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2. 01.ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT 02.PROFESSIONAL CONGRESS ORGANISER 03.EVENTS & DESTINATION MANAGEMENT 04. STRATEGY & COMMUNICATION 50SCIENTIFIC AND PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS 255INTERNATIONAL MEETINGS 760UNIQUE SOCIAL EVENTS77.256PARTICIPANTS37.200ABSTRACT PAGES 17.800INVITED SPEAKERS210.000SQ. M EXHIBITION SPACE520MEDIA ACTIVITIES 4.000ACCREDITED JOURNALISTS100SKILLED PROFESSIONALSMEMBER OF 3. 3INSIDE THIS ISSUE EDITORIALGETTING AROUND WITHA TASTE OF THINGS GREEK7THE UNDERGROUND M ETRO SYSTEM50 28BUSSINES NEWSYELLOW PAGES 8 THE MALL ATHENS52 30A CHRISTMAS STORY IN ATHENS APPENDIX12ATHENS IN 6 DAYS 32MAP OF PUBLIC TRANSPORTINTERVIEW:TO AND FROM THE ATHENSNANA MOUSCHOURI SIZZLING NIGHTS IN GAZIINTERNATIONAL AIRPORT16 38 58BYZANTINE AND CHRISTIAN MUSEUMELECTRA PALACE HOTEL ATHENS MAP OF ROAD ACCESS1840 TO AND FROM THE ATHENSINTERNATIONAL AIRPORTWINTER IN ATHENSTHE CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL6022 44 THE NATIONAL GARDEN WINTER CULTURAL HIGHLIGHTS24 48Editorial Director Athens Tourism Breathtaking mag. All rights reserved.Giorgos Salamasand EconomicNeither this publication nor any part of it Development may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval Company system, or transmitted in any form orDesign Directorby any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, The Breathtaking mag Charalambos AndreanidisPresident without the prior permission of the Ath- is a quarterly publicationAikaterini Katsabeens Tourism and Economic Development of the Athens TourismEditorial Team Company. and EconomicNikolas DervenoulasCEO Development Company Where opinion is expressed it is that ofSakis Dimitrakopoulosthe authors and does not necessarily Panagiotis ArkoumaneasStavros Dioskouridis coincide with the editorial views of the Contact:publisher of the Breathtaking mag. All 7 Xenofontos Street, Syntagma Director, Tourism information in this magazine is verifiedIllustration Development 105 57 Athens, Greece to the best of the authors and the pub-Lila KalogeriManolis Psarros lishers ability. However, the Breathtaking mag does not accept responsibility for T. +30 210 32 53 123any loss arising from reliance on it.PhotographyDirector, Athens F. +30 210 32 16 653 E. info@atedco.grGerasimos DomenikosConvention Bureau Dimitris Koilalous George N. AngelisAggeliki PanagiotouProductionPublic Relations DirectorTranslation Proofreading EKDOSEIS KORIFI S.A.Katerina PapadopoulouYorgos Avgoustis 253, Ethnikis Antistaseos,Laura Bodger Pallini, AtticaDanae Seemann T. 210 66 65 669 Michele Spurdle F. 210 66 65 810 4. 4 NANAMOUSCHOURI 16A CHRISTMAS STORYIN ATHENS12BYZANTINE MUSEUM 18 5. 5 THE NATIONALGARDEN 24 ATHENS IN 6 DAYSTHE 32CROWNE PLAZAHOTEL 44 6. 6 7. 7 EDITORIAL Panagiotis Arkoumaneas CEO / Athens Tourism and Economic Development Company DEAR READERs,Our efforts to promote Athens as an ideal city break destination throughout the year are continuing at a steady pace. In the past three months, we offi- cially presented the activities and goals of the Athens Tourism and Econom- ic Development Company, we strengthened our ties with international tourism organizations and we laid the foundations for a direct and consistent relation- ship with the private sector that operates in the tourism industry in Athens. This is a wonderful time for Athens as the urban regeneration that is taking place will enhance the modern image of the city and will contribute immense- ly to its economic growth. Over the next five years, Athens will become a showcase for major remodelling projects. Since our goal is to promote Athens as an ideal city break destination by in- triguing, informing and interacting with visitors, we have added some new sections in the magazine aiming to provide more useful information to the tourism professional. On the following pages, you will learn about the companys news and all the latest developments in our city. For more information, please visit our web- sites and Enjoy your reading, and we hope to see you in Athens soon. 8. 8 Bussines News AEgEAn EnTERsTRAm lInE nETwORk InTO CODEshARE AgREEmEnT TO ExTEnD TO PIRAEus wITh BRussEls AIRlInEsThe project to extend the tram line to the Aegean Airlines and Belgiums Brussels Air-Port of Pireaus has taken another step to- lines have signed a cooperation agreementward completion. A Joint Ministerial Deci- which allows both companies to schedulesion was signed recently by the competent flights with common codes as part of their ministries (Environment, Physical Planning networks, enabling the companies to offerand Public Works; Transport and Communi- their customers significant benefits.cations; Rural Development; and Culture) toallow for the immediate call for bids for the According to the announcement, this coop-project in January 2009. A contract is ex- erative agreement, which goes into effectpected to be signed in May 2009, with work in January 2009, will enable Aegean Airlines scheduled to begin in July and to reach com- to add Brussels to its steadily growing for- pletion by October 2010. At that time, the eign flight destination network. Aegean will extension will begin trial operations. make seats available on Brussels Airlines daily flight from Athens to Brussels. At the same time, Brussels Airlines will offer its pas- sengers flights through Athens to three oth- er destinations in Greece Thessaloniki, Her- aklion and Rhodes. 