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Technical catalog 604022/011 en March '99

Low voltage power circuit-breakers

SACE EmaxRated maximum voltage Rated voltage Rated continuous current Rated short-circuit current Rated short-time current 635 V 600 V 800 A - 5000 A 42 kA - 125 kA (480 V) 35 kA - 100 kA

ABB Control


IntroductionTechnology and innovation for advanced plant engineering requirements 2 More efficient, safer installations Intelligent design Compact switchboards Optimal warehouse management A design dedicated to Quality and respect for the environment 4 6 7 8

Main characteristicsElectrical specifications 16 Construction characteristics 18 Identification of circuit-breakers Versions and connections SACE PR111 and PR112 microprocessor-based trip units Accessories 24 25

Overcurrent trip units and relative accessoriesOvercurrent protection with SACE PR111 microproces sor-based trip units 38 Trip curves of circuit-breakers with SACE PR111 trip units 42 Overcurrent protection with SACE PR112 microprocessorbased trip units 44 Trip curves of circuit-breaker with SACE PR112 trip units 48 SACE PR010/T test and configuration unit 52

Overall dimensionsFixed circuit-breaker Withdrawable circuit-breaker Mechanical interlock 70 74 82

Circuit-breaker accessories 83

26 30

Electrical circuit diagramsOperating state shown Circuit diagram symbols Electrical circuit diagrams 86 87 88


Standards, approvals, certifications and company Quality System 12

Installation in switchboardsInstallation in switchboards 32 Derating in altitude 36

AccessoriesCircuit-breaker and fixed part accessories Spare parts 54 67



Installation in switchboards

Trip units


Overall dimensions

Circuit diagrams

Technology and innovation for advanced plant engineering requirements

The new series has been designed in accordance with the most modern ergonomical criteria, and the evidence for this can be seen in the prize awarded to the circuit-breakers at the Hanover Forum Design.

The constant increase in the technological and functional complexity of electrical installations makes it essential for every component - particularly those such as protection circuit-breakers which are crucial to safety - to offer the highest levels of continuity of service and reliability combined with minimal maintenance requirements. ABB SACE L.V. has designed the new generation of SACE Emax low voltage power circuit-breakers in line with these advanced plant engineering requirements, and featuring high resistance to mechanical, electrical and thermal stresses. SACE Emax circuit-breakers represent the logical functional complement to SACE Isomax S molded case circuit-breakers and have, like them, been designed for integration and perfect co-ordination with the different lines of ABB low voltage products.

The design and manufacture of the new circuit-breakers follow advanced ergonimical criteria, in line with the solutions adopted for selection and use of SACE Isomax S switchgear entirely to the benefit of all catagories of customers and users. Two aspects received particular attention during design: the modular versatility and physical dimensions of the different sizes, reduced from the six of the SACE Megamax series to four. SACE Emax circuit-breakers are available in five different models: E1, E2, E3, E4 and E6, each of which benefits from the interchangeability of the various different versions of moving parts (with different breaking and rated current capacities) for the same fixed part. The rated uninterrupted currents range from 800 to 5000 A. The breaking capacities, which have been improved in relation to the previous series, range from 42 kA to 125 kA (480 V a.c.).


The principal benefits of the new SACE Emax circuitbreakers are as follows:


Smaller overall dimensions Dimensions (height anddepth) the same across the entire series

fitted without need for cabling, reducing stock levels and optimizing logistical costs from exposed conductive parts to be respected zero for withdrawable circuit-breakers construction of electrical switchboards.





accessories for the entire range for a.c./d.c. applications


The same service releases Shared components - e.g.the opening and closing releases are the same Briefly, high safety, quality, and rational design characteristics combined with compact dimensions are the results of the totally innovative design criteria which lie behind SACE Emax circuitbreakers.

Easy assembly of the current transformers (CT)





More efficient, safer installations

SACE Emax circuit-breakers not only ensure the high level of reliability needed to achieve the necessary service continuity, but also offer a high level of safety for everyone operating on the installation, both during functional customization and during inspection and maintenance. The risk of carrying out incorrect and dangerous sequences of operations is prevented of suitable locks. Each sequence is only enabled if all the conditions which ensure it can be carried out safely and correctly followed. In any case, the state of the switchgear is automatically taken to the highest safety level for the operator performing the operation. Accessories are installed from the front of the circuit-breaker with cabling pre installed and the accessories section is separate from the power circuit.Emax0309

Going into greater detail, the main solutions adopted to protect operators in the various different operating conditions are as follows:

Double insulation, to ensure total separation between theaccessories and the power circuit.

Key locks or padlock devices, to control enabling of opening and closing operations and/or racking in and out

Racking out with the door closed, allows the circuit-breakerto be racked out in its fixed part with the switchboard door closed.


locks, to prevent moving parts from being inserted into fixed parts with different rated currents or when the circuit-breaker is closed.





SACE Emax circuit-breakers offer outstanding reliability in terms of both mechanical and electrical life. In the field of low voltage apparatus up to 5000 A, represent the maximum in

terms of performance, while with regard to their structural characteristics, their indices allow a high level of sturdiness to be achieved.



Intelligent design

Electrical installation designers choosing the new SACE Emax circuit-breakers can offer a vast range of solutions that enable them to satisfy the specific demands of every user without obliging them to adapt their needs to the switchgear available. When looking through the detailed SACE Emax catalogue of the complete and highly specialized range, the versatility and possibility of optimal sizing become immediately apparent. The rated current and breaking capacity levels have been studied to ensure optimal sizing in all plant configurations. The need to optimize the management of electrical installations is increasingly being recognized today, particularly where power consumption, control, monitoring, diagnostics and, consequently, maintenance operations are concerned. Benefiting from the know-how acquired with its other series of circuit-breakers, ABB SACE L.V. has specially designed and manufactured a family of microprocessor-based trip units, called SACE PR111 and PR112, that are able to provide a wide range of important dedicated functions for SACE Emax circuit-breakers. The SACE PR112 trip unit, in particular, features a 16 bit microprocessor and 12 bit analogue to digital converter, making its performance even more accurate.


As a result, the work of specifiers and designers is considerably simplified when it comes to choosing the technical characteristics and performance required. All this is thanks to the fact that the selection criteria are common to several families of circuit-breakers and use intuitive and easy-to-read codes and symbols. The new circuit-breakers build on the successful experience acquired with the SACE Isomax S family, continuing a tradition of switchgear designed and manufactured paying particular attention to use and user interface-related aspects, with obvious advantages in terms of ergonomics, clarity and speed of identification.



Compact switchboards

The need to build increasingly compact switchboards to satisfy the architectural and technical requirements of modern buildings while simultaneously rationalizing the related construction process is fully met by the new SACE Emax circuit-breakers which have a constant depth and height from 800 through to 5000 A. The new ABB SACE L.V. power circuitbreaker makes it possible to standardize the support structures for the circuitbreakers, considerably facilitating construction of the switchboards themselves. The reduced width of the circuit-breaker offers the benefit of more rational use of the space available and makes it possible to build compact switchboards. Moreover, the fact that a wide range of terminals is available for the entire series makes it possible to build switchboards mounted against walls or switchboards which can be accessed from behind with rear connections.


W WE1 - E2 E3 E4 E6 Fixed 3 POL 296 mm / 11.65 inches 404 mm / 15.91 inches 566 mm / 22.28 inches 782 mm / 30.79 inches Withdrawable 3 POL 324 mm / 12.76 inches 432 mm / 17.01 inches 594 mm / 23.39


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