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Broadcast Television Archiving. Rod Hewitt Current System. Analog input-based Encodes to MPEG-2 Program Stream files Initially DLT tape based Now uses removable 3.5 inch drives Operational since 2000. Current System. Records up to twenty channels on five PCs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Broadcast Television ArchivingRod

  • Current SystemAnalog input-basedEncodes to MPEG-2 Program Stream filesInitially DLT tape basedNow uses removable 3.5 inch drivesOperational since 2000

  • Current SystemRecords up to twenty channels on five PCsContent from around the worldMore than half of these channels have EPGUS and Canadian channels have captionsOperates at a house in suburban MD

  • Current System IssuesAnalog basedRecodes video that comes in digitalCaption data is lost in recordings (kept as text)Expensive to expandA big chunk stops working in February 2009!

  • Digital FutureThe future of broadcasting is digital

    One big lesson learned:Needs to be geographically redundantand therefore inexpensively implementedand inexpensive to run long term

  • MPEG-2 Transport StreamThe worldwide standard for broadcast DTVA single analog channel is replaced with a digital multiplexThe multiplex can contain one or more programsEncoded with different codecsWith multiple audio and data streams

  • Digital ArchivingSplits programs from MPEG-2 transport streamsOne tuner required per multiplexMultiplex may contain a number of useful programs or just oneTransparent across the worlds DTV standardsWorks with terrestrial, satellite and cable

  • Digital ArchivingSplits files based on EPG or a timerEPG from in or outside the multiplexExtracts captions in North AmericaExtracts subtitles in some European countriesGenerates thumbnail pictures of videoAutomatically moves data onto empty drivesXML index to each event recorded

  • Hardware is cheap!For two channel terrestrial:PC - $400Monitor - $150Two off-air DVB-T or ATSC cards - $200UPS - $200Antenna - $50Around $1000 per system

  • Storage is cheap!1 TB SATA drives are now typically $179

    With MPEG-2 SD, thats 23 daysor 46 days with H.264 SDand 6 days MPEG-2 HD

    About $8 per channel per MPEG-2 SD dayTwo MPEG-2 SD per year for less than $7000

  • Digital Archiving ExamplesMultiplexes from around the world

  • European Satellite

  • UK Terrestrial

  • France Terrestrial

  • Finland Terrestrial

  • Germany Cable

  • Mali Cable

  • Dallas,TX Terrestrial

  • Columbus, NC Cable

  • Brazil Terrestrial

  • Broadcast Television ArchivingRod


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