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Weekly Bulletin of Rotary Club of Bharuch.


<ul><li><p>BroachureA Bulletin of Rotary Club of Bharuch</p><p>R.I. Dist. 3060 Club No. 15158Charter No. 5796-19/6/44</p><p>President : Rtn. Satyen Shah</p><p>Hon. Secretary : Rtn. Prashant Ruia</p><p>Editor : Rtn. Dr. Ashok Kapadia</p><p>Co-Editor : Ann. Sujata Rao</p><p>RI President : Rtn. Gary C. K. Huang</p><p>Dist. Governor : Rtn. Ashish Ajmera</p><p> { m,</p><p>+W G + S{ L lH ~qOi Hl N +{ +{q{ Ni +{ U.</p><p>+ +W U W{ ~io Xl +{ il+ U. { N +{ H{{o y+Ll o +{ l{ ~el N. + N e{ +H Wl H H,</p><p>+L q{ eG{ +~ WG lH W ~l { o~{ { L ul`` ''{ L n +~.</p><p>m +N +H W l H H,</p><p>``{{ {{ oo l +N ~He S U.~i + WNl{ So +Xi U.</p><p> o l o H{ + S L N U +W ~i l +N ~He{ S N U.''</p><p>``+H ~ &gt; N lH,Y l{ H U,</p><p>+l ~{{ l Y l l{ H U.''</p><p>FellowshipI will "Share Smiles" by "Lighting up Rotary".</p><p>President's Message Year Gone ByYear Gone By</p><p>Dear friends,</p><p>As the time clock clicks, the wheel of Rotary rotates, our</p><p>prestigious club gets ready to handover the baton of</p><p>leadership to our dear fellow Rtn. Satyen Shah, I take this</p><p>opportunity to express my love, respect, gratitude,</p><p>affection &amp; appreciation to each &amp; every member of Rotary</p><p>Club of Bharuch for making the year 2013-14, a year full of</p><p>fun, fellowship &amp; service. By the grace of almighty,</p><p>blessings of elders, best wishes of friends, we all could be</p><p>true Rotarians, fulfilling the motto of the year Engage</p><p>Rotary, Change Lives .</p><p>Working on three priorities of Rotary i.e. Strengthen the</p><p>Club, Community Service &amp; Public Relation; we could do</p><p>430 activities in this year, added 22 new members,</p><p>contributed $ 36000/- to Rotary Foundation and could</p><p>arrange for Rotary Endowment Fund of Rs. 15 Lacs by</p><p>Legendary non Rotarian social worker &amp; educationalist Ms.</p><p>Pushpaben Dalal for the focus area "Maternal and Child</p><p>health"; reflecting the trust &amp; faith of the society on Rotary.</p><p>I sincerely pray to god that our mission of friendship and</p><p>service would continue for time immemorable and we</p><p>would continue to play our part to make mother earth a</p><p>better place to live!!!!</p><p>THE FOUR - WAY TEST</p><p>Is it the truth ?first... second...</p><p>Is it fair to all concerned ?third... fourth...</p><p>Will it build good will</p><p>and better friendship Wi</p><p>ll it be beneficial</p><p>to all concerned ?</p><p>JULY - 2014 Issue - 1/2014-15</p></li><li><p>Ashish Ajmera is a simple, straight forward, focused and friendlyRotarian, he possesses a very strong social and political familybackground. Ashish was born on 27th December 1969. He did hisearly schooling at Canossa Convent High School, Dhule, and Boy'sTown Public School, Nashik. He accomplished his education inCommerce from the prestigious Symbiosis College of Commerce,Pune. Ashish stepped into the Rotary family of Dhule as a member ofthe Rotaract Club of Dhulia in 1988-89. He went on to become thePresident of this club in 1996-97, and bagged 14 District Awards and3 Rotary International Awards for his club. His commitment to serviceled him to be the District Rotaract Representative of RI District 3060 in1999-2000. During his tenure as DRR, he led a team of 39 membersto Rotasia at Dhaka, Bangladesh! Ashish chaired DETS (South AsiaDRR Elects Training Seminar) for South Asia Zone hosted by theDistrict at Vapi and co-chaired Rotasia 2004 (Rotaract South AsiaConference) hosted by our District at Daman.The journey of serviceand fellowship continued as he joined Rotary Club of Dhule Crossroadin June 2002. Immediately after induction, he shouldered variousresponsibilities at club and District Level too. At RI District 3060, heserved as co-chairman for Rotaract in 2002-03, Area Coordinator forPolio Plus in 2003-04, Chairman for Inter District Youth Exchange in2004-05, and Chairman for Rotaract in 