9. 9 news The Piraeus extension will result in:AnEk: PAssEngER lInEGolden Hall spans three levels, plus an un-Of ThE YEAR fOR 2008derground car park (with 1,400 parking spac- - a reduction in traffic by about 15,000 ve-es), totalling an area of 60,000 m2. Some hicles per day;The Cretan ANEK SA. shipping line was voted132 shops already open for business includePassenger Line of the Year for 2008 as partGap, Pull and Bear, DKNY, Lacoste, Tommy - the improvement of the city centre and of the 5th annual Greek Shipping Awards spon-Hilfiger, Mandarina Duck, Brics, Liu Jo, surrounding areas through renewalsored by Lloyds List. Vardas, Zara Home, TAG Heuer, Germanos, projects; the support of commercial usesMastic Spa, Mulberry, Porsche design, Tumi, of local and hyperlocal importance;The awards ceremony took place at a hotelLapin, Bang & Olufsen and Bally. Eateriesin central Athens and was attended by no-and cafes include Prytaneion Gold, Meat Me, - improved services for passengers travel- table figures from politics, business andFlocafe, Starbucks and Pastis. ling by sea; shipping to highlight the significance of thisparticular event for Greek shipping. The two first levels feature fashion, footwear, - a reduction in air and noise pollution, withaccessories, jewellery stores, housewares an accompanying improvement in the ur- ThE gOlDEn hAlland a hairdressers salon, as well as book- ban microclimate; shops and several coffee and snack bars. TheThe Golden Hall is a new shopping destina- third level accommodates five up-market res- - the reconstruction and improvement oftion for luxury and fashion, launched by Lam-taurants featuring Greek and international pavements; da Development, which officially opened itscuisine.doors to the public on 28 November. Lamda - the renewal of public areas, as well as thesaid that 75 million euros have been invest- PAsAl DEvElOPmEnT Korai, Alikakou and Deligianni squares, anded in the project. hOsTs AThEns hEART the area around Evagelistria Church.gRAnD OPEnIng AT PIREOs 180 On 4 DECEmBERThe Athens Heart consists of four levels of commercial and entertainment space, as well as dining areas, according to a news release. Specifically, there are 80 stores with Greek and international brand-name cloth- ing, electronics and housewares, as well as select cafes, restaurants and bars, in a 20,000 m2 area. The movable glass roof on the second level provides plenty of light and a magnificent view of the Acropolis and Lyca- bettus Hill. There are also three levels of underground parking with a 750-car capacity. This new shopping and entertainment cen- tre is a major investment for Pasal Develop- ment, as noted in the news release, as it creates jobs while serving as a focal point for the local area. Already, 95% of the prop- erties have been leased. Sotiris Theodoridis, CEO of Pasal Develop- ment, said he was pleased that the Athens Heart was completed according to plan and is now ready to serve the Athenian public, helping to upgrade the area and adding to its interest and vibrancy. 10. 10BRussEls, BERlIn, nEw AIRlInE AThEns AIRwAYs In- CITY Of AThEnsBARCElOnA, vIEnnA AuguRATED fRIDAY 17 OCTOBERPROPOsEs RElIEfAnD vEnICE ARE AEgEAns 2008 mEAsuREsnEw DEsTInATIOns fOR BusInEssEsAthens Airways, founded in 2008, is a newAegean Airlines continues its course of dy- private airline based in Eleftherios Venizelos Understanding the anguish business ownersnamic growth with the unwavering aim of Athens International Airport. Athens Air-faced due to the economic crisis and in lightserving the market demands and offering ways seeks to serve major destinations inof the Christmas season, Mayor Nikitas Kak-quality service to its customers. As the sum- Greece safely, quickly and reliably, with an lamanis stressed the need to prevent allmer 2009 schedule gets under way, the net-emphasis on high-quality service.forms of bureaucratic delays and complica-work will be enhanced with the addition of tions. To this end, he announced his intentioneven more European destinations from Ath- Athens Airways will provide its passengers to submit a proposal to the Athens City Coun-ens. Five popular destinations will be added: the opportunity to enjoy a new level of serv-cil during its meeting on Monday DecemberBrussels, Berlin, Barcelona, Vienna and Ven-ice before, during and after their flight as 15 2008 that would permit business ownersice. These additions follow on the heels of part of a complete travel experience. All pas- whose stores were damaged