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Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library*By Dorothy R. Hill, M.S., M.L.S. Assistant Professor of Medical Education and Collection Development Librarian Henry N. Stickell, M.L.S. Head of Access Services Gustave L. and Janet W. Levy Library Mount Sinai School of Medicine of New York University New York, New York 10029-6574

After thirty-six years of biennial updates, the authors take great pride in being able to publish the nineteenth version (2001) of the Brandon/ Hill Selected List of Print Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library. This list of 630 books and 143 journals is intended as a selection guide for health sciences libraries or similar facilities. It can also function as a core collection for a library consortium. Books and journals are categorized by subject; the book list is followed by an author/editor index, and the subject list of journals, by an alphabetical title listing. Due to continuing requests from librarians, a minimal core list consisting of 81 titles has been pulled out from the 217 asterisked (*) initial-purchase books and marked with daggers (*) before the asterisks. To purchase the entire collection of 630 books and to pay for 143 2001 journal subscriptions would require $124,000. The cost of only the asterisked items, books and journals, totals $55,000. The minimal core list book collection costs approximately $14,300.

Alfred N. Brandon began the selected book and journal list idea back in 1965 to assist hospital librarians with acquiring quality medical literature [1]. Now thirty-six years later, we are presenting the nineteenth revised version of the Brandon/Hill Selected List of Print Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library. The rst list (1965) contained 358 books and 123 journals; the 2001 version has 630 books and 143 journals. After thirty-six years and nineteen lists, is there really much left to say? In fact, the project seems to speak for itself, so the authors will not recount in detail the history and purpose of the list. But if you are interested, bibliographic data is available at the bottom of the rst page of this paper. So, we shall dispense with our traditional philosophizing and

* This is the nineteenth revised version of a paper originally published in the Bull Med Libr Assoc 1965 Jul;53:32964; 1967 Apr;55: 14159; 1969 Apr;57:13050; 1971 Apr;59:26685; 1973 Apr;61:179 200; 1975 Apr;63:14972; 1977 Apr;65:191215; 1979 Apr;67:185211; 1981 Apr;69:185215; 1983 Apr;71:14775; 1985 Apr;73:176205; 1987 Apr;75:13365; 1989 Apr;77:13969; 1991 Apr;79: 195222; 1993 Apr; 81:14168; 1995 Apr;83:15175; 1997 Apr;85:11135; 1999 Apr;87: 14569.

point out several changes that have occurred since the 1999 version was published. By now, you are probably aware that this list has a new name, Brandon/Hill Selected List of Print Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library. We felt the word print would allow anyone who is looking for electronic media to look elsewhere, for this publication is restricted to print books and journals. Henry Stickell and Dorothy Hill have coauthored the 2001 update of the Brandon/Hill Selected List of Print Books and Journals for the Small Medical Library. Henry Stickell has worked as an assistant on ve previous selected listssmall medical library 1, nursing 2, and allied health 2. We have considered inputpro and confrom health sciences librarians, editors, clinicians, subject specialists, and vendors. However, the nal choice of publications is oursbased upon our opinion. While selecting the books for the 2001 version, 47% (294) book titles that were on the 1999 list were removed. From the beginning, the Brandon/Hill selected lists have always been based on the opinion of the compilers. There is no model or scientic method employed. Journal titles remain relatively stable. Since 1994, the Joint Commission on Healthcare Or131