2005-06. He becamePresident of his club in 2006-07. During his president ship, heconceived various Mega Projects the community of Dhuleand building a strong public image of his club both. His majorachievement was 100% growth in membership of his club. He wasawarded the Best President Award, apart from RI President's Citation,</p><p>benefting</p><p>Dist. Governor's Citation, Most active clubaward, Membership Development Awardand EREY Platinum Trophy for his club. Hisperformance as President rewarded him thepost of Assistant Governor in 2007-08. Heserved as Co-ordinator of GSE in 2008-09,Chairman for Water ManagementCommittee in 2009-10, Dist. Secretary in2010-11 and served as Chair to support theweak clubs in 2011-12. His simplicity, so berness, straight forwardnature and consistency in performance became an obvious choice tolead the Dist. as DGN (2014-15) unopposed. Ashish has also beenbestowed with deserving awards at Dist. level - he was awarded BestCommunity Project Chairman for Water Management Seminars in2009-10, Top 10 Rotarians Award twice and Best Rotarian Award in2009-10! Ashish is popular for his aura style in organizing andmanaging events. Till date, he has been instrumental and key inorganizing over 50 events in his Rotary-Rotaract Career. His family isa strong believer of the joint family concept. He is married to Dr. Ranu,Past President of the Inner Wheel Club of Dhule Crossroad, andserving Vice President of Rotary Club of Dhule Femina. The completefamily is Donor to TRF. Both Mummy n Babuji are Paul Harris Fellow,elder brother Atul &amp; sister-in-law Smita (Major Donor Level ll). Thecouple is blessed with 2 children - daughter Ashita is studying in 1styear Architecture and son Rohit studying in STD 11th Science. Dr.Ranu and Ashish are Major Donor Level II and their children are PaulHarris Fellows. His hobbies includes reading, listening music, playingchess and net. Ashish shall lead RI Dist. 3060 as Dist.Governor in RY 2014-15.</p><p>surfing</p><p>Dist. Governor - 3060Rtn. Ashish Ajmera</p><p>Installing Officer</p><p>Prashant Ruia, elder son of Mrs.</p><p>Manju &amp;Rtn. Past president</p><p>Jugalkishore Ruia has been</p><p>associated with Rotary club of</p><p>Bharuch since his childhood where he used to accompany his</p><p>parents on Wednesday evenings for Rotary Club of Bharuch</p><p>meetings and also to various conference and seminars organised</p><p>from time to time under various district governors of Dist. 306.</p><p>During his youth he joined Rotaract club of Bharuch where he</p><p>enjoyed various leadership positions viz club secretary, District</p><p>Secretary, and the club President. His stint with the youth wing of</p><p>Rotary, imbibed the values and quality of Service above self and</p><p>nurtured him to take up the membership of Rotary club of</p><p>Bharuch under the presidential term of PDG Rtn. Devan Thakore</p><p>Born on 6th October 1972, Prashant has done his studies in</p><p>commerce from Narmada College of Commerce and Science,</p><p>Bharuch falling under South Gujarat university and is in the</p><p>occupation of manufacturing speciality and fine chemicals.</p><p>An avid sportsman with keen interests in Badminton, Squash,</p><p>Snooker and adventure sports. He has been an accomplished</p><p>player of Badminton at National and State level in his student days</p><p>and is still very regular with the sport.</p><p>Married to his long loved soulmate Aarti for the past six years and</p><p>is recently blessed with a daughter Aarya.</p><p>Hon. SecretaryRtn. Prashant Ruia</p><p>Satyen Shah was born on 4 Jan, 1968, secondson of Lataben &amp; late Madhubhai Shah. He wasfortunate to be a part of a joint family in anenvironment of love &amp; support.</p><p>He is an alumni of BES Union School, andNarmada Collage Bharuch. He is a commerce graduate withvarious certificates in Computer Technology &amp; Programming. In1988-89 he joined his family business of Finance &amp; Hospitality.