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1. + Semantica Portuguese Learning Portuguese with video instead of audio and books. 2. + The Semantica Method More than just samba & soccer. Portuguese of Brazil? 3. + Portuguese of Brazil? 4. + Portuguese of Brazil: WHY? Brazil has a huge, diverse and growing economy (despite current downturn) 5. + Brazil is still a favorite destination for 6. + And, 7. + And, 8. + But, they dont speak your language. < 2% 9. + Brazilians want you to speak their language. < 2% speak a foreign language. 10. + Its not the easiest language to learn Perceived as very difficult to learn. Lots of grammar rules. Difficult pronunciation. Looks like Spanish, but isnt. 11. + And, the audience has changed. Generation X 1965-80 : Wants structure, freedom to choose study hours. 12. + And, the audience has changed. Millennials 1981-96 : Want guidance, aesthetically appealing content, the latest e-learning technologies. 13. + The new path to fluency Forget textbooks. Embrace new technologies. Present appealing, fun content that is well-structured and supported. 14. + The Semantica Method ALL-VIDEO Video is a stronger learning experience because it really stimulates the language learning center. 15. + The Semantica Method INTENSE = MEMORABLE Uses adult and modern situations that mimic real life. 16. + The Semantica Method Pronunciation Dialog Breakdown Grammar Practice & Testing 17. + Pronunciation Training Pronunciation 18. + Pronunciation Training Phrases are repeated in slow-motion replay. 19. + Dialogs Dialog 20. + Dialogs that engage Because when its engaging, its memorable. 21. + Dialogs that tell stories Dialogs are presented as connected stories. 22. + Because language is life. Stories are BIG, often 100+ episodes. 23. + The Breakdown Language in explained in conversation called the breakdown. Breakdown 24. + The Breakdown Learners and teachers talk about the dialogs on-screen. Things are explained as they come up, organically. Always giving memorable examples. 25. + Grammar Grammar 26. + Grammar Grammar rules are presented in a visual, dynamic way. 27. + Testing Our tests are fun and interesting. Testing 28. + Testing But you dont advance unless you pass ;-) 29. + Anytime, anywhere Platform Agnostic Built on HTML5 for all devices and browsers. 30. + Self-paced community Competition and support among peers is the best motivation. 31. + Individual attention We offer Skype lessons at all levels. 32. + Constantly updated content A dynamic and changing virtual classroom. 33. + Semantica in the workplace Easy / fast setup. Flexible pricing: well make it work for you. 34. + Try it out! No strings. No cost. Just ask.