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IMCOM-K BOSS Bimonthly Newsletter


  • BOSS Flash September 2010

  • Commanders Corner 3

    Command Sergeant Majors Corner 4

    Lyrical Corner 5

    Han River Cruise 6

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    Area Featured Events 8

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    Inside this issue:

    BOSS Flash

  • Brigadier General David G. Fox

    IMCOM Korea Region Commander

    Commanders Corner

    What does IMCOM do for the Army Family in Korea?

    IMCOMs role in Korea IMCOM is striving to make The Army Family Covenant and Transformation in Korea reality for the

    Soldiers, Family Members and Civilians living here. IMCOMs goal across the board is to create and uphold standardized, funded programs and services; increased accessibility to quality health care; qual-

    ity Soldier and Family housing; ensuring excellence in schools, youth services and child care and ex-

    panding education and employment opportunities for Family members in Korea. These initiatives have

    a single goal: To ease the burden on Families by giving them standard quality of life and access to sup-

    port services across the Army.

    As Command Sponsorship billets increase here, IMCOM-Korea is stepping up its initiatives to meet the

    demands of a growing Army community. The Army Family Covenant is a top priority for the com-

    mand, which implements many of the Family support programs available in Korea.

    History of IMCOM

    The Installation Management Command, a single organization with six regional offices worldwide,

    was activated on Oct. 24, 2006, to apply a uniform business structure to manage U.S. Army installa-

    tions, sustain the environment and enhance the well-being of the military community. It consolidated

    three organizations under a single command as a direct reporting unit: The former Installation Man-

    agement Agency; Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command, and the Army Environ-

    mental Command, which is a subordinate command of IMCOM.

    The command brings together all base operations support services to ensure optimal care, support and

    training of our fighting force, overseeing all facets of installation support, including environmental pro-

    grams, construction, morale and welfare, family care, force protection, logistics, public works, and the

    planning, programming and budget matters that provide resources for these functions. The establish-

    ment of IMCOM was a historic, comprehensive change enabling the Army to enhance quality of life

    for soldiers, enable tactical units to focus on training, deployment and operations, strengthen combat

    readiness to prevail in transformation, and support the Armys Vision.

  • Command Sergeant Major David A. Abbott

    IMCOM Korea Region

    Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS), is an ever-growing program designed to give Sol-

    diers the opportunity to explore the dynamic Republic of Korea and its traditions. BOSS has an

    array of consecutive recreational events that introduce Soldiers to different socio-cultural experi-

    ences. BOSS continuously sets an impressive stride when it comes to providing Soldiers with lei-

    sure activities; to name a few, the BOSS Beach Blast- a vibrant summer beach party held in Dae-

    jeon Beach, and the Han River Cruise- a luxury cruise along Seouls Han River. BOSS gives Sol-

    diers a chance to enjoy themselves and experience what Korea has to offer in an exuberant and

    safe environment.

    BOSS provides Soldiers with a voice to bring up quality of life issues affecting their everyday lives

    while serving their crucial military duties across the Korean Peninsula. Soldiers from every U.S.

    Garrison can count with the immeasurable support from Command Sergeants Major who dedi-

    cate their valuable time as Senior Military Advisors for the BOSS program. Quality of life issues

    that may surface are solved at the lowest level in the Chain of Command.

    BOSS welcomes volunteers to partake organizing events, assisting with community projects and

    building networks in order to cultivate practical resources. Opportunities such as tutoring English

    at local schools, or spending time at the libraries reading books to children, is a great way to help

    the community members and maintain the strong relationship that we have successfully estab-


    To find out more about BOSS contact your unit BOSS representative or visit the BOSS office lo-

    cated at the Community Activity Centers.

    Command sergeant majors


  • Lyrical Corner

    My Tree

    If I would physically hold your hand

    I would escort you into my world Where the air flows gently and freely.

    It is in my world where we would Walk hand in hand

    Barefoot Through the cool emerald grass.