</p><p>Satyen is a second generation Rotarian, his father &amp; mother werepresidents of RC &amp; IWC Bharuch respectively in 1977-78 duringhis Rotary years as a child, he was nick named Gabbar Singh.</p><p>He was an International Youth Exchange student to Italy in 1988.His bonding with Rotary strengthened when he becamePresident Rotaract Club Bharuch in 1992-93, bagging 11 awardsin the Dist. Like Most vibrant club, Best Rotary-Rotractrelationship etc. During his tenure Rtr. Naresh Chauhan waselected as first DRR from Bharuch.</p><p>Satyen became Rotarian under able Presidentship of PDGDevang Thakore in 2000-01. Since he joined rotary he hasChaired &amp; co-chaired many projects like IYE orientationprogram, organised many events like New Year, Sharad Poonam&amp; Holi Celebrations. He has been treasurer for many Rotarypermanent projects &amp; Fund raising Events.</p><p>He was also District Sports Committee Indoor Co-Chairman in2010-11 under DG Devang Thakore.</p><p>Satyen has found a best friend in his better half Parinda Shah,very charming &amp; enthusiastic lady from Ahmedabad. The coupleare blessed with a dashing Son Het, pursuing his graduation inHotel Management from Welcomegroup Graduate School ofHotel Administration, Manipal and a very loving daughterHarshvi, A Special child studying in Kalrav.</p><p>th</p><p>PresidentRtn. Satyen Shah</p></li><li><p>Hon. MemberShri Rajendra V. Gandhi</p><p>Rajendra V. Gandhi (RVG) is Chairman &amp; ManagingDirector of GRP Limited (formerly known as GujaratReclaim &amp; Rubber Products Ltd.)A GraduateEngineer from Indian Institute of Technology (IITMumbai), he is the Chief Promoter of GRP Limited.Under his leadership GRP has today emerged as one of thelargest reclaim rubber companies in the world.RVG is serving asan independent Director on the Boards of several public listedcompanies. RVG has been recipient of the prestigious K.M. PhilipGold Medal in the year 2013 for his contribution to the growth ofthe Indian Rubber Industry. He has also been recipient of aprestigious international award from Compu World for hisinitiative in use of Technology for Economic, Environmental andSocial Sustainability. RVG has served on various governmentaland non-governmental Trade Bodies connected with the rubberindustry at the national and international level. RVG is activelyinvolved with several private and public trusts which are servingthe cause of education, women empowerment, training in ethicalvalues, strengthening of the governance, water resourcemanagement etc. in states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. He is theVice President of Bhavnagar Stree Kelavani Mandal, an institutionproviding education to girls of lower and middle income familiesin and around Bhavnagar.RVG is the Vice Chairman ofAnkleshwar Industrial Development Society (AIDS), Ankleshwar,Gujarat. He has been one of the founder trustees of this society,formed with the objective of providing quality education andhealth care to the family members of different levels ofmanagerial staff who had been recruited by industries coming upin this backward region of Gujarat then. Today AIDS manages aschool, a hospital, a sports complex in Ankleshwar, as a resultthousands of families are enjoying a better life style. RVG is apermanent Trustee of Mumbai Pradesh Arya Vidya Sabha(MPAVS), Ghatkopar, Mumbai, a 100 year old institute set up toprovide quality education in both vernacular Gujarati and Englishmedium to students belonging to the middle and lower incomefamilies in and around Ghatkopar, from KG to Senior college, ataffordable cost. Today over 7000 students including about 100children with special needs (cerebral Palsy) are part of thisinstitution RVG has been actively associated with Initiatives ofChange earlier known as MRA for past over 40 years.RVG is 64years, a proud father to two daughters, one son and fivegrandchildren.