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Another class project on securing the northern border of the United States


  • 1. National Security David Gilliam Jessica Saunders Shane Smith Alma Valles Team 2 Assignment 1-3-3

2. Introduction March 1, 2003 Department of Homeland Securities was established. As part of this reorganization, US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) was created. 3. CBP Core Elements Deploying defense-in-depth that makes full use of interior checkpoints and enforcement operations calculated to deny successful migration. Improving mobility and rapid deployment to quickly counter and interdict based on shifts in smuggling routes and tactical intelligence. Securing the right combination of personnel, technology and infrastructure. Coordinating and partnering with other law enforcement agencies to achieve our goals. Improving border awareness and intelligence. Strengthening the Headquarters command structure. 4. Comparing The Borders Northern Border Southern Border ~ 4,000 - 5,000 miles of border ~ 2,000 miles of border 1 Border Parol agent for ever 16 miles 1 Border Patrol agent every 1,100 feet Less than 400 agents 9,000+ agents 5. Choosing The Border

  • US / Canadian Border
  • Passport Legislation
  • Ways into US from Canada
  • Types of Systems Already in Place
  • Ports of Entry

6. Ways Into the US from Canada Americas 2500 Staff 20 Offices

  • Waterways
  • Ports of Entry
  • Air
  • Land

7. Current Systems in Place GUARDS A I R TECHNOLOGY W A T E R LAND TESTS ANIMALS 8. Problem Statement W hy is the Northern Border not being focused on as much as the Southern Border? 9. Fish Diagram Concept 10. PARAPHRASE: Why is the southern border being guarded more than the northern border?Problem Re-Statement INITIAL: Why isn't the Northern border receiving as much attention as the Southern Border? BROADEN THE FOCUS: Why isnt the border patrol all along the US and Canadian border rather than in a couple major areas of interest? REDIRECT THE FOCUS: Why does the Montana border need to be guarded? 180 DEGREES: Why is there border patrol on Montanas border? WHY ASK WHY: Why do we have to guard the Montana border?Because illegal aliens can enter the US. Why do illegal aliens want to enter the US?For better opportunities for their families and in some cases to create havoc (terrorism). Why cant we allow them to enter?We endanger our national security which in turn affects our economic market. Why is our National Security so exposed? Why do we really need to protect the Montana border?Why is Montana a necessary location to place border patrol agents?Why is Canada not worried about illegal Americans coming across into their country through Montana? 11. Ending Problem Statement D oes the Northern Border of Montana pose a threat to National Security? 12. Montana Border Approx. 30 miles 13. NW Montana Waterways Moyie River Lake Koocanusa Kootenai River Yaak River Shallow during summerRough rapids Limited accessibilityPasses port of entry (ID) 14. Purcell Mountains Montana

  • Dense forest
  • High elevation
  • Rough terrain
  • Natural barrier

15. Ports of Entry Montana / Idaho

  • Rooseville MT I-93Eastport ID I-95

16. Montana 17. Event Tree Concept Does the Northern Border of Montana pose a threat to National Security? Highway River Mountains Yes No Yes No No Yes Add more technology, agents Do nothing Add more technology, agents Do nothing Add more technology, agents Do nothing 18. Weighted Matrix CRITERIA WEIGHT COA 1 Maintain Current Operations COA 2 Increase Manpower COA 3 The All Popular Fence 1. Cost Involved .65 1/. 65 3/1.95 2/1.3 2. Threat &Terrain Analysis (Likelihood & Ability to Cross) .20 3/. 60 2/. 40 1/. 20 3. Distance Between and Strength of Ports of Entry (POE) .10 3/. 30 2/. 20 1/. 10 4. Available Road Network.05 3/. 15 2/. 10 1/. 05 TOTAL 1 8 8 8 WEIGHTED TOTAL 1.7 2.65 1.65 RANK (1 =LOW , 3 = HIGH) 2 3 1 19. Conclusion The solution for the Northern Border threat to National Security between Montana and Idaho lies in several different areas.The waterways, highways and mountains need to be guarded.These are three ways that make entering into the United States from Canada a lot easier and more appealing.Increasing the technology and manpower around all three of these areas will help to decrease the problems associated with the Canadian/Montana border. 20. References 21. Questions?


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