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  • SAP Best Practices Content for SAP Solution ManagerConcept, Scope and Guideline for Use

  • SAP Best Practices for Solution Manager: Concept and ScopeSAP Best Practices for Solution Manager: Guideline for UseSAP Best Practices OverviewSAP Solution Manager Overview

  • What are SAP Best Practices?

    With SAP Best Practices Traditional projectTime and effort savings

    Working CRM prototype

    Get a living and fully documentedprototype within days that you can rapidly turn into a productive solutionEnable fast and easy implementationof mySAP Business SuiteIdentification and anticipation of reusable business processes and project activities

  • SAP Best Practices Delivery StructureTimeRiskPragmatic methodologyProven preconfigurationExtensive documentationCost

  • SAP Best Practices Provides a Complete Portfolioto Support Customers and Partners in the MidmarketKnowledge TransferWorkshops on demandE-LearningDemo environmentHosted SAP demonstration environment with SAP Best Practices contentSAP Best Practices demo environment for laptops

    Solution ArchitectsDevelopment supportSales/presales support Vertical Solution Dev. KitDevelopers GuideHow-tosTemplatesDocumentationI've never seen SAP so supportive as when we worked on this effort. I've been blown away by their level of support, sending people to our office, assisting us in training and inviting us to meetings.They are really behind this SMB push. Allen Abell N2ContentScenario descriptionEnd user documentationInstallation GuideConfiguration GuideData migration sheetsTraining materialConfiguration SettingsBusiness Configuration SetsMaster DataTest casesPrint forms User roles

  • BenefitsSave time and money and achieve predicted resultsLess risks avoid common beginners mistakesEmpowerment through competitive business expertiseFast track to extending your business solution with new mySAP.com business processesNo trial runs start straight off with a fully documented prototype that is fully reusableCommunication among project team members and executives becomes more effectiveBusiness platform for partners evaluation, joint development, own development Consistent approach focusing on integrated end-to-end scenarios

  • SAP Best Practices for Solution Manager: Concept and ScopeSAP Best Practices for Solution Manager: Guideline for UseSAP Best Practices OverviewSAP Solution Manager Overview

  • SAP Solution Manager: Mission StatementWith SAP Solution Manager, you can manage your SAP solution throughout the entire life cycle to... ensure reliabilityreduce Total Cost of Ownershipincrease Return on Investments

    SAP Solution Manager is delivered as part of your annual maintenance fee!!! ... And here is how you can achieve the benefits:

  • The SAP Solution Manager ApproachThe SAP Solution Manager is a new type of application, whichTakes a consistent business-process and phase-oriented approachEnd-to-end functionality for application management and continuous improvementProvides full life-cycle support and collaboration with SAPContains best practices for implementation, operation and optimization of SAP solutionsIs delivered as part of your annual maintenance feeSimply everything you need to manage your SAP solution !!!Knowledge ManagementTest ManagementService DeskChange ManagementService DeliveryProject ManagementSolution MonitoringKnowledge Transfer

  • SAP Solution Manager OfferingsContentGateway to SAPToolOpen End-to-End Application/ Technology Management & MaintenanceDocument ImplementTrainTest a deploymentSupport and maintainMonitor and optimizeControl changeManage incidentsMethodologiesRoadmapsServicesBest PracticesSAP Active Global SupportSAP Development Service Delivery Platform

  • SAP Best Practices for Solution Manager: Concept and ScopeSAP Best Practices for Solution Manager: Guideline for UseSAP Best Practices OverviewSAP Solution Manager Overview

  • BenefitsSAP Best Practices content in SAP Solution Manager provides the following benefits:SAP Best Practices content available via the recommended SAP standard tool for the full life-cycle support of a SAP solution SAP Best Practices content provided according to the Solution Manager methodology for accelerating the Business Blueprint and the Configuration phaseCentral and integrated usage of SAP Best Practices documentation and automated configuration in Solution Manager for implementing scenarios in the SAP system landscape supported by Solution Manager functionality for development, testing and monitoring Customer can choose between a standard implementation with maximum flexibility or a SAP Best Practices implementation with rich pre-configured content for Baseline, Industry and Cross-Industry scenarios which lead to reduced and calculable effort. Even a combination of standard scenarios and SAP Best Practices scenarios is possible within an implementation project.

