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My talk from EuroIA 2012 in Rome. How product designers should understand the basics of brand theory to build a differentiated proposition, values and personality into the heart of the digital product experience.


<ul><li> A MINIMUM VIABLE PRESENTATION FOR EURO IA 2012BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGN @MIKEATHERTON </li> <li> 50 MILLION USERS 50 years 10 years 5 years 6 months 50 days </li> <li> TECHNOLOGY LIFECYCLE Experience wars Feature wars Pure function Don Norman, The Invisible Computer, 1998 </li> <li> The feature wars are an arms race. Beyond lies experience. </li> <li> Good design is invisible.Dieter Rams </li> <li> TECHNOLOGY LIFECYCLE Commodities Experience wars Feature wars Pure function Don Norman, The Invisible Computer, 1998 </li> <li> Emotional design seeks to increase the motivation to use a product.Via Josh Porter andStephen Anderson </li> <li> 2001No wireless. Less space than aNomad. Lame. I dont see many salesin the future of iPod.Slashdot commenterI still cant believe this! All this hypefor something so ridiculous! Whocares about an MP3 player?MacRumors commenter300,000,000 iPods sold (October 2011) </li> <li> Ive never been particularly goodwith numbers, but I think Ivedone a reasonable job withfeelings.Im convinced that it is feelings,and feelings alone, that accountfor the success of the Virginbrand and all its myriad forms.Richard Branson </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGN PART IIUNDERSTANDING BRANDING @MIKEATHERTON </li> <li> Branding is not the same thing aschoosing a logo or colour palette. </li> <li> A brand is the single idea you ownin the mind of the consumer. </li> <li> SAFETY in cars </li> <li> OVERNIGHT in freight </li> <li> THE FIRST LAW OF BRANDING IS FOCUSOWNING A SINGLE DIFFERENTIATED IDEA IN THE CUSTOMER MIND AL RIES, THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING </li> <li> Every category has a leader and a challenger. </li> <li> Huddle seeks to challenge the space dominated by Sharepoint. </li> <li> CHALLENGER BRANDS REFRAME THE CONVERSATIONGETTING CONSUMERS TO CONSIDER THE CATEGORY IN NEW WAYS ADAM MORGAN, THE PIRATE INSIDE </li> <li> Segmenting a category creates new leadership opportunity. </li> <li> Im lovin it. </li> <li> Reassuringly expensive </li> <li> Just do it </li> <li> Im lovin it. Reassuringly expensive Just do itPersonal, informal, Premium, reliable Assertive, simple, feminine transparent Branding describes the position, not the product. </li> <li> In the factory, we makecosmetics. In the drugstorewe sell hope.Charles Revson,founder of Revlon </li> <li> Digital products are their own brand marketing. </li> <li> Tone of voice in a product communicates brand personality... </li> <li> do the moments of theatreand irreverent delight. </li> <li> Focus product design around your category differentator. </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGNPUTS YOUR DIFFERENTIATOR, VALUES AND ATTITUDE INTO THE HEART OF YOUR PRODUCT. </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGN PART IIIBUILDING A BRAND @MIKEATHERTON </li> <li> Brand building is a customer journey... K L Keller, 2001 </li> <li> Customer-basedBrand Equity Model ...both rational and emotional. RESONANCE JUDGEMENTS FEELINGS PERFORMANCE IMAGERY SALIENCE K L Keller, 2001 </li> <li> Your mission is the change you want to see in the world. </li> <li> Find inspiration from within your company. </li> <li> In the UK, the Co-operative own the category of ethical banking. </li> <li> You need to live your values ineverything you do. </li> <li> Personality transforms the relationship we have with ordinary products. </li> <li> Sometimes rational benefit is notenough to occupy the mind... </li> <li> ...yet character can create a strong emotional bond. </li> <li> A backstory develops the character and helps engagement. </li> <li> Naugahyde built a differentiator of cruelty-free fabric. </li> <li> Owning the character helps people connect with the brand. </li> <li> Be the nauga. Build engagement through personality. </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGN PART IVTHE BRANDING WORKSHOP @MIKEATHERTON </li> <li> Run a brand development workshop to defineyour values and personality traits. </li> <li> TRAITS AND VALUESBrand personality is driven by two things:TRAITS: Your specific characteristics, or howothers would describe you.VALUES: The iconic things that you stand forabove all else. </li> <li> Plot your performance against other brands. </li> <li> Assess the positioning of competitorsto uncover your own. </li> <li> Define your personality to determine tone of voice. </li> <li> Use known characters to define your own.Hugh LaurieBritish manner with globalrelevance, dry sarcasm. New MINIDavid Tennant British know-how, Tina FeyCharm, British but glamour, fun, well-built, Modern woman, intelligent humor,global, warmth, informal, technology wrapped in timeless style. touch of sarcasm.geek chic. </li> <li> Write it. Share it. Live it. </li> <li> UniqueBrand voice must beunique, authentic Authenticand talkable.Rohit BhargavaPersonality Not Included, 2010 Talkable Personality </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGN PART VJUST DO IT @MIKEATHERTON </li> <li> Web design favours fashion over differentiation. </li> <li> Imitated experiences cannot be owned. </li> <li> Consumer web products are full of happy happy joy joy! </li> <li> Playful, informal tone is lovely... </li> <li> ...but is quickly losing distinctiveness. </li> <li> Find product touchpoints tointroduce brand voice. </li> <li> B2B products struggle to show distinctive personality. </li> <li> How much mail would a MailChimp mail if a MailChimp could chimp mail? </li> <li> Freddie adds character, but never,ever gets in the way. </li> <li> Netflix recommendations are theheart of the product experience. </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGN GUIDES OUR PRODUCT PROPOSITION </li> <li> People think focus means saying yesto the thing youve got to focus on.But thats not what it means at all.It means saying no to the hundredother good ideas that there are.Steve Jobs </li> <li> THE POWER OF A BRAND ISINVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO ITS SCOPE AL RIES, THE 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING </li> <li> Find the uncontested space where your product can be top-of-mind. </li> <li> Communicate your values and personality to build empathy. </li> <li> BRAND-DRIVEN DESIGNCompetes not on features, but on an experience built around a single, differentiated idea communicated through authentic, talkable and unique values and personality traits. It builds preference, loyalty and love. </li> <li> Go own a single idea in the mind of your customer. THANKS! @MIKEATHERTON </li> </ul>