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  • 1. British InvasionBeginning in 1964, British Bands made a BigImpact on the American Culture27 of the Top 100 were British BandsTwo Types: Clean Cut/Vocal HarmonyBands; Scruffy Bluesy Bands

2. British InvasionEnglish Musicians Heavily Influenced byTraditional JazzSkiffle American Folk Music (usuallyAfrican-American) Played on AcousticInstruments (Guitar, Banjo, Tea Chest Bass) 3. Wash Tub (Tea) Bass 4. BritishLonnie Donegan King of SkiffleRock Island Line (1956) a LeadbellySongDoes Your Chewing Gum . . . (1961)He Influenced English Boys to Form Bands,Including the Beatles 5. BritishTrad Jazz Briefly Hit American ChartsMidnight in Moscow (1962)Lonnie Donegan Played Bass in a Trad JazzBand, Entertained with Skiffle DuringIntermissions 6. BritishMost British Popular Music was PaleImitation of American PopHes Got the Whole World (1956)Halfway to Paradise Billy FuryWell I Ask You Eden KaneOnly 16 Craig DouglasLiving Doll Cliff Richard 7. British: BluesYounger Members of Trad Jazz Bands tookan Interest in Blues Cyril Davies All Stars and AlexisKorners Blues Incorporated Most of the Next Generation, Including theRolling Stones were Members. 8. The BeatlesJohn LennonPaul McCartneyGeorge HarrisonRingo Starr (Original Drummer: Peter Best)Stu Sutcliffe (original Bass) 9. British: BeatlesWhy Were They So Successful?The Right Moment in History?1. Kennedy2. Civil Rights3. original stars gone4. Viet Nam 10. BeatlesClever Marketing by Manager?1. Turned Down By Most Labels2. Exi Movement: Haircut & Leather3. German Identity4. American DJ5. American Merchandise 11. BeatlesWas it their Physical Appearance?1. Matching Collar-less Suits2. French Hair cuts 12. BeatlesWas It Their Charming Personalities?1. Witty Answers Did Charm AmericanJournalists2. American Rock Stars Seemed Dull 13. BeatlesWas It Their Musical & SongwritingTalent?1. They Reshaped American Music2. Avoided 12 Bar Blues and I-vi-IV-V-IPatterns3. Developed unique record production skills 14. BeatlesWas It Their Conceptual Abilities?1. Brought Fringe Ideas to the Forefront(Peace & Love, Anti-War Politics)2. Movies (Hard Days Night & Help)were Not typical Rock Movies 15. Beatle Phases1. 1957-62: Skiffle Through Record Contract2. 1963-65: Initial Success, Love Songs3. 1965-68: Experimental years (SongForms, Studio Techniques, Drugs)4. 1968-70: Final Years Through theBreakup 16. Early Beatles: Quarrymen 17. Early BeatlesJohn forms the QuarrymenMeets Paul in 1957Paul Introduces George 1957Go Through Several Names: Johnny andthe Moondogs Long John and the SilverBeetles 18. Early BeatlesAdd Stuart Sutcliffe 1959, Fellow ArtStudent1960 1st Manager Alan Williams booksthem in Hamburg, They Add Drummer PeteBest 19. Early Beatles 20. Early BeatlesIn Hamburg They Change Their Look:Black leather, then French Hair CutsLearn to PlayTaste of Honey Be Bop A Lula BesameMucho1st Pro Recording (Beat Brothers)w/TonySheridanMy Bonnie (Sheridan)& Aint SheSweet 21. Early Beatles 22. Beatles1961 Back in England At the Cavern ClubThey Begin to Attract Attention 23. Beatles 24. Early BeatlesNEMS Record Store Owner, Brian EpsteinSees Beatles and Asks to Manage ThemHe Dresses Them in Matching Costumes,Forces them to Tighten Up Their Act 25. Beatles 26. Early BeatlesTurned Down By All The Major Labels1962 Signed By Parlophone, George Martin1962 Love Me Do and Please, PleaseMe) Become Hits in England 27. Beatles 28. Beatles Phase Two: StarsBeatles are released on Three DifferentLabels, None Capitol None ChartCapitol Finally Releases I Want to HoldYour HandBeatlemania Hits America 29. BeatlesIst AlbumOn Vee-Jay 30. Beatles1st onCapitolLabel 31. BeatlesThree Appearances on the Ed SullivanShow, Carnegie