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good living for you and your famiy


  • SEPT-OCT 2012MICA (P) No. 142/06/2012

    MODERN LIFESTYLESHow our brain deals with it A TCM secret that helps+

  • Hot NewsWe all know exercise is good for the body, but its also good for the brain and may prevent cancer.

    Lighting Up The RoomPut a bounce in your step by strengthening your Qi with a traditional remedy.

    Helping Kids Cope With Lifes ChallengesIt can be tough being a kid, but Vitamin B builds a quick mind and a strong body.

    How The Brain Deals With Modern LivingDo you get to the point where youre feeling mentally exhausted? Find out how the brain reacts to the stresses of modern living.

    Kids - Games & A Challenge With PrizesDont waste your bottle caps. Weve got a fun idea to make your own game. PLUS, how sharp are you? Take our challenge to find out.


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    Careline: 1800 732 4748(Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, excluding Public Holidays)

    Welcome to a new issue of BRANDSWorld! Were more

    than half way through 2012 now, but if youve lost sight of

    your New Years resolutions already, dont worry because

    theres plenty of the year left to get your lifestyle back on


    We often focus on whats going on with our bodies

    externally because its easy for us to see, but dont forget

    that what were putting in to our body is extremely

    important... not only to our physical health, but our

    mental health too.

    This issue we look at the Traditional Chinese Medicine

    concept of qi, and how Cordyceps have been used for

    thousands of years to strengthen this life force to enhance

    stamina and vitality. We also take a look at Vitamin B, a

    great stress reliever for adults that has many benefits for

    the growing bodies and minds of children.

    In our Brain Food feature this issue, our Chief Scientist

    from the BRANDS Brain Research Centre gives us an

    insight into what is happening inside our brain when were

    feeling tired, and perhaps a bit stressed, by our busy

    modern lives.

    On the back page, especially for kids, weve got

    something fun you can do with BRANDS bottle caps and a

    chance to win some great prizes.

    I hope you enjoy the issue.

    Isabella Tan

    Vice President & General Manager


    2012 Cerebos Pacific Limited.


    Sept - Oct 2012

    Win a pack of BRANDS InnerShine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract

    We have 3 prizes to give away.Simply tell us what health topics you would like to read about in a

    future issue of BRANDSWorld by emailing us at with subject BW Sept-Oct Suggestions

    Thank you for your suggestions last issue. The winners were Lim Lay Peng, Lim See Lin Selene and Angie Ng. Winners have been contacted.


    BRANDSWorldSept-Oct 20123

    It turns out that the old wisdom that playing computer games will rot your brain may not be true. A recent Mayo Clinic study of 1,000 people aged 70 to 93 found that computer use combined with regular exercise actually keeps the brain sharper than just exercise or computer use alone. Its not a license to spend hours on end in front of the screen. Excessive computer use has been tied to brain damage and depression, and internet addiction is a real danger. But, it does suggest that if you use a computer a lot in your daily life you should regularly get out and get your heart pumping.

    Educators have long debated the value of financial and other rewards as incentives, but a University of Chicago research team says that offering students rewards just before standardized testing and giving the incentive right afterward can improve test performance dramatically. The study of 7,000 students across a range of ages found that primary school students respond best to non-monetary rewards such as trophies, while small cash rewards worked well for high school students. Removing the reward in successive tests had no negative impact. The researchers explained that the immediacy of the reward is important, to allow the student to connect the effort to reward.

    Many previous studies have shown that physical activity reduces breast cancer risk, but questions have still remained. How often, how long, and how intense does the physical activity have to be to provide benefits? Does it matter what body type a woman is, and does exercise reduce the risk of all types of breast cancer?

    The University of North Carolina may have answered some of those questions with a study of 1,504 women with breast cancer and 1,555 women without breast cancer. Women who exercised either during their reproductive or postmenopausal years had a reduced risk of developing breast cancer, and those who exercised 10 to 19 hours per week experienced the greatest benefit with an approximate 30 percent reduced risk. Risk reduction was observed at all levels of intensity, and exercise works best to reduce the risk of hormone receptor positive breast cancers, the most commonly diagnosed tumour type.