  • Implementation Content Options Available for SAP Business Scenarioswithout SAP Solution Manager or SAP Best Practiceswith SAP Best Practiceswith SAP Solution ManagerRapid Prototyping Fixed Scope ImplementationCentral Testing Global Roll-OutDocument ManagementNO Implementation Support for SAP ScenariosUse Cases for Implementation of SAP Solutionswith SAP Best Practices(built up in Templates)with SAP Solution Manager (use of standard Business Process Repository content: Configuration ScenariosStandard Implementation(1)(2)(3)

  • SAP Best Practices Content Usage in Project PhasesProject Management with SAP Solution Manager and TemplatesProject PhaseUse CasesPre-requisitesSAP Solution Manager 3.1 SP13 or higher with Content Add-On ST-ICO 150 SP01Project PreparationBusiness BlueprintRealizationGo Live & SupportFinal preparationDocument Management Central storage of all project documentation in SAP Knowledge Warehouse Functionality to create, edit, store, upload and download documentation Reporting to track and filter on documentsRapid Prototyping Detailed configuration and master data documents BC sets (preconfigured customizing settings) Business Process Procedure (step-by-step description along configured scenario)Global Roll-Out Reusable central template definition with documents, configuration and customer developmentTesting Central definition and preparation of testing for cross-component Standard test case descriptions Integration with implementation projects and issue handlingBlueprint Acceleration Pre-configured and reliable scenarios for many industries and cross-industries Scope selection and reduction of scenarios instead of new definition

  • Prerequisites for working with SAP Best Practices in SAP Solution ManagerSAP Solution Manager 3.1 (or higher) System Installation of SAP Best Practice content for Solution Manager: (available 11/2005)SAP Service Marketplace Quick link /solutionmanager SAP Solution Manager Downloads SAP Best PracticesDownload the transport file for the relevant SAP Best Practices version and import the file into the Solution ManagerTarget System for ImplementationInstallation of SAP Best Practices Add-On with technical objects for configuration automation (BC set, eCATTs)SAP Service Marketplace Software Distribution CenterDownload Installations and Upgrades Enter by Application Group SAP Best Practices Best Practices for mySAP All-in-One InstallationOn tab Downloads select CD Config: Best Practices All-in-One.Read document ADDONINS.PDF in order to identify the relevant transport file for the SAP Best Practices version.Installation GuidePlease see SAP note 891616 for prerequisites, installation and support of SAP Best Practices content for Solution Manager

  • System Landscape for Combined Usage of SAP Best Practices and Solution ManagerSAP Solution ManagerSAP Best Practices Content (Templates)Standard Content (Solar Library)Customer Content (Implementation Project)ImportCopyCopymySAP Customer SystemInstallation AssistentCallActivateGenerateImportPersonalization AssistentSAP Best Practices Personalization AssistentPersonalizeInstallCallCustomer Implementation ContentBC sets, eCATTsRead Import Solution Manager addon with standard content and SAP Best Practices transports into Solution Manager Import SAP Best Practices addon with objects for configuration automation (BC sets, etc.) into target system(s) for implementation Install Personalization Assistant from SAP Best Practices documentation CD on local PC. Create customer project in Solution Manager and use SAP Best Practices content for defining the scenario scope in the Blueprint Phase Personalize variable parameters before starting the configuration by using the Personalization Assistant. Configure the target system with the SAP Best Practices Installation Assistant who customizes scenarios in the target system by activating BC sets and eCATTS with the outcome of the Personalization Assistant.

  • SAP Best Practices Content in SAP Solution Manager ST-ICO 150Baseline Versions (Basis ECC 5.0):Baseline Package Germany V2.50 Template: BP_BLDE250Baseline Package United States V2.50 Template: BP-BLUS250Baseline Package United Kingdom V1.50 Template: BP_BLUK150Baseline Package France V1.50 Template: BP_BLFR150Baseline Package Denmark V1.50 Template: BP_BLDK150Baseline Package Finland V1.50 Template: BP_BLFI150Baseline Package Norway V1.50 Template: BP_BLNO150Baseline Package Sweden V1.50 Template: BP_BLSE150For each of the SAP Best Practices versions one template exists in the SAP Solution Manager SystemAll SAP Best Practices versions are only provided in English (Exception France)Industry Versions (Basis ECC 5.0):Chemicals Germany V1.50 Template: BP_CHDE150High Tech Germany V1.50 Template: BP_HTDE150Industrial Machinery & Components Germany V1.50 Templ