Hall, & StadiumsApril 1964 #1-#5 on Charts, All DifferentLabels 32. Beatles1st Album Breaks the Mold, Many HitsRather than OneI Saw Her Standing ThereThis BoyIt Wont Be LongAll My Lovin 33. Beatles on Sullivan 34. Beatles at Atlanta 35. Beatles2nd Album American StandardsChuck BerryLittle RichardMotown 36. Beatles: Phase ThreeExperimentation, Studio/Drugs, Beginswith Rubber SoulLyrics Influenced by DylanSitar on Norwegian WoodFrench & Mandolin on MichelleFuzz Bass Think For YourselfBaroque Keyboard solo In My Life 37. Beatles: Phase ThreeExperiment cont. RevolverTax Protest Song, Distorted Guitar UsingIndian ScalesString Group on Eleanor RigbySitar & Table Love To YouBeautiful Harmony Here There . . . Backwards Sounds Tomorrow Never K .. 38. Beatles Phase ThreeStrawberry Fields: two studio recordingsput together. Paul is Dead Clue I BuriedPaulTurn Me On DeadmanStairway to Heaven 39. Beatles: Sgt Pepper 40. Beatles: Sgt. Pepper1967 Revolutionized the Record AlbumConcept Album, A Song Cycle, BeatlesRecorded as if they Were Some Other BandOne Song Segues into Another 41. Beatles Phase Four: Final yearsThe Breakup: Manager Dies 1967, CreativeDifferences, Yoko Ono, Lee Eastman/AlanKleinWhite Album Interpreted as a Goodbye andA Tribute to All the Styles of AmericanMusic 42. White AlbumBack In The USSR(Chuck Berry/Beach Boys)Happiness Is A Warm Gun (doo wop)Goodnight (popcrooner)Rocky Racoon (Dylan talking blues-style)Dont Pass Me By (old time country) 43. White AlbumHoney Pie (Music Hall)Helter Skelter, Mansons call to actionLittle Piggies, Manson liked this alsoRevolution Number Nine (tape collage)I Buried Paul, Deadman, backward masking 44. BeatlesLast Released Let It Be Mixed by PhilSpectorLast Recorded Abbey RoadLast Appearance Together May 1970 45. BeatlesSolo ProjectsJohn recorded avant-gardealbums withYokoAssassinated 1980Double FantasyGrammy Album ofthe Year 1981 46. BeatlesPaul records with Linda, several #1 recordsMy Love (1973) Band on the Run(1974) Silly Love Songs (1976) Ebony& Ivory (1982) with Michael Jackson 47. BeatlesGeorge My Sweet Lord (1970) copyrightinfringement with Hes So Fine UNICEFConcert For Bangladesh Member of theTraveling Wilburys (Bob Dylan, Tom Petty,Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison)Ringo had a few hits in early 1970s 48. Beatles ImitatorsMonkees - Put together by Don Kirshner.1st hit Last Train to Clarksville releasedbefore TV Show (1966-68). FeaturedBeatles-like music videos 49. British Invasion Pop GroupsGerry and the Pacemakers & HermansHermits, Peter and Gordon- Clean cut withnice vocal harmonies. 50. British Blues GroupsGroups developed out of the blues intometal & Progressive.Yardbirds featured three famous guitarists:Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, & Jimmy Page.Featured long improvisations (Rave Ups)Led Zeppelin formed to cover Yardbirdsgigs after breakup. 51. British Blues GroupsCream - Clapton joins with Ginger Baker &Jack Bruce to form power trioSunshine of Your Love (1968) earlymetal, uses slower tempos, more activedrumming 52. Mods & RockersTwo youth movementsRockers - Elvis (Teddy Boy) hair, blackleather, tough imageMods (Moderns) - Continental appearance,short hair, colorful clothing, rode motorscooters, female elfin-like (Twiggy)Carnaby Street Fashions 53. Rolling Stones 54. Rolling StonesSecond Generation Blues Band developed outof Alexis Korner1st Performance at Marquee Club forKorners BandPositioned Opposite From the Beatles - tough& scruftyNamed For Muddy Waters SongReverence for Chicago Blues 55. StonesAlbum Satanic Majesties Request ananswer to Sgt PeppersSympathy For The Devil causes problemswhen performedAltamont Raceway Concert 1969, HellsAngels as Police Force Kill MeredithHunter