brainworms, sticky music, & catchy tunes

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Brainworms, Sticky Music, & Catchy Tunes. Samantha Brandon Kris Gladys. Objectives. Demonstrate proper usage of “ brainworms ”, “sticky music”, and “catchy tunes.” Provide students with adequate knowledge of lyrical manipulation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Brain-worms, Sticky Music, & Catchy Tunes

Brainworms, Sticky Music, & Catchy TunesSamantha Brandon KrisGladys

ObjectivesDemonstrate proper usage of brainworms, sticky music, and catchy tunes. Provide students with adequate knowledge of lyrical manipulationSong writers make catchy tunes to get stuck inside your head

DefinitionsBrainworms: also known as earworms, hook the listener to be catchy or sticky to bore its way like an earwig into the ear or mind.Brainworms: half facetiously, as cognitively infectious musical agentsOne magazine from 1987.Main PointsMusic, poetry, ballads, and songs are all full of repetition.Music industry is meant to hook listeners and be catchy.Brain never forgets catchy tunes or phrases.Always possible to reignite tune.Main Points Continued Married with children theme song. Love and Marriage. Music is playing inside my head over and over and over againTheres no end-Carole King

Nick YounesLove and Marriage theme song was stuck in Nick Younes head for ten day.Mind trapped in tempo of songEventually lost its charmEventually everything dies out from the continuous repetition Activity

Reflective ActivityHow does music (songs, theme songs, poetry, advertisements, ect..) affect your everyday habits? Do catchy tunes play an essential role in your daily thought process? If so please explain the catchy tune and where it stems from.