</p><p>Shri Har Govind, ED-Asset Manager, AnkleshwarAsset, Karaikal is an accomplished technocratehaving more than 33 years of experience. ShriHar Govind joined ONGC in 1981 as an Asst.Executive Engineer (Elect.) in Mehasana aftercompleting his B. Tech from IIT-Kanpur. Prior to joiningAnkleshwar Asset, Shri Har Govind was Asset Manager atCauvery Asset, Karaikal. He also served in Ahmedabad, Agartala.</p><p>During his tenure at Ahmedabad, he brought revolutinarychanges in SRP monitoring by way to "speaking wells", asinnovative system, an OOR venture for monitoring SRPs througha mobile controlled apparatus. He was conferred with CMD'sInnovation Award in 2005 and also the Golden Peacock in 2006for this revolutionary innovation.</p><p>Shri Har Govind has the unique distinction of working in allsections of Engineering i.e. Drilling and Surface and its allieddisciplines. He has visited many countries for training andconferences.</p><p>Hon. MemberShri Har Govind</p><p>Shri Bipin Ahir the DSP of Bharuch has beengiving his services to the district since August2013. After graduating with an Engineeringdegree in Computer Science he joined theIndian Police force in the year 2006 afterclearing his IPS exams. As soon as he completed his IPSProbationer's Basic Training course he was posted at Jambusarfirst on probation and later as ASP there from 2010-2012.Thereafter he was promoted as the SP of Kutch Bhuj from 2012-2013. In 2013 he got a Masters Degree in Police Management.</p><p>Chief GuestShri Bipin Ahir</p><p>Parinda Shah was born in Baroda in a highlyeducated business family, she graduated fromH.L College, Ahemdabad. She strongly believes</p><p>in service to mankind, she joined Rotract Club of Bharuch in1993 and thereafter Inner Wheel Club of Bharuch in 1999 andwas very much involved in all their social projects. At the Clublevel she has devoted her time to execute her duties as an I.S.O,Treasurer, Vice President sincerely and has been appreciated forthe same. She has donned the mantle of the President of InnerWheel Club of Bharuch,2014-15 to further pursue her services tothe society at large.</p><p>Her hobbies are dancing and acting. She has taken part in everRotary and Inner Wheel Cultural program and has organisedinnovative games. She is an excellent cook &amp; house-keeper, aloving wife and a wonderful mother.</p><p>She is married to Rtn. Satyen Shah, President of Rotary Club ofBharuch; 2014-15, a very successful and renowned businessman of Bharuch. The couple is blessed with two children. Theelder son, Het Shah, is currently pursuing his college education inHotel Management from Manipal University. Their youngerdaughter, Harshvi Shah, a specially blessed child is currentlystudying in Kalrav School, Bharuch.</p><p>Parinda strongly believes and lives by the motto of Inner Wheel,Friendship and Service. She has decided to dedicate her year inInner Wheel in spreading education in order to uplift the socialwell being of the downtrodden and also enhance the image ofInner Wheel in society.</p><p>PresidentIW Club of BharuchSmt. Paridna Shah</p></li><li><p>Laughter... The Best Medicine</p><p>THE CHALLENGE OF LEADERSHIP IS TO BE STRONG, BUT</p><p>NOT RUDE; BE KIND, BUT NOT WEAK; BE BOLD, BUT NOT</p><p>BULLY; BE THOUGHTFUL, BUT NOT LAZY; B HUMBLE, BUT NOT</p><p>TIMID; BE PROUD, BUT NOT ARROGANT; HAVE HUMOR,</p><p>BUT WITHOUT FOLLY.- JIM ROHN</p><p>Inspirational Introspection</p><p>ROTARY INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION</p><p>Global PolioUpdate</p><p>Pakistan : In the Bara sub-division of the Federally AdministeredTribal Areas (FATA), Pakistan, a successful door-to-door poliovaccination campaign took place for the first time in five yearsreaching more than 42,000 children. The campaign led by theFATA Secretariat and conducted by volunteers was made possibleby new financial support from the United Arab Emirates.</p><p>Wild Poliovirus Weekly Update as on June 25, 2014</p><p>Wild Polio Virus case reported in the past week World Wide for2014: 3 (1 each from Pakistan, Nigeria &amp; Equatorial Guinea )</p><p>No New Case of W...</p></li></ul>