    One point to be cautious about: When the researchers looked at the joint effects of physical activity, weight gain and body size, they found that even active women who gained a significant amount of weight, particularly after menopause, had an increased risk of developing breast cancer, indicating that weight gain can eliminate the beneficial effects of exercise on breast cancer risk.

    With Reward In Sight, Students Up Test Scores


    BRANDSWorldSept-Oct 20124

    You may have seen them on the shelf at TCM clinics and wondered what theyre for. Ancient wisdom about

    Cordyceps could be the perfect tonic for a modern lifestyle.

    BRANDS Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps helps to enhance the qi or vital energy that flows through the body thereby promoting stamina and overall well-being. It also aids in recovery from fatigue or illness. This product is also beneficial for strengthening the function of lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen.

    stamina, overall well-being and recovery from illness or fatigue by increasing the energy (qi) levels in the body. Its an overall strengthening tonic, helping to improve stamina, appetite, endurance and sleeping patterns. Excellent news for anyone living a busy life who wishes to perform at their best every day and wants that extra push and advantage to ensure that they have the mental, physical and emotional confidence to light up a room.

    Dont think of Cordyceps as a short-term pick-me-up though. It delivers long-term benefits by strengthening the lungs, kidneys, liver and spleen. It builds up bone marrow, reduces phlegm and is effective in treating circulatory and respiratory conditions such as cough. It can also strengthen the immune system.

    By strengthening these essential organs, Cordyceps increase the general constitution of the body, so not only does it strengthen the body and put you on top of your game, it helps your own body to keep you there.

    The downside to using an ingredient like Cordyceps has always been the preparation. You could double-boil measured doses in water to make a

    nourishing drink or combine it with chicken or duck meat to make a classic, wholesome soup, but the good news for busy people on the go is that BRANDS Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps provides a quick and convenient alternative. In addition to the benefits of Cordyceps, BRANDS Essence of Chicken helps tonify the body and aid recovery from fatigue.

    Cordyceps will almost certainly help you sustain your levels of energy, or qi, for balancing a busy work and family life, but before you grab a pack its worth noting a couple of wisdoms of TCM.

    Proper qi circulation is essential in maintaining the bodys health and well-being. It facilitates the circulation of blood, which in turn transports oxygen, nutrients and eliminates wastes and toxins. But TCM practitioners do not believe in a quick fix. Regulation of qi has to be gradual and systematic for lasting results.

    For maximum effectiveness, drink one bottle of BRANDS Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps on an empty stomach each morning, consecutively for 2 weeks. Then, enjoy it 2 or 3 times a week to maintain your optimal qi level.

    A TCM Secret for a Confident You!Dont go looking for Cordyceps at the Botanic Gardens or your local plant nursery. Theres an old-wives tale that it transforms from fungi to animal and hibernates in winter, but thats probably not the reason you wont find it. The truth is that it has been valued for its tonic properties in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years and wild Cordyceps are now extremely rare.

    You will still find Cordyceps in any good TCM clinic or store. Modern cultivation methods allow TCM practitioners to keep using this valuable ingredient, and studies have shown that cultivated Cordyceps mycelium is comparable in terms of functional properties and chemical profile with wild Cordyceps.

    Cordyceps has been valued for more than 1,000 years for its ability to promote


    BRANDSWorldSept-Oct 20125

    In the rough-and-tumble of growing up, most kids will take a bit of a battering every now and then. It could be physical, on the sports ground or in the gymnasium, but increasingly commonly its mental, and its hard to protect our children against this.

    Thankfully, battering is usually an exaggeration. Growing up is a learning process. Weve all been through it, and weve realised along the way that were not going to be the best amongst our peers at everything. There will a