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Presentation by CTAM at Mid-Atlantic Marketing Research Association event on Future TV, May 2010, Washington DC


  • 1. Broadcast Television:
    Trends and Implications
    Rick Ducey
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Market Research Association
    Mid-Atlantic Chapter
    May 25, 2010
  • 2. Topics
    What is broadcast television?
    Happy birthday, TV.
    Broadcast TV meets the Internet which meets the smartphone.
    Where does broadcast TV fit in the media mix?
    Five questions.
  • 3. Happy birthday, terrestrial digital TV.
  • 4. What is broadcast television?
  • 5. Its a content distribution and user engagement platform.
  • 6. TV is compelling to the user.
  • 7. Digital TV is flexible.
  • 8. TV Meets the InternetCase study: Sezmi
  • 9. TV Meets the InternetCase Study: Google TV
  • 10. Case Study:Mobile DTV is born (again)
  • 11. MDTV does DC
  • 12. It takes a village MDTV ecosystem . . .
    Supply Chain
    Sprint, SES WORLD SKIES, Harris Broadcast, Rohde & Schwarz, Thomson Grass Valley, Envivio, Nagravision, iSet, DTVInteractive, Expway, Roundbox, Hauppauge Computer Works, Harris Interactive, Rentrak, BIA/Kelsey, Tribune Media Services, RRD, TVB, Ad Council, Fox Cable, NBCU Cable
    Washington, DC Stations
    WRC (NBC Universal)
    WTTG (Fox)
    WDCA (Fox)
    WPXW (ION Media Networks)
    WFDC (Univision)
    WHUT (PBS/Howard University)
    WUSA (Gannett Broadcasting)
    WNVC (MHz Networks)
    WNUV (Sinclair Broadcasting)
  • 13. Services
    On the go
    Live/Linear TV
    Non-linear TV
    Time Shifted/DVR
    Interactive TV
    Emergency Alert
    Subscriber Interactivity
    Revenue Models
    Channel change interstitial
    Pop-up ads
    Targeted ads
    Viewer data
  • 14. Smartphones reach 50% by 2011
  • 15. Where does TV fit in the media mix?
  • 16. Media Consumption is Fragmented
    Daily Reach and Duration for Various Media
    Among 350 Adults in the Middletown Media Studies II
    Daily Reach:
    Incidence of Use Among 350 Adults
  • 17. 3 Core Drivers of Change
  • 18. Users integrate the TV experience as an app across screens.
  • 19. Americans Using More News Sources
    92% of Americans use more than one platform; 46% use 4-6 platforms.
    Source: Pew Internet, 2010
  • 20. 150 Million Active U.S. Social Networkers
  • 21. Site Visits: Facebook Dethrones Google
  • 22. Both Drive Traffic to Broadcast Sites
  • 23. Follow the TV app across platforms.
    Buy/sell platforms
    Brand managers
  • 24. Five questions we were to answer.
    What innovation or emerging technology will have the greatest impact on the television industry in the next few years?
    Answer: Internet Protocol
    What is the biggest challenge facing television as a medium?
    Answer: Extending their business model cross-platform.
    What are some of the new or innovative ways in which broadcasters and content producers are tracking audiences and audience behaviors?
    Answer: Data on servers assume key role along with sample surveys.
    How will television-based marketing evolve with the medium, and what are the implications for the current advertising-based revenue model?
    Answer: Multiple screens, multiple roles in the media mix requires new media mix models.
    What do you think is the most significant moment in the history of TV (can be content or technological) OR What is your favorite TV moment of all time?
  • 25. Bobby Orrs winning goal in Stanley Cup final, 40 seconds into O/T on Mothers Day 1970.
  • 26. Thank you.


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