Breaking the Status Quo Barrier (Messaging Matters webinar series)

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Statistics show that the most dangerous competitor you face is the status quo its your prospects deciding to do nothing. If you want to grow your business, youll need to challenge your customers to do something different. And you need to turn more opportunities from "no decision" into decisions that favor you. The best way to do this is to establish the buying vision in the first place.


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  • 2. Malcolm Gladwell Tipping Point
  • 3. Scientist for Tipping Point Morton M. Grodzins
  • 4. Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers
  • 5. Scientist for Deliberate Practice Dr. K. Anders Ericsson
  • 6. Create a Buying Vision
  • 7. Dont Call the Baby Ugly
  • 8. Make me Smarter
  • 9. Which would you choose?
  • 10. Which would you choose?
  • 11. Are you messaging for a decision?
  • 12. Havent got time for the pain
  • 13. The pains Im living withAre bigger than the pain of change.
  • 14. Find Your Contrast
  • 15. Missing Link?Processes SystemsBuying Cycle Marketing AutomationLead Management Content ManagementSales Framework Sales Automation Content Marketing & Selling Messages Coaching & Customer-facing Tools Conversation Skills Training
  • 16. Buying Vision Messaging Roadmap Customer Status Quo Define your target status quos Outcome Outcome Outcome at risk at risk at risk Identify executive outcomes at-risk Threats Threats Threats Reveal threats, problems and missed Problems Problems Problems opportunities for each outcome that need to Misses Misses Misses be solved to reach desired outcome New Needs New Needs New Needs Re-define the needs and point to a solution that aligns those needs to your unique or advantaged strengthsSolution Solution Solution Describe the business impact, includingNew End New End New End customer stories with contrast before and State State State after the solution
  • 17. Target Customer Status Quo Profile What are they doing today? Why do they consider it safe? Where are the gaps that will make it unsafe?
  • 18. Objective/ Objective/Outcome #1 Outcome #2 Target Customer Status Quo Profile Objective/ Desired outcome description Outcome #3 Compelling industry fact(s) Challenge framing questions
  • 19. Challenge 3 Challenge 3Challenge 2 Challenge 2 Objective/ Objective/ Outcome #1 Outcome #2 Target Customer Status Quo Profile Objective/ Outcome #3 Pain/impact/risk description Challenge 1 Challenge 3 Urgent industry validation Challenge 2 Solution explore questions
  • 20. Challenge 3 Challenge 3 Challenge 2 Challenge 2 SolutionSolution Story Story Objective/ Objective/ Outcome #1 Outcome #2 Target Customer Status Quo Profile Objective/ Outcome #3 Your strengths that solve Challenge 1 Challenge 3 What customer does better Challenge 2 What this means Solution Solution (value) Story Story Story with Solution contrast proof Story
  • 21. Corporate Visions Customer Conversation System CVI Delivery Cross-func7onal workshop with Products, Consultant Marke7ng and Sales to iden7fy your dis7nct point of view and develop dieren7ated sales- Executive ready messaging and stories. Marketing 1 Product Power Positioning Messaging Workshop Sales SalesCVI ContentConsultant