Bull Med Libr Assoc 89(2) April 2001

Hill and Stickell

ganizations (JCAHO) designated the Brandon/Hill selected list as a knowledgebase to consult for up-to-date authoritative resources. JCAHO does not require hospitals to have libraries, just information! The Brandon/ Hill list no longer appears in the current JCAHO Comprehensive Manual for Hospitals (CAMH) (Standard IM.I.2) [2]. However, JCAHO believes that effective information management applies to all methods whether paper-based or electronic. A Library for Internists published by the American College of Physicians ceased with the ninth edition, 1997. It, too, had been noted by JCAHO as a knowledge-based resource. A Library for Internists began publication in 1973 and had been updated every three years [3]. A Core Collection of Medical Books and Journals has been published as a British and international alternative to the Brandon/Hill selected list. The third edition was published in 1997; it is scheduled to be updated every two years. Coverage of the British list is primarily clinical. The last one we know about is dated 1997 [4]. Approximately $124,000 would be needed to purchase all of the 630 books and 143 journals (2001 subscriptions) on this list$77,300 for books and $46,700 for 2001 subscriptions. Items suggested for rst purchase, 214 books and 60 journals, are designated with asterisks (*), because health sciences librarians usually cannot afford or may not need all of or most of the listed publications. The cost of the asterisked items is approximately $55,000, $33,200 for the books and $21,800 for 2001 journal subscriptions. In response to numerous requests from health sciences librarians, we have chosen from the book list, those titles which could be considered for a minimal core list. These 81 titles have been marked with daggers (*) before the asterisks; the total amount for these books is approximately $14,300. The minimal core list consists of books for librarians who can only choose a few titles from each category. Book price totals are based on the one-volume price in instances when books have been published in either one or the more expensive two-volume sets and on nonmember prices when indicated for association publications. If a book is published in both hard cover and paperback, the hard cover price has been used. Journal subscriptions are quoted at the print institutional rate. The increases in book and journal prices for titles in this list and its previous versions are shown in Table 1. From 1965 to 2001, there has been an increase of 718% ($15.00 to $122.76) in the average price per book title. During the same thirty-six year period, the average subscription has increased 2,251% ($13.90 to $312.85). The gures stated here apply only to publications that appear in this list or have appeared over the years132

Table 1 Increase in priceJournals Average journal Average subscripAverage Average book cost cost per tion cost cost per journal sub- % in% inbook title scription crease* crease* Books 1965 1967 1969 1971 1973 1975 1977 1979 1981 1983 1985 1987 1989 1991 1993 1995 1997 1999 2001 list list list list list list list list list list list list list list list lsit list list list $15.00 $16.22 $17.04 $19.11 $21.20 $23.33 $28.18 $34.76 $42.96 $55.35 $60.97 $67.83 $80.87 $98.73 $107.88 $110.95 $114.57 $119.36 $122.76 8.1 5.1 12.1 10.9 10.0 20.8 23.3 23.6 28.8 9.2 11.3 19.2 22.0 9.3 2.9 3.0 4.2 2.7 $13.90 $14.85 $17.61 $20.73 $23.90 $29.71 35.14 $40.27 $52.44 $59.00 $70.46 $85.13 $101.92 $126.52 $150.88 $181.78 $225.63 $275.03 $326.75 6.8 18.6 17.7 15.3 24.3 18.3 14.6 30.0 12.5 16.3 20.8 19.7 24.1 19.3 20.4 24.0 22.1 18.8

Total cost $7,080 $8,372 $9,265 $10,232 $12,000 $14,500 $18,200 $22,500 $30,000 $38,900 $45,200 $52,600 $63,500 $77,700 $87,000 $93,300 $101,700 $114,700 $124,000

* Percentage increases calculated on the average prices of the preceding list.

in its predecessors. The per-title calculation includes the cost of all volumes in a multivolume set. The average volume price for the 699 books that make up the 630 title book collection is $110.64, $12.12 less than the per-title average. In instances where a title appears in either one or two volumes, it has been considered as one volume in the physical volume count. Titles do vary from list to list, but the cost gures are representative of those being incurred by health sciences libraries in acquiring current print health sciences literature. The majority of the publications are clinical in content, although we have included clinically relevant basic science books. We have omitted basic sciences journals, because most health sciences libraries cannot justify the extremely high subscription costs for low-use material; the Web, fax machine, or document delivery service can make the contents of these journals readily accessible. If basic science journals are required, they should be purchased on a resource-sharing basis with other libraries. The journal list is not intended to support research activities. We have attempted to assemble a well-balanced current collection of authoritative English-language books and journals, primarily in the clinical sciences. Most, but not all, of the publications originated in the United States. When two books appear to be of comparable content and authorship, we have purposely chosen the most recent one. In the 2001 book list, 89% of the titles have beenBull Med Libr Assoc 89(2) April 2001

Brandon/Hill selected list

published in 1998 or later; 292 books cost $100.00 each or more. Because current books have been emphasized, some standard works that have not been revised for several years have been dropped from this list. We are aware that newer is not necessarily better, but current books have been given priority. We have not been able to review every English-language biomedical book and journal published during the past two years. Therefore, exclusion of a publication from this list in no way implies that it is not h