion  of   the  

    costs  of  water  in  many  countries.    

    Smart  water  infrastructure  will  improve  water  sector  efficiency  by  reducing  leakage,  waste,  and  theft.  This  smart  

    water   infrastructure   includes   smart  water  meters,   smart  water   networks,   smart   irrigation,   and  advanced  water  

    software  analytics  used  by  utilities  to  improve  their  operations.  These  smart  infrastructure  components  represent  

    cost-­‐effective  solutions  that  have  already  been  deployed   in  many  regions  across  the  globe  and  show  enormous  

    potential  for  growth  in  the  coming  decade.  However,  to-­‐date  smart  water  technologies  have  still  been  slow  to  be  

    adopted,   even   in   developed   countries.   The   hurdles   for   smart  water   in   emerging  market   countries   are   in  many  

    cases  greater,  but  so  are  the  opportunities.  

    This   study   covers   the   smart   water   infrastructure   markets   in   72   emerging   market   countries   across   Central   &  

    Eastern  Europe,  China,  Eurasia,   India,  Latin  America,   the  Middle  East  &  North  Africa,  Southeast  Asia,  and  Sub-­‐

    Saharan  Africa.  A  key  component  of  this  study’s  methodology  is  the  calculation  of  the  savings  potential   in  each  

    country  from  smart  water   infrastructure  based  on  the  “full  cost  of  water.”  The  full  cost  of  water   is  a  metric  that  

    takes  into  account  water  scarcity,  water-­‐related  

    energy   and   labor   costs,   as  well   as   implicit   and  

    explicit   subsidies   not   captured   by   existing  

    tariffs.   This   study   uses   these   savings   potential  

    numbers  as  well  as  assessments  of  the  political,  

    economic,   and   technical   capacity   of   water  

    utilities   in   each   country   to   forecast   the   smart  

    water  markets  in  each  country  to  2023.    

    Financing   remains   the   key   hurdle   to   smart  

    water   development   in   emerging   market  

    countries.   Even   with   strong   business   cases,  

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  • ©  2013  Northeast  Group,  LLC    

    many   of   these   countries   are   too   poor   to   make   such  

    long-­‐term   investments   without   outside   assistance.  

    The  ones  that  are  capable  are  often  reluctant  to  do  so  

    due   to   a   lack   of   awareness   and   a   tendency   towards  

    inaction.   But   with   infrastructure   aging   and   scarcity  

    growing  more   severe,   inaction   is   no   longer   an  option  

    and  the  case  for  smart  water  is  simply  too  compelling  

    to   ignore.   All   emerging   market   countries   covered   in  

    this   study   will   begin   to   explore   smart   water  

    infrastructure   in   this   decade,   creating   a   total  market  

    potential   of   $46.5   billion   in   cumulative   capital  

    expenditure  by  2023.    

    Emerging   Markets   Smart   Infrastructure:   Smart   Water  

    includes  a  global  overview  section  with  over  60  tables  

    and   charts.   The   study   highlights   35   leading   smart  

    water   projects   across   all   emerging   market   regions.  

    This  study  also  includes  market  forecasts  for  the  smart  

    water   metering,   smart   water   networks,   smart  

    irrigation,   and   water   software   analytics   sectors   for  

    each   of   the   72   emerging   market   countries.   In   the  

    study,  after  the  global  overview  section,  each  country  

    is   profiled   in   a   dashboard   format   that   covers   the   key  

    water  metrics  and  forecast  in  the  country.    

    Key  questions  answered  in  this  study:  

    • How   large   will   the   smart   water  market   in   emerging  markets   become  over  the  next  decade?  

    • Which   countries   stand   to   achieve   the   most   benefits   through   smart  water  deployments?  

    • In   which   countries   are   current   water   tariffs   failing   to   achieve   cost  recovery?  

    • Where   are   the   major   smart   water   projects   and   who   are   the   major  vendors?  

    • Which  countries  will  focus  on  AMI,  AMR,  smart  water  networks,   and  software  analytics  to  reduce  leakage?  

    • What  is  the  role  of  smart  irrigation  in  emerging  markets?    









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