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Our brief was to raise national awareness of the TSHIRT STORE brand , launching their flagship store in the UK in the process


  • 1. Bringing UK fame to TSHIRT STORE August 2013 December /tshirtstoreuk @tshirtstoreukTshirtstore

2. Who are TSHIRT STORE? - Street fashion retail chain with 18 stores throughout Sweden, Germany, China and UK - Network of designers from around the world creating unique clothing - A brand dedicated to doing good 100% GOTS and Fairtrade certified organic cotton - Underground, expressive, individual, creative 3. The Brief: - Raise national awareness of the brand - Launch the flagship store and support new store roll out - Promote product portfolio amongst online and offline fashion media and bloggers 4. And now lets take a closer look at how we are doing just that and more! 5. We built a target media list of national and regional newspapers, lifestyle supplements, fashion magazines and influential bloggers. 6. We adopted a tailored media relations approach focussing on where the greatest return will be secured. Cutting through the noise! 7. We take our media relations seriously.Making sure our key journalists get what they get what they want, when they want it! 8. We carried out a thorough media audit and organised desk visits with key journalists to introduce them to the brand. 9. We set up a full social ecosystem from scratch incorporating; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. 10. We designed a new website to really set the brand aside from its competitors and drive sales! 11. We gave the brand a voice and created a blog to enable us to provide deeper content to engage with our audience. 12. Our blog posts showcase our campaigns and profile the brands talented worldwide designers. 13. Our well planned activity matrix means we have a constant stream of news and product stories to drive product placement. 14. Twitter enables us to have real conversations with our customers and influencers. We listen and respondquickly and on brand. 15. We dont just promote products on our Facebook page but instead we offer content that resonates with our audience and entices them to engage. 16. Instagram provides the perfect photo-sharing platform for us to successfully showcase TSHIRT STOREs culture and inspire consumers with the latest trends. 17. With these social fundamentals and our press office in place we are able the elevate the brand awareness further via creative campaigns and stunts! 18. We marked Movember with a specially designed charity t-shirt, WHISKERS, to promote our Mo-Sistas Twitter competition! The top five women with the most inventive moustaches won a free tee. 19. We organised and hosted a media and blogger event to launch the opening of the new flagship store in Leeds. 30 journalists attended and we received 28 pieces of coverage across regional newspapers, lifestyle and broadcast. 20. We teamed up with the infamous Graffiti Kings and carried out a stunt in Trinity Leeds to create a buzz about the brand, positive word of mouth and ultimately drive traffic to the store! 21. The YouTube video we created has over 45,000 views. See why here 22. We ran multiple competitions on Twitter and Facebook to support our strategy to grow the fan base quickly. 23. To highlight the diversity of the brand we invited bloggers to take part in our style challenges 24. and to run unique competitions on their blogs to push the range of products available! 25. So far, our strategic planning, excellent media relations and the launch of the new flagship store has successfully put TSHIRT STORE on the map in terms of quality street fashion. 26. And has enabled us to generate some amazing pieces of coverage results from scratch. 27. Ultimately our PR and social media activity has resulted in increased sales and conversions to date. 28. 2014 is going to be a big year for TSHIRT STORE!