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  1. 1. BPHope.com Helps those with Depression Symptoms find Treatment
  2. 2. BPHope.com is a site that is dedicated to those who suffer from bipolar disorder and depression symptoms. Through their forums, communities and articles, their goal is to instill hope and a sense of family with other individuals suffering from the same symptoms.
  3. 3. Severe depression is one of the many symptoms of bipolar disorder. Sometimes, episodes can last for weeks and conversely can be absent for many years. The folks at BPHope.com suggest looking at a depression relapse as an opportunity for growth and introspection.
  4. 4. The first thing to realize, upon the onset of depression symptoms, is that you made it through an episode, or many, in the past, and you can do so again. Yes, its like climbing a mountain that seems insurmountable, but the fact remains that you were able to conquer it before, and since youre now armed with even more information, you will, again, achieve success.
  5. 5. The very fact that your depression symptoms are re-emerging is a clear indication that whatever depression treatment strategies you were holding onto, arent necessarily working.
  6. 6. Its possible you need a change in dosage for your depression medication, or maybe what you need is a one-on-one with a counselor who can help you determine triggers and help you develop way out strategies. The important thing is to never give into the idea that you depression has beaten you, and that you will never climb your way out of it. Always allow that glimmer of light and hope to penetrate that darkness, even if its just a tiny spark.
  7. 7. Its important to hold fast to your coping skills when you sense a state of depression coming on. Depression treatment starts with these skills so you have something to hold onto while you ride the depression wave. At BPHope.com, they encourage the person suffering with depression symptoms to see themselves as separate from the depression. Just as people experience joy, depression can also be seen as a period in life to get through. Although difficult, it can be done with different depression treatment techniques.
  8. 8. Some depression treatment techniques include abolishing negative thinking, creating a checklist of coping techniques, realizing you truly cant control everything, finding a deeper meaning, joining a support group and finding ways to have fun. Through BPHope.coms community support and with personal introspection, managing depression symptoms can get easier as time goes on.
  9. 9. Contact Us 374 Delaware Ave. Suite 240 Buffalo NY NY, USA http://bphope.com
  10. 10. Contact Us 374 Delaware Ave. Suite 240 Buffalo NY NY, USA http://bphope.com


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