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Bounce Books creates beautiful and powerful celebration books to help recognise and benefit from the strong history of our clients.


  • Creates beautiful and powerful celebration books to help you recognise and benefit from a strong history. Beauty is more than just something you can see, its in how something feels and how it makes you feel. A beautiful coffee table book compels people to pick it up, touch the images and learn about whats

    inside. Wouldnt you like people to connect with your organisation in this way?We are content creators. We are a flexible, commercially driven, boutique publishing company that dont do things the traditional way - and it works.

    Making a book doesnt cost as much as you think, and the results will be more than worth it. A Bounce Books book will make you and everyone

    around you bounce.

  • Creating a beautifully presented book can serve many purposes for your organisation. Regardless of your projects purpose or its target audience, you will have a tangible representation of your companys history or your lifes story.

    You will also learn more about how your culture has evolved, or stayed the same, through the fascinating stories that will be uncovered throughout the process. Inclusion of personal stories in corporate publications bring them to life and help embed the les-sons of your history in the minds of your employees, your customers and suppliers.

    Anthropologists suggest that 70% of what we learn is through stories. Professor Allan Fels has said as humans, we are hardwired to tell stories and to listen to stories. Storytelling is essential for innovation. From drawings on cave walls to chatting over a fire, culture has been passed on through storytelling since the dawn of humanity. Why do we love stories so much? Because stories help us make sense of the world. Storytelling as a means of communication achieves three critical things:

    Helps people understand what you are saying Allows them to remember what you said Compels them to share what you said with others

    The power of story


  • Why create a celebration book? Creating a beautifully presented coffee-table book can serve many purposes for your organisation, and weve listed a few below to help with your internal discussions. Books filled with fascinating stories about how your organisation has blossomed over the years are an engaging way to demonstrate why heritage is its own currency.


  • Do you want toengage & recognise employees

    celebrate a milestone

    communicate your organisations culture?

    promote your business

    Everyone knows that engaged employees put in more discretionary effort than their disaffected colleagues. But did you know that the number two driver for engagement for Australian employees in 2011 was company image and reputation?* A company that has a long-standing, safe and reliable history, and who is proud to show it off, is an organisation that people want to work for. And who hasnt felt their level of job satisfaction increase when given a simple thank you for a job well done, not to mention a sense of pride when seeing senior management recognise the contribution employees have made to company performance or success?

    There are milestones in organisations lives that just drift on by without recognition. And thats a shame as well as a missed opportunity. They should be celebrated, enjoyed and capitalised on. Celebrating the success of a long-standing business is a great way to stand out from your competitors.

    How do you share with your new employees what your organisational culture is? Even existing employees often have trouble understanding the way things are done around here. Culture also evolves, particularly when there are significant changes in management, structure and industry. Sharing stories that demonstrate the personality of your business is a great way to tell people what kind of business you are without the usual corporate jargon.

    Youve made brochures and videos, youve designed a great website, and youve participated in exhibitions. They all promote your business in different ways. But then, havent your competitors all done that too? Ask yourself, how many of your competitors have a stunning book that showcases their long-standing history in your industry? Imagine what the focus on your heritage would say about your long term success.


  • make money

    preserve your organisations history and culture

    provide a gift to people

    Really want to produce a book but dont have a budget? Got a retail outlet where you think books about your or-ganisation would fly off the shelves? Or have you just got a fantastic story that you know people would fork over their hard-earned cash for? Books can be sold to a variety of people, and through many different channels. The right book can pay for itself after only a small percentage have been sold, and the rest is there for you to use on your next creative idea.

    Possibly one of the most overlooked but most beneficial outcomes from creating a book about your organisation is the ability to pass on culture. As organisations grow, change location, diversify across industries, replace manage-ment, and even respond to changes in legislation, the culture will undoubtedly evolve as well. Who will remember the way we did things back then in 50 years time when no-one is around to tell the tales anymore? Who will share the story of your first store opening, the first customer you served, the crazy antics that went on before we made the sensible shift towards workplace safety?

    In the age of ebooks, iPads and Kindles, the humble book can often be considered as on its way to the annals of publishing. We think that philosophy couldnt be more wrong. What sets a beautiful coffee-table book apart from its younger electronic relatives is the fact that you can feel texture of the cover, admire the true beauty of the photog-raphy and smell the ink on the pages. Anyone who has coffee-table books at home will tell you that people love to pick them up and take a stroll through the pages. Equally, when receiving a book as a gift, peoples first instinct is to feel, admire and smell, wouldnt you?

    or maybe you want to


  • Dont worry, weve done this before!Weve created all sorts of products for all sorts of companies and people. From print runs for 50 to 110,000, from companies like Coles, MLC Financial and Thiess to small-scale community projects, weve got it covered.

    Weve interviewed hundreds of people to extract hundreds of stories, written countless words and edited them to within an inch of their lives. Weve seen boxes of stuff to annotated and organised records at state and national libraries, and weve worked to brief on everything we do.


  • Dont just take our word for it!Bounce helped make the whole process stress-free, and thats what you want when managing a project thats different from anything youve managed before! We love the end product; its a highly marketable book and Ill be showing it to other people in my network. I would highly recommend Bounce after our experience of working with them in the creation of our beautiful book. Beryl McMillanDirector of Development and Community RelationsSacr Cur

    Creating a book for MLCs 125th year was a huge undertaking and challenge for every-one involved at MLC. I am happy to say that the team at Bounce met this challenge head on, and were able to steer this massive project through months of painstaking work, and produce a truly beautiful, interesting, and at times funny book, which in itself will become part of MLCs legacy. Thank you so much for your expertise and dedication to your work. I would highly rec-ommend Bounce for any publishing project. Jackie KeenanHead of Advice andHigh Net Wealth MarketingMLC & NAB Wealth

    The team at Bounce Books did a great job of capturing what has been an icon-ic project for Thiess and turning it into a fantastic book. Throughout the process Bounce were professional and easy to work with. We are delighted with the final product and have had positive feedback from those that have received it. Jim TragotsalosProject DirectorRNSH RedevelopmentThiess

    Thank you Bounce Books. We are very excited, and could not have done this without your expertise, patience, time and effort. We are look-ing forward to celebrating with you at our book launch! Cheers,

    Dixie VillanuevaNote Printing Australia