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    Oda Bultum University (OBU) is one of public higher learning institutions in Ethiopia, established in

    November, 2015 by decree No.322/2014 of the Council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic

    of Ethiopia. The University is located in Chiro town in West Hararghe zone of Oromia Regional State. It

    is located at 325 km southeast of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

    As a public higher learning institution, Oda Bultum University has set itself core responsibilities with a

    focus on producing ethical, competent qualified graduates, conducting problem solving researches, and

    giving demand driven community services. The University has now six Colleges, two institutes and one

    school; it has regular, extension, Special Bega undergraduate programs. At present there are 32 regular,

    5extension, 3 Special Bega undergraduate programs in the university. The University has more than 300

    academic and 500 administrative staff members.

    Oda Bultum University is undertaking researches and community service activities in various fields to

    make its own contribution to a sustainable economic, social and political development of the country. The

    University is planning and working on to initiate relevant postgraduate (M.Sc. /MA) programs.

    Mission of Oda Bultum University

    The mission of Oda Bultum University is to produce competent graduates, undertake problem

    solving researches, and provide demand-driven and transformative community services.

    Vision of Oda Bultum University

    Oda Bultum University strives to be the leading center of excellence in the country and East

    Africa in agro-industry and land resources by 2035.


     Pursuit of truth and freedom to express truth

     Reputability by accomplished mission

     Academic excellence and cooperative partnership

     Institutional freedom and Accountability

     Inclusive governance and rule of law

     Justice and equity

     Fighting corruption

     Delivery of swift and quality service

     Economic use of resource and effective property administration

     Giving thanks to grateful persons

     Democracy and cultural diversity

  • Mandates

    Like other higher institutions of Ethiopia , OBU is assigned to :

     Engage on teaching learning activities;

     Carry out need based and problem solving research ;

     Deliver need based and problem solving community services.

    1, Teaching learning activities

    Academic Units

    College of Agriculture

    College of Agro Industry

    College of natural resource and environmental science

    College of Business and Economics

    College of Natural and Computational Science

    College of Social Science and Humanity

    Institute of Technology

    Institute of land Administration

    School of Law

    Current students in Regular Programs

    College/institute 1 st


    2 nd


    3 rd

    year 4 th

    RDA SBDA Total

    College of Agriculture

    198 112 111 94 257 772

    College of Natural and Computational Science 151 92 91 - - 334

    College of natural resource and

    environmental science

    163 93 95 60 118 529

    College of Business and Economics

    199 121 123 - - 443

    College of Social Science and Humanity

    168 - - - - 168

    College of Agro Industry

    77 - - - - 77

  • Institute of Technology 194 57 96 - - 347

    Institute of land Adminstration

    81 32 - 40 - - 153

    School of Law

    37 - - - - - 37

    Total 1268 507 516 40 154 375 2860

    Student in extension program

    Center Department # program Student number

    Chiro Five Evening & Weekend 1004

    Badessa Three Weekend 179

    Hirna Two Weekend 336

    Metahara Two Weekend 50

    Total 1569

     2011 graduates: 710 regular + 268 extension = 978

    2, Research Activities In terms of researches undertaken the following efforts have been made so far:

  • Research capacity building activities:

  •  Farmers field day visiting integrated agribusiness

    Farmers field day visiting Mango Farm

  • Farmer’s field day visiting Nursery Site

    Farmers field day visiting apiculture farm

  • 3, Community Engagement Activities

    Community Engagements implemented in 2009 E.C

    1 Capacity Building on Land Information Systems to Experts in West Hararghe Zone

    2 Small Scale Poultry Production Technology Transferring to Women in Chiro Woreda

    3 Training on Enhancing Bio-intensive Production through “Fodder shed Technology System” to

    Farmers in West Hararghe

    4 Technology Village creation Through Renewable Energy to Farmers in Habro Woreda

    5 Planning, Financial Management and Related Issues to Micro and Small Scale Enterprises in West

    Hararghe Zone

    6 Promoting Skills of Science Teachers for Improving Educational Quality in West Hararghe Zone

    7 Improving Food Grain Postharvest Handling & Storage System to Tullo Woreda Farmers

    8 Small Scale Dairy Technology Transferring to Women in Chiro Woreda

    9 Capacity Building on LATEX Mathematics Application Software to Mathematics Teachers in West

    Hararghe Zone

    10 Training on Leadership and Management Skills and Integrated Budget and Expenditure System to

    Chiro TVET Staff

    11 Improving Households Agro forestry Practices Through Capacity Building and Improved fruit tree

    Distribution to Tullo Woreda Farmers

    12 Practical based Queen Rearing (Honey bee colony multiplication) Technology Transferring to Coffee

    Producer Beekeeper in 9 Zones of Oromia Regional Sate

  • Training delivered on LATEX Mathematic application software for

    Mathematic teachers in West Hararghe Zone

  • Training delivered on LATEX Mathematic application software for Mathematic

    teachers in West Hararghe Zone

  • Beekeeping Training Delivered by OBU at Arsi Robe area

  • Some of Community Engagements implemented in 2010 E.C

    1 Provision of Training on MATLAB/Octave software for West Hararghe Zone Techers

    2 Training on Laboratory Equipment Utilization and safty for Elementary and High school Teachers

    3 Kaizen Enterprunership, Enterprize developmentand Professional Ethics for Technical and Vocational

    Training Offices of West Hrarghe Zone

    4 Training on Auditing and and bookeeping to west Hararghe Experts at Hirna Town

    5 An Integrated Agro forestry Based Natural resource Conservation at Nole Watershed, Tullo District,

    West Hararghe

    6 Provision of Training on Forest inventory and GIS to West Hararge Zone Forest Enterprise Experts

    7 Improved shelf life of fruit and vegetable using evaporative cooling technology

    8 Hygine in Meat production For butcheries and Meat handlers Meat West harghe

    9 Capacitating Small and Micro Enterprise Contractors of West Hararghe zone Twords Contract

    Adminstration and Unit Cost Analysis of Construction Projects

    10 Training on Urban Claster and Land Conflict Resolution Mechanisms for West Hararghe Land

    adminstration Experts

    11 Capacity Building on Post harvest Loss Reductions of Perishable and Stored Crop, Pesticides use and

    Its Implications on The Environment at West Hararghe Zone

    12 Provision of training on awareness creation and Enterprenuerships to the increasing street girls in

    Chiro twon

    13 Provion of training on ICT based Data base managements to experts of west Hararghe zone

    14 Capacity building on Creativity, Inovation and Enterprenurshipsto West Hararghe zone TVET college


    15 Development and Implementation of Chiro town wast disposed area Greening for youth job creation

  • Provision of TOT on ICT based Data Management to all woreda Social

    security experts

    Improving the livelihoods of smallholder women farmers of Chiro Woreda

    through introduction of improved poultry production systems

  • While those 30 women receiving 300 poultry with 7 portable poultry

    house and three months poultry feed interviewed to reflect their feeling

    to in Chiro Woreda

    Poultry house technology implementation site selection and input distribution

    on community’s farm yard

  • Provision of practical based dairy processing trainings to small holder


  • Distribution of grafted mango and Avocado seedlings on farmers


  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the performance of the distributed

    multipurpose fruit tree see