    I would guide your footsteps Towards My Tree

    My innocuous place. See, down by my tree

    There are no consequences, No frustrations, no obligations

    Just good conversations. My tree is a place where

    Truth and self expression go unjudged. Spirits run free and

    Feelings are felt and over stood. It is there

    That I would tell you How much I really dig you.

    I would tell you How your smile warms me on the inside

    I would tell you how I am oh, so digging your style,

    Your personality. And how I often imagine

    My thoughts of you and I engaged in deep Physical conversations.

    The kind of conversations that Speak with no words

    Yet the content is

    Deep. I would tell you

    How much I enjoy doing things with you And how

    I wished I had met you years ago.

    Before the sun set over my vision of you.

    It is only here, Under this tree

    That I would tell you these things. face to face

    can only be good for the imagination. Besides, I like things the way that they are

    But If I would Physically hold your hand

    I would lead you into my world Where the air flows gently and freely.

    It is in my world where we would Walk hand in hand

    Barefoot Through the cool emerald grass.

    I would guide your footsteps Towards a place where there are No frustrations, no obligations,

    Just good conversations.

    My Tree

    Poem by SGT Bryon McGainey

    BOSS Coordinator IMCOM-K

  • Featured Area Events

    Camp Casey BOSS started the month of July with a Chili Cook-off during the MWR Independence Day Celebration 3 July.

    With 14 contestants, there were plenty of prizes to give. Prizes included 1st : $200, 2

    nd : $150 and 3

    rd : $75. A special prize

    for the Commanders choice first place winner: two round trip tickets to the states, lastly for the Peoples Choice winner: a


    The presence of the Camp Casey BOSS council was well known not because of the smells that came from the chili cook-off

    but with many soldiers wearing bright orange t-shirts, to show that they were there to volunteer, by providing support to

    the community.

    The winners of the chili cook-off are as follows:

    Commanders Choice

    3rd PFC Coleman

    2nd CSM Abbott

    1st SPC Daniels

    Peoples Choice

    3rd WO1 Faris & CW4 Bose

    2nd SSG Radabugh

    1st GS11 Mr. Walsh

    Article by Torry Jennings

    BOSS President USAG Casey

  • Featured Area Events

    On July 11th, USAG Humphreys BOSS team conducted its first Zipline adventures in Mungyeong City. With 30

    participants BOSS headed into the beautiful Bul-Jung forest to experience a bit of thrilling history. Zipline was

    originated from the transportation that the natives of a tropical rain forest used to move between tress to avoid

    snakes, bugs, and poisonous plants on the ground. Although ziplining is no longer used for transportation it

    considered to be the next generation leisure sport. This new leisure sport has been named zipline because of the

    sound it makes when moving across the wire, its also known as zip-wire, flying fox, and aerial runway according

    to different regions.

    After arrival to the Zipline sight, BOSS participants formed groups of ten to start the course. Each group was

    assigned two Zipline guides. The guides prepared the group by helping everyone put on their safety harnesses

    and helmets. The guides also ensured the equipment was secured safely and worn properly. Heading up the

    mountain side by way of a bongo truck, the groups were taken to the first of nine courses at the Zipline site. Each

    group navigated their way through all nine ziplines, which ranged from beginner to advanced. Every course held

    a new and exciting way to experience the zipline, they varied from speed lines, game lines, and even a Tarzan

    competition line. Overall it took about two hours to successfully complete the course. Upon competition of the

    course the participants were given a certificate stating that they had successfully completed the Zipline Course.

    USAG Humphreys BOSS has many more spine-tingling Zipline adventures planned for the year.

    Article by SPC Donna Leis, BOSS President USAG Humphreys

  • Featured Area Events

    YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea -The Boryeong Mud Festival was like watching an episode of Baywatch. Miles of sunbathers and swimmers covered the sand with sun

    umbrellas, coolers and tanning oil. Every