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Breeds of Beef Cattle. Terms. Breed - group of animals related by decent from common ancestors, with similar characteristics Bull - a male Cow - a female Heifer - an unbred female Calf - an unmature (young) Steer - a castrated male. Breed Divisions. British/English - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Breeds of Beef Cattle

TermsBreed - group of animals related by decent from common ancestors, with similar characteristicsBull - a maleCow - a female Heifer - an unbred femaleCalf - an unmature (young)Steer - a castrated maleBreed DivisionsBritish/EnglishContinental/Exotic/EuropeanBos Indicus/American/ZebuBritishAKA: EnglishGeneral CharacteristicsGood Maternal AbilityEarly MaturingAdapt Well to Cold ClimatesAngusOrigin - ScotlandColor - BlackPolledModerate in SizeExcellent marblingEarly Maturing

HerefordOrigin - EnglandColor - Red with White markingsHornedThick Hair CoatGood Disposition

Polled HerefordOrigin - Iowa, Warren GammonColor - Same as HerefordPolledEarly Maturing

Red AngusOrigin - U.S.Color - RedPolledModerate sizeDeveloped from recessive Gene

ShorthornOrigin - EnglandColor - Red, White, Red and White, Roan

ShorthornOrigin - EnglandColor - Red, White, Red and White, RoanPolled or HornedGood dispositionExcellent Milk Production

Shorthorn Plus1/4 7/8 Shorthorn commercial rankscattle with black markings or coat color cannot exceed the 1/2 percentage designation

ContinentalAKA: European or ExoticGeneral CharacteristicsGrowthyFast GainingLater MaturingCharolaisOrigin - FranceColor - Cream White with pink skinHornedLarge sizeFast growing MuscularMarbling can be a Problem

ChianinaOrigin - ItalyColor - White or Black Hair with dark skinHornedLarge FrameLean Muscular CarcassNot Maternal BreedLargest Breed in World

LimousinOrigin - FranceColor - Wheat to Rust RedHornedEase of CalvingHigh Carcass Cutability

Lim-Flex Combination 25% - 75% Limousin and 25% - 75% Angus or Red AngusSires and Dams must be registered with either ALBS, AAA, or ARAAMaternalGood MarblingCarcass yield

Maine-AnjouOrigin - FranceColor - Red with White UnderlineLargest of French BreedsRapid GrowersDual Purpose Breed

Mainetainer 1/4 - 5/8 Maine-AnjouCan be crossed with any other breedAdopted in 2002Ability to add other breed traits to Maine-Anjou

SimmentalOrigin - SwitzerlandColor - Yellow to Redand whiteHornedHeavy Milk ProductionLarge FrameFast Growing

Bos IndicusAKA: AmericanGeneral CharacteristicsHeat TolerantDisease ResistantLoose SkinThrive in Harsh ConditionsBrahmanOrigin - IndiaColor - Gray, Red, Brown, Black, WhiteHornedDrooping EarsHump over ShouldersLoose SkinThrive in Hot, Humid Climates

BeefmasterOrigin - Lasater Ranch, Texas, 19081/2 Brahman, 1/4 Shorthorn, 1/4 HerefordColor - VariousHardy, Rapid GrowthHeavy Weaning WeightsGood on Range Conditions

BrangusOrigin - Oklahoma3/8 Brahman 5/8 AngusColor - BlackPolledModerate in SizeShow Brahman Influence

Red BrangusOrigin - TexasBrahman X AngusColor - RedPolledDrooping EarsMales have Crest

Santa GertrudisOrigin - Texas, King Ranch5/8 Shorthorn 3/8 BrahmanColor - RedTrace back to Single SireHardyGood Mothering Ability

Star 550% or more Santa Gertrudis Sire or Dam must be registered Records influenced cattle genetics and performanceMore marketable than purebreed

SimbrahOrigin - U.S.Simmental X BrahmanColor - Red and White, solidPolled or HornedDual PurposeRapid Growth

Review QuestionsName Two British BreedsAngus, Hereford, Polled Hereford, Red Angus, Shorthorn

Name Two General Characteristics of American BreedsHeat Tolerant, Disease Resistant, Loose Skin, Thrive in Harsh Conditions

What Breed is Largest in the World?Chianina

Review Questions ContinuedWhat Breed has a High Cutability Carcass?Limousin

Where did the Santa Gertrudis originate?King Ranch in Texas


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