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    Special Events

    First Day of School Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    Elementary Picture Day

    Wednesday, September 25, 2013

    Middle School High School Picture Day

    Thursday, September 26, 2013

    Child Development Day Friday, September 27, 2013

    (see details inside)

    September 2013

    Bowler School District News .......



    From the Desk of Kim Ninabuck

    7-12 Principal

    I hope everyone has had a wonderful relaxing summer and you are ready for the start of the new school year. I have been working on many projects this summer to get ready for the 2013-14 school year. I am excited to announce that the secondary school has been accepted to go from a Targeted Assistance Title I School to a School Wide for Title I. With this being said, we will need to have students and parents sign a compact. Bowler High School has also been recognized by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) as a School of Merit for its PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention System). This is a huge accomplishment. I am positive that our school year will be great and am looking forward to seeing everyone soon. If you missed our student registration on August 22nd please try to come in before school starts to get this done. One of our goals this year is to have better communication with our parents and the community. If you have email access, please make sure to give your email address and updates to Beth Fuerst. We now have the capability to send parents notices through an automated system to give you updates on missing homework and attendance. Did you know that Bowler School District also has a Facebook page? “Like” us on Facebook and you can see some of the latest happenings at our school. In addition, Bowler School District now has a free APP. Keep your eyes open, there is an article in the Chalkdust to help you down load that APP so  you  can  see  what’s   happening at our school. Just a reminder to all students that there is a dress code in place at Bowler School, even though the weather is warm please dress for school appropriately. There are many new and exciting things happening. We have been working hard all summer making some changes to benefit our students and their learning. The building is shaping up nicely and is looking pretty shiny. What a nice job Ray, Tim, Kathy, Nathan and our students have done. Our secretarial staff has been working diligently preparing for the upcoming school year-Thanks Beth, LeaAnn and Elaine. I am looking forward to seeing all of you this fall. Are you ready for school to begin? I am!


    Elementary Principal (Mr. Turner)

    Hello! My name is Wade Turner. I am the new Elementary Principal in the Bowler School District. I have been in the district for the past 13 years teaching at the elementary level. During this period I have spent the majority of my time teaching 3rd grade. I have also taught 1st grade, 2nd grade and most recently 5th grade. I am excited and look forward to the challenges of my new position and making sure Bowler students continue to receive a top-quality education. I will promote high academic and behavioral standards for all students. I will also continue to promote the initiatives that the school is implementing, such as PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports), RtI (Response to Intervention) and making sure the Common Core State Standards are being addressed at each grade level. I also feel fortunate that the district embraces technology. I will be fully supportive of any means of technology that will enhance our  students’ education. This is crucial as we develop our students into lifelong learners in the 21st century. I believe the success of each student is the result of a partnership between the student, teacher and parents/guardians at home. It is important that we work together for a common goal: success of our children. If  you  ever  have  any  questions  and/or  concerns  about  your  child,  don’t  hesitate  to   contact me at 715-793-4101 Ext. 1. Sincerely, Mr. Turner Elementary Principal


    BOWLER SCHOOL DISTRICT UNVEILS NEW APP The Bowler School District is embracing technology with another way to connect with

    parents by unveiling a new app with all of the latest school news. The district formed a partnership with SchoolInfoApp to develop the Bowler School District mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app, which is

    free to its users, will enable parents, students and staff to quickly access important information related to the district.

    “What another great way to reach out to parents and keep them better connected to the school,” said Wade Turner, elementary principal. “We want to keep them in the loop as much as possible, and this is another option for them. Plus, it’‛s free!” With the app, users can:

     Opt-in to receive push notifications for things such as school closings or game

    cancellations  Keep up with the latest news and information

     View calendars for general events, athletics, clubs and school organizations

     Add events and calendars to their device calendar or share calendars

     View a map of event locations and get directions to off-school events

     Find school staff contact information

     Access quick links to school menus, on-line grade book systems and much more from the school’‛s website

    The app also provides students with valuable tools, including:

     My assignments – a virtual assignment notebook that students can use to keep up

    with their homework, upcoming tests and projects, complete with the due date and priority level.

     TipLine – a tool to promote school safety and integrity that allows students to anonymously report tips related to instances of bullying, academic integrity concerns or possible on-school criminal activity.

    The staff at SchoolInfoApp handles all updates to content management, data import and graphic designs. Local businesses are also encouraged to become a sponsor and advertise on the app to help defray costs to the district. Officials from SchoolInfoApp, based in Louisiana, report that many of the school districts using its services across the country are totally funded through local sponsorship. For more information about the district’‛s new app, please call the school at 715-793-4101.



    Annual Notices District Asbestos Plan As a result of federal legislation (Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act - AHERA), each primary and secondary school in the nation is required to complete a stringent inspection for asbestos and to develop a plan of management for all asbestos-containing building materials. Bowler School District has a goal to be in full compliance with this law and is following the spirit, as well as, the letter of the law. As a matter of policy, Bowler School District shall continue to maintain a safe and healthful environment for our community’s  youth  and  employees. Federal law requires a periodic walk- through  (called  “surveillance”)  every  six   months of each area containing asbestos. Also the law required for all buildings to be reinspected three years after a management plan is in effect. This will be accomplished under contract by MacNeil Environmental, Inc. Short-term workers (outside contractors, i.e., telephone repair workers, electricians and exterminators) must be provided information regarding the location of asbestos in which they may come into contact. All short-term workers shall contact the lead maintenance person before commencing work to be given this information. Bowler School District has a list of the location(s), type(s) of asbestos containing materials found in that school building and a description and time table for their proper management. A copy of the Asbestos management plan is available for review in the school office. Copies are available at 25 cents per page. Questions related to the plan should be directed to MacNeil Environmental, Inc., Burnsville, Minnesota, at 800-642-6730. Smoking on School Grounds

    Prohibited The use of tobacco products on school premises is prohibited by state statutes and board of education policy. This includes buildings and all grounds, including athletic facilities and school-owned vehicles. Adults who violate these rules will be asked to stop the practice or to leave the premises. Students who violate these rules by use or possession of tobacco will face disciplinary action of the administration according to rules outlined in the school policy. Right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education Every child in the country has the right to a free public education – without exception. Not only  is  it  an  American  tradition,  it’s  the  law  of  

    the  land.    “Every”  child  includes  the  child  with   a  special  problem  or  ‘handicap’.    A  handicap   may be due to a physical, mental, emotional, or learning problem. In addition, homeless children and youth must have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education as provided to other children residing in the district and be provided with comparable series. Homeless children/youth cannot be required to at


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