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8-10,000 BovisHuman Baseline

16-23,000 BovisAverage Succor Punch (SP)

16-53,000 BovisLesenthe's Succor Punch 16,000 Unpowered 53,000 Powered

18,000+ BovisAverage TowerBuster (TB)

27,000 BovisLesenthe's Succor Punch in plastic with copper jewelry wire

28,000 BovisLordZoma's Bunnies with copper mesh sheets, bits of green tourmaline for eyes, and two pieces of coiled quartz LordZoma's TB's

33,000 BovisSensei's Every Man's Succor Punch 21,000 Unpowered 33,000 Powered

44,000 BovisVeritas' star

47,000 BovisLordZoma's HHGs

52,000 BovisCosmic Sage's Star with DT Tibetan Quartz, tourmaline, amethyst, kyanite, malchite, and moonstone in the points

53,000 BovisRayGuard (Cost 771) Average HHG (Cost $40)

62,000 BovisCosmic Sage's charging plate with flat ST Tibetan as main crystal and 4 little ST Tibetans, 2 pieces selenite, black and a blue kyanite, pyrite, amazonite, sodalite, chrysoprase, fluorite, turquoise, black tourmaline, and rhodonite, 2 twisted pieces of copper and titanium

65,000 Bovis*Starseed's Induction Earthpipe

67,000 BovisIndigo Wolf's Big Secret with Lemurian Dow

72-76,000 BovisSensei's Nano Pendant

84,000 BovisCosmic Sage's Tetrahedron Pyramid with DT Tibetan and Kundalini Citrine

85-112,000 BovisSteve555's Little Secret 85,000 Unpowered 112,000 Powered

125,000 BovisSensei's Nano Lemurian Protector Pendant (Nano with Gold layer)

142,000 BovisSensei's Nano Lemurian Pendant Triangle (Kyanite)

235,000 BovisNepiPemi's layered gold matrix above nano matrix with mobius-wrapped lemurian point (wrapped by Sensei).

260,000 BovisSensei's Nano Shield

270,000 BovisSensei's Nano Home Shield

295,000 BovisSensei's Nano Lemurian Power Punch 223,000 Unpowered 295,000 Powered

300,000 BovisAverage CloudBuster (CB)

350,000 BovisSteve555's CloudBuster

391,000 BovisLordZoma's Nano Power Wand (Built by Sensei)

395,000 BovisSensei's Gold Lemurian HHG (Featured in Stranger than Fiction)

440,000 BovisSensei's Nano Lemurian Powerwand

580,000 BovisSensei's Gold Lemurian CloudBuster

Note: The heart and mind with intent can add as much as 100,000+ Bovis to these figures. Bovis figures are dowsed through muscle testing by forum member Steve555. Bovis* values are dowsed by pendulum by WarriorMatrix forum member Indigo Wolf. Pictures and formatting pulled together by forum member Indigo Wolf.


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